Friday, March 21, 2014

Holocaust Survivor™ Iby Knill finally tells of the horrors of the Holy Hoax at 90 years old after 70 years of silence !!!

70 years ago, Iby Knill says she was in Auschwitz, where she met a girl who said she was going to be experimented on and then gassed.  The girl made Iby promise to tell the world of the horrors of Auschwitz if she survived.

For 70 years Iby kept silent.

But now at 90 years old, Iby finally decided to keep that promise and break her silence. 

And oh look...Iby has a book for you to buy!  Her memoirs.  And a film has been made out of Iby's memoirs!  Imagine that!


Ludwika Fiszer's holy hoax tale - Miraculously survived machine gun pit at Poniatowa, climbed out naked and escaped, survived Polish winter

The holy hoaxers say that 14,000 people were machine-gunned into pits at the Poniatowa camp in Poland. 

Ludwika Fiszer says the Germans tried to holocaust her via machine gun at Poniatowa, but were unsuccessful. 

Ludwika claims she was forced to lie down in the pit naked, but the machine gun bullets did not hurt her.  That night she climbed out of the pit and escaped with two other naked women who also survied.  A miracle!

 It was November.  But the women survived the howling wind, nakedness, and biting cold weather. 

Ludwika now tells her story to anyone who will listen. 

Read her story here.  And more on Poniatowa here.

Yad Vashem has the complete testimony of Ludwika Fiszer in Polish.