Friday, December 19, 2014

Brave 86-year old German woman speaks out publicly against the holocaust hoax and about the atrocities committed against Germany surrounding WW2

Source: Justice For Germans: "86 Year Old German Woman lays charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany"

Ursula Haverbeck: Warrior For The Truth

Ursula Haverbeck is an 86-year old German woman born in 1928.  She has previously been charged and convicted as a "Holocaust denier" and also with "inciting hatred" for her efforts to speak out in defense of the German people and to tell the truth about what really happened surrounding World War Two. 

On November 20th, 2014 she made history by laying criminal charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany, under S. 344 of the German Penal Code with "False Prosecutions" perpetrated against the German people for their alleged "denial of the holocaust".

Frau Haverbeck bravely is telling the full truth.  She outright states: "there was no holocaust" -- citing among other things the fact that Auschwitz was a forced labor camp and not an extermination camp, the drastically reduced numbers of claimed deaths at Auschwitz and other camps, and the false evidence and false testimony used at the Nuremberg trials. 

Frau Haverbeck also cites the real holocaust and genocide of the WW2, the genocide perpetrated against the German people -- including Eisenhower's death camps, the Allied terror bombing of Dresden and other German cities, and the millions of ethnic Germans expelled and killed from their lands in Eastern Europe. 

In a statement posted on her website, Frau Haverbeck writes:
“After weeks of reading on the internet that ‘there was no Holocaust’ all processes in which critical-thinking citizens convicted of Holocaust denial under section 130, paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code must now be re-opened . 
These citizens have committed no other crime other than that they came to the same conclusions earlier, that there may not have been any such “holocaust”, because of their own due diligence and scientific knowledge. 
All interested parties should immediately consult the competent courts in order to make them now aware of this new evidence. Then, contact their respective lawyers to clarify as to how to proceed. 
It was outrageous what took place after the reduction of the number of victims of Auschwitz, which was officially announced to the public, with no explanation, nor apology for giving false information.  Whereas, the ‘Spiegel’  Editor, who wrote the same thing in an essay based upon the new archival discoveries, etc., has gone unpunished. 
Even more serious and incompatible with the rule of law was the simultaneous arrest and jailing of the chemist Germar Rudolf.  He had, with his chemistry expertise and his scientific investigations into Zyklon B as a potential gassing agent, come to the conclusion that the holocaust, as hitherto described, could not have happened at Auschwitz. 
Now this is unacceptable: on the one side, the documents of the Commandant of Auschwitz show that this was a labor camp for the defence industry and not an extermination camp, yet the Ludwigsburg Central Office for prosecution of ‘National Socialist crimes’ has indicted about thirty men, now over ninety years old, on the charge that they had been involved an the extermination camp at Auschwitz, and in the murder of hundreds of thousands of people. 
If the German citizen is still the supreme sovereign under the Basic Law in this Federal Republic of Germany, then each of us has a responsibility for the truth, and a right to expect that justice be done.  This is the basic responsibility of every citizen. It is, therefore, also the duty of each to also work towards the restoration of law and justice.”

Update: January 27, 2015 - At a conference in the German State of Saxony-Anhalt, Ursula declares victory publicly that Auschwitz is not the scene of any crime of mass murder and that the alleged jewish holocaust "did not happen", as she has for five years written various "experts" promoting the Holyhoax requesting evidence of the "holocaust" and received no response.

Source: Frau Ursula Haverbeck Declares Victory: “We can now dismiss Auschwitz!”

Video of speech (in German, with English subtitles), and afterwards where Ursula gives an interview speaking in English:

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax

Documentary exposing the lie that Treblinka was an extermination camp:

This documentary addresses the recent (2012) alleged "forensic evidence" put forward by the Holyhoaxers purportedly supporting the claim that there were mass graves at Treblinka. 

Article on this:  BBC: "Treblinka: Revealing the hidden graves of the Holocaust"

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth (Documentary film)

This is an excellent and extremely well-made documentary by researcher and filmmaker Eric Hunt of Holocaust Hoax Museum, exposing the lies about Majdanek being an "extermination camp which used homicidal gas chambers".  Initially claimed to be a "death factory" where 1.5 million people were murdered, even proponents of the kosher "holocaust" narrative now claim that only "78,000" people died at Majdanek - a revision of almost one twentieth the original claim.

This documentary utilizes physical, forensic, and documentary evidence, archival photographs and videos, and eyewitness testimony -- including recent video footage of the camp and interviews with alleged "survivors". 

While focusing on one camp, this film encapsulates the utter ridiculousness of the larger HolyHoax mythology, destroying the official propaganda -- from the constantly falling claimed death numbers, to the fact that the only gas chambers at the camps were delousing chambers used to disinfect inmates' clothing against disease, to the lies told by the "survivors" of the camps.

This film completely demolishes the Majdanek "factory of death" hoax.

I highly recommend this documentary.  Professional, first-rate quality.  Good for those well-versed in the revisionist argument, but straight-forward and clear enough for neophytes to grasp and follow.  A must see. 

Via Holocaust Hoax Museum


THE MAJDANEK GAS CHAMBER MYTH debunks the “Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms” propaganda coup.

Majdanek was the first major concentration camp liberated by the victorious Allies. Upon capture by the Soviet Union, original propaganda claimed that 2 million were murdered in a “factory of death” which included seven homicidal gas chambers.

However, Majdanek was captured largely intact and a large amount of documentation and physical evidence helps to acquit the Germans of the “Gas Chambers disguised as shower rooms” blood libel.

The original, outrageously inflated propaganda death toll has precipitously dropped, and 5 of the 7 originally alleged “homicidal gas chambers” have been admitted to never have served as homicidal gas chambers.

“The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth” demolishes the Holocaust exterminationist “Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms” propaganda hoax and shows how Majdanek is a microcosm of the larger Holocaust Hoax.


Recommended reading:

Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf, Concentration Camp Majdanek, A Historical and Technical Study

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