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The myth of homicidal gas chambers. The only gas chambers at the camps were disinfestation chambers used to kill lice! Forensic analysis of alleged gas chambers in the camps proves there was no mass murder

Did the Germans really mass murder millions of people in gas chambers?

The current official kosher narrative

At this time, proponents of the official "holocaust" mythology claim there were only 6 "extermination camps" which utilized homicidal gas chambers, all of which are located in modern-day Poland -- Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Chelmno.  All of these camps were located in the Soviet occupation zone after the war, and access for Western press and media for investigation was not allowed.  Of these six camps, four were completely demolished before the end of World War Two.  Only Auschwitz and Majdanek were left standing, and could be forensically examined.  As will be discussed below, forensic examination proves that there were no "homicidal gas chambers" at these two camps.

It is currently admitted even by kosher historians that there were no "death camps" or camps that used homicidal gas chambers located on German soil.  The truth is that none of the German-run camps, including those in Poland and Austria, were death camps.  They were merely internment and slave labor camps, similar to camps on American soil where the U.S. Government interned Americans of Japanese, German, and Italian ancestry during the war.

Robert Faurisson and other "revisionist" historians and researchers begin to break down the official orthodoxy

Beginning the 1970s, researchers such as professor Robert Faurisson (pictured left) began to question the kosher narrative of the supposed "holocaust" that was then becoming popularized by the jewish-controlled press and media, and Hollywood.

The research of Faurisson, now acknowledged to be the world's foremost revisionist scholar, exposed the allegations of "homicidal gas chambers" to be a lie, and has inspired and lead to further research by many other brave researchers (who have often faced persecution and imprisonment), which has fully destroyed the lies of the alleged "holocaust".

Damning lies - The Allies initially claimed that there were homicidal gas chambers at camps now admitted to not being death camps - including Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, and Buchenwald

Pictured at left is a U.S. Army photograph of the door of a gas chamber at Dachau.  Initially after the war, the U.S. Army claimed that inmates were mass murdered in gas chambers at Dachau.  They even produced a "documentary" video alleging this.  Later, these claims were retracted, and since approximately 1960 it has been "officially" recognized by even proponents of the kosher Holyhoax fable acknowledge that no extermination took place at Dachau.  There were four gas chambers at Dachau.  But they were delousing or disinfestation chambers used to disinfect clothing of inmates in order to prevent typhus and other diseases.

The Allies presented "evidence", including supposed "eyewitness testimony" and the "confessions" of top Nazis, at Nuremberg and other trials allegedly proving the use of homicidal gas chambers and extermination at camps such as Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, and Buchenwald -- all camps located on German soil.  But these were all lies.  This is damning smoking gun evidence proving that the Allies have intentionally lied about the purpose of the gas chambers.

The truth?  The only gas chambers at the German-run camps were DELOUSING fumigation chambers used to disinfect clothing

The German-run camps did have gas chambers.  But they were never used to kill a single person.  They used an insecticide, cyanide gas, to fumigate clothing in order to kill lice and other pests and prevent the spread of typhus and other diseases.  The picture at left shows one of four delousing gas chambers at the Dachau concentration camp. [1]

Why shave their heads?  Inmates' clothing was taken and their heads were shaved to prevent spread of lice and disease

What would be the purpose of shaving inmates' heads immediately before sending to them to the gas chambers to die?  This is a photograph of prisoners at Birkenau given new uniforms to wear after their clothes were taken.  This is a sanitary measure done at prisons to this day.

Zyklon B is an insecticide, and not used by the Germans to exterminate anyone.  Only to kill lice!

Zyklon B was the trade name of a cyanide-based pesticide invented in Germany in the early 1920s. It consisted of pellets or granules that released a poisonous gas when exposed to water and heat. It was used in the camps to delouse (disinfect) clothing, killing lice and other pests that carry disease.

Are piles of shoes or clothing "proof" of mass murder?

This is a pile of shoes at the Dachau concentration camp.  As explained previously, the Dachau camp was not an extermination camp.  The only gas chambers at Dachau, or any other German-run camp, were delousing chambers used to disinfect clothing and other items.  As done at prisons to this day, inmates are given new clothing and shoes upon entering the prison.  This is the reason for piles of clothing and shoes.  Not a sinister agenda to murder the inmates.

Are crematory ovens evidence of genocide?  Of course not

The picture at left shows inmates at the Dachua concentration camp demonstrating the use of the crematory oven with a real corpse.  Modern-day prisons contain crematory ovens.  As a method of disposal of a corpse, cremation no more offensive than burial.  Cremation was preferable to burial as a sanitary measure.  And by the way, as demonstrated by Holyhoax deniers, there were nowhere near enough crematory ovens at the camps to dispose of 6 million bodies.

What about the alleged Nazi "confessions" to the use of gas chambers?

Top Nazi officers, such as Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss , were tortured into giving false confessions.  Many of them, such as Höss, have vague and technically impossible "confessions" regarding the alleged use of homicidal gas chambers.  For instance, many of them claim that after the people were killed in the gas chambers, the bodies were "immediately" removed.  As Robert Faurrison explains, this is impossible, because it takes approximately 20 hours to remove Zyklon B gas from a room, even with use of ventilation systems, as is documented in the technical use literature for Zyklon B (when used for disinfection to kill vermin).

What about the supposed "eyewitness testimony" of the existence of homicidal gas chambers?

Purported inmates and witnesses to the "holocaust" have given testimony that homicidal gassings took place at camps which are now admitted by even kosher historians to have not been extermination camps - including Dachau, Buchenwald, and Bergen-Belsen.

Such "witnesses" have also claimed to have seen all sorts of other absurd and impossible crimes at the camps - including making soap and lampshades out of jews, electrocution and steam chambers to kill inmates, seeing "geysers" of blood spurting out of the ground, and the use of heads of babies as the ball in a soccer/football matches.

Clearly, many of the alleged eyewitnesses are liars.  Many may have indeed witnessed the delousing chambers at the camps, but they never witnessed any persons being killed in gas chambers.

Not one autopsy of any inmate showed cause of death by poison gas

As part of a US War Crimes Investigation Team, Dr. Charles Larson, one of America's leading forensic pathologists, performed autopsies at Dachau and some twenty other German camps, examining on some days more than 100 corpses.  What where Dr. Larson's findings? In an 1980 newspaper interview he said: "never was a case of poison gas uncovered." [2]

Forensic analysis of the camp facilities proves that there were no homicidal gas chambers

Hydrogen cyanide gas (Zyklon B) causes the walls that come in contact with the gas to be stained a bright blue color, often referred to as "Prussian blue".  At the camps, the walls of the delousing chambers have this staining.  This is a photograph of researcher Germar Rudolf inside a small disinfestation chamber at Auschwitz where Zyklon B was used to disinfect clothing, leaving permanent blue staining on the wall.

The purported "gas chamber" at Auschwitz has no blue stains on its walls, and therefore was not used to mass murder anyone

The photo at right (taken in 2012) is of the supposed “Krema I gas chamber” at Auschwitz which is shown to tourists.  Note that there is no blue staining on the walls of the structure, proving that hydrogen cyanide gas was never used inside this facility, and that it was not used as a homicidal gas chamber.   This building was actually only a morgue and crematory, and later used as an air raid shelter.

Supposed "homicidal gas chamber" at Auschwitz was actually used as a morgue and air raid shelter

The picture at left shows the "Krema 1" supposed "gas chamber" at Auschwitz.  This building was used from 1940-1943 as a cold storage room for corpses, and contained a crematory.  From 1944-1945 it was used as an air raid shelter. As documented by historian Robert Faurisson and others, officials with the Auschwitz Museum admit that this building was altered or "reconstructed" by the Soviets and Polish Communists after the war -- notably by adding holes to the roof, where Zyklon B pellets were supposedly dropped into the room, and making other deceptive changes to trick people into believing that this building was used as a homicidal gas chamber.  The building contained no shower heads, and also contains no exhaust system or vents to remove gas from the structure.  This structure was never used to kill people via poisonous gassing.

The supposed "gas chamber" at Auschwitz was not airtight or constructed for use of poisonous gas

Pictured at right is an entrance door to what we are told was a "homicidal gas chamber" at the "Krema 1" facility at Auschwitz.  The door is made of wood, not hermetically sealed, and even contains an opening for a glass panel in the door!  Such a door could not possibly have been used in a real homicidal gas chamber.  If inmates were actually being gassed to death in this room, they could have easily broken the glass panel in the door or even kicked in and broken the wooden door.

Supposed "homicidal gas chamber" at Majdanek is actually a disinfestation gas chamber

The photo at left is the supposed "homicidal gas chamber" at the Majdanek concentration camp.  Notice the blue stains on the walls.  This building was actually a delousing chamber at the camp, used to disinfect clothing and other garments.  Also note the unbarred window in the wall of the structure, which would not be utilized if people were gassed to death in this room.

The Leuchter Report - America's foremost expert on gas chambers determines that the alleged gas chambers at the German camps could not possibly have been used to kill people

Dr. Fred Leuchter is an American expert on the technology and use of gas chambers for means of execution.  He was employed by various state governments in the United States for the design and operation of gas chambers for use in prisons to execute criminals.

In 1988 he traveled to Poland and conducted a physical and forensic examination of the alleged gas chambers at the Auschwitz and Majdanek camps.  He determined that the alleged gas chamber facilities, based upon their design and construction, "were incapable of supporting the use of hydrogen cyanide gas for purposes of execution".  For instance, the facilities were not hermetically sealed and did not have proper ventilation systems.

He also took samples from the walls of the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau and chemically tested the material. If the facilities were used to execute people using gas, then residue from the gas would be present in the walls.  The tests determined that hydrogen cyanide was never used inside the facilities, confirming that the facilities were never used as gas chambers.

Here is an interview (video) with Dr. Fred Leucther discussing the conclusions of his investigation.  Here is the "The Leuchter Report", with documentation of his findings.

The Holocaust lobby attacks Fred Leuchter, attempting to discredit his findings

As expected, the jewish Holocaust™ mafia launched a smear campaign to attempt to discredit the findings of the Leuchter Report.  They were successful in destroying Dr. Leuchter's career as an engineer in the construction of gas chambers.  Despite this, Dr. Leuchter has remained defiant and stands by his findings, saying:

"I have been vilified by the caretakers of the Holocaust dogma whose desperate tactics prove the failure of their arguments. My livelihood has been destroyed, my character has been impugned and my life turned upside down. But I will not bend the knee: Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. Time and reason will vindicate the Leuchter Report." [1]

Leading Austrian engineer Walter Lüftl confirms the findings of the Leuchter Report

Lüftl was a highly respected court-recognized expert engineer and cheif of a large engineering firm in Vienna.  In March of 1992, he caused a wave of controversy when he published a report entitled "Holocaust: Belief and Facts", which concluded that the stories of mass extermination of jews in gas chambers at the Auschwitz and Mauthausen camps were an impossibility, for technical reasons and because it was incompatible with the observable laws of nature.

The jewish mafia ruthlessly attacked Lüftl, and despite his outstanding reputation he was forced to resign as president of the Austrian Engineer's Chamber, a professional association of 4,000 members.  Subsequently, the Austrian police raided  Lüftl's residence for evidence in order to prosecute him for recently enacted laws making it a crime to deny the "National Socialist crimes against humanity."


Germar Rudolf confirms that there were no homicidal gassings at Auschwitz - Is imprisoned in Germany for "holocaust denial"

In 1993, German engineer and chemist Germar Rudolf tested the walls of the buildings at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and concluded that the alleged "homicidal" gas chambers on the site were never used for mass murder, since the structures did not contain the required amount of residue from the interaction of cyanide gas with the walls.  His findings are detailed in "The Rudolf Report".   In 2005, Rudolf was deported to Germany, and in 2007 he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for "inciting racial hatred" as a result of publishing his scientific report.


No one denies that the Germans established concentration camps during World War Two where they interned various people -- including Soviet POWs, communists, and other potential enemies in a war time environment.  But as has been now exhaustively proven by brave "Revisionist" historians and researchers such as Robert Faurisson and many others, none of these camps were "extermination" or "death" camps.  They were merely internment and labor camps.  Yes, crematories were used at these camps to dispose of corpses.  But this is not proof of any nefarious purpose or mass murder.  Cremation of bodies was necessary in order to prevent spread of disease.  

There were no homicidal gas chambers at any of the German-run camps, as the Allies and jewish inmates initially falsely claimed existed at camps such as Dachau and Buchenwald - claims which have since been abandoned.  The only gas chambers at the camps were delousing or disinfestation chambers, used to kill lice and other vermin, in order to prevent the spread of typhus and other diseases.  The myth of "homicidal gas chambers" has been the result of a vicious propaganda campaign by the victorious Allies against the German people and nation.  The lie of the "holocaust" has been perpetuated via the tremendous power of the jewish-controlled establishment media and Hollywood, as well as laws in place in many European and Western nations which make it a crime to deny the "official" view on this chapter of history.  Thankfully due mostly to the internet as a bastion of freedom of speech and an alternative to jewish-controlled corporate media control, the lie of the alleged "holocaust" is being exposed for the gargantuan fraud that it is.  

Recommended Essential Reading:

1.  The 'problem of the gas chambers' by Robert Faurisson
2.  The Gas Chambers: Truth or Lie? - Interview with Robert Faurisson
3.  The "gas chamber" of Auschwitz I - Interview with Robert Faurisson

Further Reading and Resources:

1. The Leuchter Report: The End of a Myth
2. IRH: "The Leuchter Report Vindicated"
3. The Lüftl Report: An Austrian Engineer's Report on the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz and Mauthausen
4. "The Auschwitz "Gas Chamber" Illusion By Nicholas Kollerstrom
5. "The German Delousing Chambers" by Friedrich Paul Berg
6.  Gas chambers that really were used by the Nazis
7.  "The Walls of Auschwitz" by Nicholas Kollerstrom
8.  A Revisionist Analysis of Majdanek Concentration Camp by Jürgen Graf
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  7. "We have forensic evidence that clearly demonstrates that cynide gas was used in the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Following claims by amateur hobbyist Fred Leuchter, which were touted by Holocaust deniers David Irving and Ernst Zundel as "proof" no Zyklon B was used to gas people at Auschwitz, the Institute for Forensic Research (IFRC) in Kraków undertook forensic examinations of the relevant areas of the five crematoria. After factoring in elements that Leuchter had not calculated for, the IFRC concluded that, in fact, there were expected traces of cyanide gas in all relevant areas" Debunked... this article is full of all sorts of 'alternative facts' and its scary how much these men desperately want to prove their theory and not work like real scientists and strive to work free from bais. What a damage to society

    1. how in God,s name can anyone say that the haulocast did not happen, i am a south african and had a dad in 2nd world war who was on the scene of some of these horrendous murder factorys i am now an eldery man and still are in awe and shock at how hitler and his murderes like eichman who ran the whole jewish sulution as in hitler,s words this must never happen again

    2. What are you talking about?

      The polish scientiests never said that they found traces of cyanid in the crematorias or the delousing chambers - because they used the wrong technique, so it was impossible for them to find cyanid.

      Analytical Methods:

      1. Samples of Leuchter: Prof. Dr. J. Roth, Alpha Analytic Laboratories, Ashland, Massachusetts. For the cyanide analysis, this laboratory used a procedure carried out analogously to the German standard (see 3.). Control analyses were prepared for some test samples near the detectable threshold of 1 mg cyanide per kg test material. The results fluctuated up to 40%.

      2. Polish scientiests: Jan Sehn Institute for Forensic Research, Toxicology Department, Krakow, Poland, under Jan Markiewicz. The Polish scientist used the micro-diffusion chamber procedure, which does not permit the detection of Iron Blue. The Poles claim that the detection threshold for other cyanides lies at 3-4 μg per kg sample material, yet the paper they cite clearly gives 0.2 mg/l (200 μg/kg) as a threshold for aqueous solutions.

      3. Germar Rudolf: Fresenius Institute, Taunusstein, Hessen, Germany, with no knowledge of the origins of the samples. Proof of the presence of cyanide was produced in conformity with DIN 38 405, section D 13. The detection threshold lies nominally in the range from 0.5 to 0.1 mg per kg.All values below 0.5 mg per kg are uncertain and are commonly marked as “not detected (ND).” Control analyses were performed by the Institut für Umweltanalytik Stuttgart, IUS (Institute for Environmental Analytics) using DIN 38 405, section D 14, which differs from D 13 only by not adding cadmium salts (Table 21). According to personal communication from the manager of the Institut für Umweltanalytik Stuttgart, the analytical method used is designed to detect cyanides in aqueous solutions. Since cyanides bound within solid samples are at times hard to dissolve, detection limits are expected to be considerably higher, but he did not know of any defined treshold value.

      "Many people, both experts and laymen, rely good-naturedly upon the findings of the Jan Sehn Institute for Forensic Research in Krakow, i.e., the study published in 1994 by Prof. Markiewicz and colleagues. These Polish scientists, however, tested their samples with an analytical method that was unable to detect stable iron cyanide compounds. They
      did this because they could not imagine how such stable iron cyanide compounds could form." (Germar Rudolf)

      Rudolf found very high concentrations in the walls of the delousing chambers - inside and outside the chambers. The concentrations in alleged gas chambers where near zero.
      Because of the characteristics of the walls in the cremas (cold, wet, alkaline environment) the ability to soak up cyanide is much higher than in the delousing chambers. Also a wall with a high concentration of cyanide cant take up cyanide as good as a "unpolluted" wall (sponge effect).

      Just read the "Rudolf Report / Chmistry in Auschwitz" and "Auschwitz Lies" from Rudolf.

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