Friday, July 10, 2015

Holyhoax "meme" pics and cartoons

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  1. I spent 6 years in Germany, i've been through the camp at Auschwitz, i've seen the ovens and they still had the smell of burned flesh, the Holocaust did happen, 6 million jews were killed and the rebirth of the Nation of Israel was prophesied in the Bible, only a fool would deny it happened.

  2. As an Irishman born in 1955, I was sent to Auschwitz, and had numbers tattooed on my foreskin by Dr. Mengele, then I was gassed six times, no, ten times, no, 25 times. Then they stole all of my smegma to make soap, then they shaved my head to make wigs for Hitler. I demand reparations for beer and cigarettes, those terrible Nazis did all of that to me...

  3. On this presumed "holocaust" I did not see, I do not live in my grandparents' time,

    I live in my time, and to believe, I believe only in God!

    As is obvious, it's not possible find a registry in the archives about this holocaust, it is a well kept secret. I only found in a file a document from that time of the Red Cross, with the registration of death of 1500 Jews in the concentration camps.
    The Talmud, the holy book of the Jews, among many blasphemies and immoralities, says: The Jews may lie to the Gentiles, that is, to all those who are not Jews.
    I know that millions of Germans died, and that their corpses were used by the Russians and others to pass as Jews killed by the Nazis.
    I know that the only true holocaust was practiced on Dresden.

    I know that Jews since 1945 the Jews have built a state within the Palestinian nation,
    the Jews made war with all the neighboring Arab countries and others, usurped the Golan Heights of the Syrian Nation, and have practiced the Holocaust against the Palestinian people inclusive murdered thousands of Palestinian children, indiscriminately bombarded hospitals, schools, and Children's asylums.

    To usurp of others, to steal, to damage and to lie, are Jewish carecteristics.
    "My grandfather already told me this and, my grandfather never lied".