Friday, January 3, 2014

U.S. Government Propaganda Film: "U.S. Soldiers Gassed At Mauthausen"

Source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

This is the propaganda film 'That Justice be Done' about war crimes trials. The film was made by the Office of Strategic Services, probably in October 1945, as it features footage of the signing of the Nuremberg Charter in London (October 6, 1945).

Also featured is footage of the large gas chamber at Dachau (the OSS told us in May 1945 Dachau also had five smaller ones), and footage of U.S. Navy Senior-Lieutenant Jack Taylor from Hollywood, California, standing in front of main gate at Mauthausen. Taylor tells the camera that at least two U.S. officers have been exterminated there by gas, and when asked by the narrator(!) he explains other ways in which prisoners were murdered, one of which was pouring water over their heads in freezing temperatures—something the Bolsheviks were often accused of doing (an example from 1919 in Kiev where they killed half-a-dozen managers of a sugar factory).

The film was obtained from the U.S. National Archives and uploaded by youtuber Jeff Quitney. Hats off to him for that.

On I found more footage of Taylor; he describes Mauthausen as an "extermination camp, the worst in Germany"

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