Monday, May 5, 2014

Jack Fishbein's wild Hallowed Hoax tale: Germans forced jew to drink father's blood, stuffed jewish children into soccer balls to kick around the field !!

Source:  Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

Jack I. Fishbein (pictured in 1990), editor and owner of the Chicago
Jewish magazine The Sentinel from 1943 until his death in 1996.

"In 1943 Jack Fishbein (1913-1996) became a co-owner and editor of the Sentinel, taking full control in 1951. Fishbein was a Chicago native who graduated with a business and journalism degree from Northwestern University and had worked for the Sentinel since 1936. Throughout his tenure as publisher and editor Fishbein took a clear, often provocative stand on many issues, earning the name “conscience of the Jewish community” (Irving Cutler). The paper confronted difficult issues such as intermarriage and assimilation. Soon after Fishbein’s death the paper published its last issue on December 26, 1996."

- Historical Jewish Press (Fishbein was an avowed Zionist as well)

The following quotes are taken from Fishbein's editorial column in the June 15, 1944 edition:

"For what human being, no matter how depraved and debauched he might be, could bring himself to stuff infants into soccer ball coverings and then kick them around the field as the Nazis did to Jewish children at Lvov."

"Most horrifying of all is the story just released from Moscow, reporting on the sadism displayed by the German and Rumanian troops, telling of a woman, who was forced, under threat of violence to her children, to gulp blood drained from her father. When the woman had drunk the blood from a cup, the Nazis tortured her to death after killing her children before her eyes."

"Our boys, who are liberating Europe from the Nazi yoke, are performing the Lord's work as He would want it done. Every Nazi they kill, adds a halo to their brow."

"... the only good Nazi is a dead one. No excuses, no philandering with the truth-only this simple fact of life! They must all be eliminated in one way or another. Otherwise, the world can never be thoroughly cleaned of their filth."


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  1. It would appear that old Jack Fishbait is the American equivalent of the Soviet propagandist Vasily Grossman who arrived at Treblinka as-drunk-as-a-skunk with the Red Army in 1944.

    To be fair, I'm not accusing Mr Fishfinger of being tanked-up with booze when he wrote the above article for his newspaper 'The Sentinel', but the wild and horrific descriptions that he applies to events in war-time Europe is certainly very similar to the outpourings of emotional dross that emanated from the pen of Comrade Grossman.

    But in the 'Sentinel', Jacky Fishcake has skilfully woven a bunch of ludicrous holohoax tales together with a political diatribe against his local political opponents in Chicago, who desire a more concillatory, and political solution to the second world war.

    The war, of course, went on to its inevitable end - much to the satisfaction of Jammy Fishpaste - and afterwards he continued to edit 'The Sentinel' all the way through until he died in 1996.

    What is interesting, though, is that the good citizens of Chicago were not interested in carrying on publishing 'The Sentinel' after his demise. Immediately after enjoying their Christmas celebrations that year, on Boxing Day, they closed down his hate-filled Zionist rag for ever.

    Hooray for Chicago - say I !