Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pastor Steven Anderson: "Did the Holocaust Really Happen?"

Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona has just released a new video denying the Holocaust™ entitled, “Did the Holocaust Really Happen?"

Anderson also previously released a film entitled Marching to Zion, documenting how the so-called "jews" are not the true descendants of the Israelites, but are actually imposters who are children and followers of Satan.

Title of video in YouTube: "Did the Holocaust Really Happen?"


  1. What about Corrie Ten Boom? Is she one of these 'paid liars?'

    1. Boom's family were Christian Zionists arrested for helping Jews who were attempting to undermine the German war effort in the Netherlands (Boom had been taught from childhood that Jews were God's "Chosen People", and that all non-Jews needed to assist them). The Jews Boom and her family helped were arrested by German authorities not to be killed, but to be interned in camps to stop their sabotage efforts. (In the US, Germans guilty of similar activities were often executed). Boom and her family were sent to the same concentration camps after their arrests, yet the members who died were not gassed or intentionally killed, but died from malnutrition and disease because Allied bombing destroyed the German infrastructure at this time (millions of Germans civilians died from the same causes for the same reason). Neither Boom's family members, nor anyone else, was gassed or mass executed in the camps because they were never really "death camps", but were only intended for internment. As for Boom's financial motives to lie or exaggerate her childhood memories, it should be noted that she marketed her account "The Hiding Place" as a best-selling book, which she later sold to a movie studio that made it into a film. As a life-long Christian Zionist, Boom also had fanatical religious and political motives to promote her account as well.

  2. It's all about labor. According to Pastor Steven Anderson the main purpose for herding Jews and their sympathizers (based on comments here a 'Zionist' refers to any Biblically obedient Good Samaritan I.E. Corrie Ten Boom) into Nazi Concentration Camps was to create a labor force for the Nazi war machine. If it's all about labor why include women and children, not to mention elderly, in these camps? Why not leave them in their homes and neighborhoods, forced to fend for themselves rather than bring them into a supply starved Concentration Camp?
    Even with 3 balanced meals per day women and children can't possibly compete with a man's strength and stamina, much less when their bodies are in starvation mode.

    It's all about labor? Missing from Pastor Anderson's interpretation of history is the known horrendously barbaric medical experiments conducted on prisoners. Notorious Doctors working for the Third Reich such as Mengele, Clauberg, Herta Oberheuser, Brandt. Oh that's right we can't be consistent > only atrocities are perpetrated by Planned Parenthood on the unborn, never in Nazi Concentration Camps. Remember it's all about labor.

    It's all about labor, says Pastor Anderson, BUT I too thought of Corrie Ten Boom during his broad-brushed conclusions. She was Dutch, from Holland, involved in the Jewish underground in her country. The Germans found her and her family and sent them to two Concentration Camps in the Netherlands, Scheveningen and Herzogenbusch, before transferring Corrie and sister Betsie to Ravensbruck in Berlin, where Corrie Ten Boom watched Betsie die. Pastor Anderson doesn't seem to realize that there were camps all over Europe as he only names 5 in Germany, using these few mentioned camps as evidence the Germans couldn't possibly perpetrate the amount of deaths history has claimed.

    If it's all about labor, than may I ask why was the German Army so obsessively committed itself to rooting out all foreign Jewish sympathizers, overturning every rock or looking between each blade of grass to bring these subversives to Nazi justice? If it was just about labor why not utilize the SS more efficiently by overtaking the more easily found subversives, leaving the rest to fate?

    But remember it's all about labor. Regardless of the need for the Camps' forced labor, the Gestapo continued to purposefully starve and brutalize innocent men, women and children imprisoned in the Concentration Camps which clearly created high mortality rates. All in a day's work when it's just about supplying the Nazi war machine, you know, labor.

    No I think it's all about man's heart condition. Based on the scripture verse below ultimately God looks on man's heart. So with that in mind I don't think it would be difficult to determine what God sees as more important when he looks on a Christian Jewish sympathizer or Corrie Ten Boom's heart. God will see a heart covered by the Blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    "But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7

  3. My whole family is German and was there before, during and after to the present. Pastor Anderson is correct. From what I have learned directly and the pictures I've seen, there was NO holocaust. That is a Jewish Lie.

  4. Is there any evidence to back up Corrie Ten Boom's story or is there just her autobiography?

  5. We have to look at all aspects of the holocaust, not just as a whole. Keep in mind, Dachau was initially labeled as a "death camp" with working gas chambers. Witnesses swore to it as well as U.S. soldiers. Now it's accepted that it was a lie. No gassing s ever took place at Dachau. No gassing s took place anywhere on German soil for that matter. Holocaust historians have now admitted the Germans never made Jews into soap, the lampshades were proven to be animal skin, the shrunken heads have disappeared etc. Keep in mind, during ww1 propaganda was used saying the Germans were killing babies with their bayonets. Look back how far that 6 million Jews was used prior to Hitler even coming to power. The evidence really is overwhelming that Germany simply wanted the Jews gone. If you listen to Benjamin Freedmans speech on YouTube, you will understand why the Germans didn't like the Jews. It's the same throughout history. Jews have been kicked out of countries time and time again. Not because they were innocent Jews, but rather because of the things they were doing. Anyways, look at all the crazy survivor stories. First of all, if the Germans had a policy to exterminate all the Jews, how are there so many camp survivors left collecting money from Germany? It's been proven Auschwitz doesn't have an authentic gas chamber. Cole in Auschwitz (a Jew) exposed this in a documentary on YouTube. Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolph did chemical analysis on the walls and proved zyclon b was not used to kill people. It was a morgue, than an air raid shelter. The Operation Reinhardt camp stories are even crazier. Survivors say that at treblinka, they bury 800,000 bodies, dig them up by hand, and put them on railroad ties a few feet off the ground and are able to cremate up to 3000 bodies outdoors. Supposedly just threw some branches underneath, were sure to put the fat Jewish women on the bottom, and the whole pile went up in flames. Then buried the remains back in the same holes. All this while the camp had a barbwire entwined wooden fence. Oh and they supposedly used a diesel engine for gassings there. If you know anything about that, you would know diesel exhaust doesn't produce enough carbon monoxide to kill people. It burns much cleaner that gasoline engines, and the victims would have just gotten headaches. Watch "one third of the holocaust" on YouTube. Oh and sobobor I believe, they testified the floor in the gas chamber somehow opened up and dropped bodies into underground rail cars to ship them away. One survivor said she was raised by wolves, one said she survived a gassing, one said she survived because the Nazis ran out of gas, one said she swallowed diamonds, defecated them, dug through her excrement to retrieve them, and repeated this process throughout the war. Oh and she survived a gassing, had her tattoo removed by the evil Dr. Mengele, was tossed over the fence by someone helping her and landed in a transport to be shipped away. Watch "the great holocaust trial" on YouTube and see what it's like when survivors are cross examined in a court of law. Watch "the greatest story NEVER told" to see the other side of the coin. Hitler and the Germans tried to save Europe and especially Germany from communism, and unfortunately they lost. Ask yourselves, who controls our media, foreign policy, entertainment, banking, etc etc etc. People are waking up and realizing Israel is led by sick and evil Zionist Jews. I just pray were not too late.