Sunday, February 1, 2015

Herman Rosenblat's tale, the "Holocaust's greatest love story", exposed and admitted to be a hoax. Yet Holyhoaxer is unrepentent and maintains "It was not a my imagination it was true"

Herman Rosenblat and his wife Roma

Like most other purported "survivors" of the Holocaust™ Industry, Herman Rosenblat is an old jew who completely fabricated his story.

Herman and his wife were stars on the Holyhoax circuit for over a decade telling their story, and Herman wrote a book titled "Angel at the Fence."

It was hailed in the jewish-controlled lamestream media and widely promoted.  Oprah Winfrey placed Rosenblat's book on her list, and even called it the "greatest love story" she had ever heard.

His story told the tale of himself as a boy in a Nazi concentration camp who fell in love with a girl, his wife Roma, who tossed him apples over the fence of the camp.

A children's book, titled "Angel Girl", was written based on his story.  And a movie deal was in the works to bring his tale to Hollywood. 

Then, in 2008 after over a decade of telling his story, some Holocaust "scholars" began to publicly question his story and the publisher of his book found the integrity to do for him what very few Holyhoax "survivors" have been able to do -- admit that the story was a hoax and that he had made it all up.

But Rosenblatt is defiant and maintains, "It was not a lie.  It was my imagination.  And in my imagination, in my mind, I believe it.  Even now I believe it.  Yes, it's not true.  But in my imagination, it was true."

Herman still claims he really was in the Buchenwald camp, but that's about it.

Surprisingly, the jews in Hollywood still plan to produce a movie based on his story.  They and the kosher "scholar" pimps of Shoah Inc hope that this little "white lie" doesn't "give fuel" to those deniers of the "reality" of the "holocaust of 6 million jews". 

Article: Holocaust 'greatest' love story a hoax



    With profound sadness, we regretfully have to inform the world of the passing from this earth - on February 5th, 2015 - one of the most remarkable holocaust survivors of all time, Herman Rosenblat.

    The late Mr Rosenblat was blessed with an exceedingly vivid imagination, and possessed an incredible ability to dream up the most wonderful, heart-warming stories that truly represented the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

    A man of nobility, honesty and integrity, Mr Rosenblat reduced the saintly Oprah Winfrey to tears on American TV. But at the same time, he brought floods of laughter to the rest of mankind.

    There is no doubt that Mr Rosenblat's contribution to this world will live on long after his death, and future generations will always equate his name with that of Sir Issac Newton - the legendary 17th century scientist who discovered the nature of gravity. Newton was inspired by an apple that dropped unexpectedly from out of the sky - and lo and behold, so was Mr Rosenblat !


  2. He was a lier and a fraud he made money out of the lie he told for years' and he wasn't even sorry for what he had done ����������

  3. I was going to say that we'll never see the likes of Herman Rosenblat ever again; but on second thoughts, I've got a sort of feeling there could be 6 million others just like him!

  4. Fuck you haters. Jews are cool and will RULE

    1. Oh, that's interesting - "the Jews are cool and will RULE" (in capital letters too!)

      This sounds like the desperate cry of some poor soul in a synagogue off the Holloway Road, who feels like his life is so inadequate that he has to come out swearing against his perceived enemies. In his fantasies, he - along with imaginary "cool" friends - desires to RULE over the whole wide world.

      But in reality, they won't even be able to RULE, either in Crouch End or Hornsey.

    2. Well, I hope jewish RULE will turn out better than what we have seen so far! After-all - the world will never forget the reign of terror by the Bolshevik jews in the Soviet Union during the 1920's and 30's, nor the persecution of the Palestinians by the Israeli jews since 1948. So let us hope these "cool jews", that you refer to, behave with a little more compassion and humanity next time round - OK old chap?

    3. Now here's an interesting question for the foul-mouthed anonymous April Fool's Day contributor;-

      Would you describe the five dancing Israelis who were arrested after filming and celebrating the destruction of the Twins Towers in New York back in 2001 as "cool jews"?

      To me, they must have been very cool - ice-cold even - as they eagerly and gleefully watched the 9/11 Holocaust unfold, knowing that thousands of people inside would perish.

      Do you think they had advance knowledge of what was going to happen that day, or did they have something to do with preparing the actual event itself?

  5. Can you imagine what jewish RULE will be like in reality, ladies and gentlemen?

    There are so few of these Zionist nut-jobs available to run the whole shop, that they will have to employ the low-lifes, thugs and dregs of society from both jewish and gentile communities, and then appoint them into positions of authority. These sort of people will have no basic humanity or any moral compass, but will always err on the side of depravity, violence and corruption. The only guide to their behaviour would be the weird, magical, ancient texts from out of the Babylonian Talmud, The Kabbalah and Zorah. But as these works will be incomprehensible to most of them, the rabid Rabbis will be brought out of the synagogues to give their blessing and approval to the most appalling acts of savagery and insanity.

    Well, if that's the kind of world these "cool jews" want - then good luck to them. But I certainly won't be around to enjoy the experience!

  6. This guy tells a tall tale so that is evidence that the holocaust was a lie? What about the megaton of evidence that points to a haloucaust that actually happened? What about all the survivor testimony, Nazi testimony and photographic evidence?

    1. Nazi confessions mean nothing. What photographic evidence? Corpses due to typhus and natural diseases? I suggest you read Carlo Mattogno, and Graf. Don't rely on what the Holocaust promoters say about them. They tend to manipulate their words to make them look bad.