Tuesday, March 5, 2013

HolyHoaxers now say "15 to 20 million" killed in the Holocaust™!!

Hold on to your socks!  The Holocaust just got even more incredible!

Up to now, HolyHoax "historians" had claimed that 6 million jews and some 6 million "others" had died in the "Holocaust" at the hands of Germany.

But now "historians" at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum have upped the "kosher" number of victims. They conducted a "painstaking" 13-year "study", which "shows" that 15 to 20 million people were killed in the "Holocaust"!!

Geoffrey Megargee, the director of the "study" said "The results of our research are shocking." 

Well we wouldn't expect anything less!

They now say there were 42,400 Nazi camps and ghettos, twice as many as previously "thought"!

Many of these camps contained special Nazi "care centers" where women were forced to have abortions or their child was killed right after it was born!

It simply amazes me that as time goes on, and as more HolyHoax historians "research" and more HolyHoax "survivors" tell their "stories", and we keep "learning" more, that the Holocaust just keeps getting more and more astonishing and horrific than before!!

OY VEY!!!!

Telegraph Article

NY Times Article

NOTE: According to the US HolyHoax Memorial Museum, there were 9.5 million jews living in all of Europe in 1933.

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  1. I have resigned from the metuchen edison clegy association. I AM A PAST PRESIDENT. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    HATIKVAH has been included in every service since I created interfaith holocaust services in 1974 with no objection. N0 ONE HAS EVER WALKED out, sat down OR OBJECTED until recently. With Israel and Jews being attacked throughout the world, I PERSONALLY will and have fought to keep it in. We are living in a world where anti-SEMITISM is rampant especially in Europe where JEWS ARE FLEEING IN MASS to Israel and other countries. Everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion , I stand by mine. Another Holocaust is on the horizon. A nuclear extremist muslim regime would like nothing better than the complete destruction of Israel and if you listen to Morsi all Jews should perish.
    I will be the keynote speaker at another Holocaust event that evening. I refuse to compromise my beliefs or allow the Hatikvah to be disgraced. I am taking my highway to what I believe in. Rabbi DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

    1. So you are a holocaust believer. And i who don't believe must be a holocaust denier then. There really should be a third option though: holocaust KNOWER. But a knower demands PROOF to become one. That is PROPER research. Not some talmudian high priest to interpolate between just as an example: 20 hp engine, otto-engine, diesel-engine, soviet tank engine, soviet submarine engine, steam, vacuum, electricity, some additive to the fuel to make it more poisonous, some mysterious gas that just "dulled" the prisoner so he could walk on his own to the pit an die there. Believers have no problem with this. But all of us with a curious mind can't settle with that. I don't want to just believe, and I don't want to need to deny. I WANT TO KNOW.

    2. At the end of BUSH'S ADMINISTRATION, LESS THAN 20 ISRAELI'S were killed as a result of MORE THAN 1000 PALESTINIANS BEING MASSACRED by Israeli soldiers....If the holocaust did exist,?... Didn't you learn that what was being done to your ancestors was a terrible thing that the (Zionist) Israeli government is doing NOW to the Palestinians??? Or is it not similar only because they are Non Jews.

    3. Just listen to yourself, Bernhard - "I AM A PAST PRESIDENT" (in capital letters!). Oh really, who cares. How come you were ousted from your presidency anyway; did your colleagues get fed up with your pomposity and self-obsessed whining, and decide to vote you out of office?

      Bleating about "anti-Semitism" too - oh Boo-Hoo!

      No one is going to care very much about Jews all the time Israel behaves the way it does against the Palestinians and its Arab neighbours. Nor are they going to care while the Jews cling on to all this holohoax nonsense.

      Some of us are also angry how the Jews have grabbed all the mainstream media outlets in the western world, including Hollywood, and pump out pro-Zionist propaganda to the exclusion of any other views.

      I myself, am deeply suspicious of Israeli/Mossad collusion in the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks in New York and London, and want proper investigations into both these events.

    4. So you Tin foil wearing Jew blaming Holocaust deniers have set up your own website, well like all Conspiracy websites its not going get you anywhere, go outside, get a job, do you seriously think your gay little comments and opinions( in which you have no real or physical proof) are going to change everyones opinion and suddenly start some Anti Jew Revolution Uprising, No it wont, so this is to you Fat hairy guy denying the holocaust behind his computer, (Welcome to the real world, any opinion or comment From a anonymous source like yourself will have no impact on anyone, anywhere in the world, society hates you, I hate David Irving but at least he comes out talks about his opinion, unlike you rats who who hide behind your Cum stained computer.
      The Holocaust is one of the most powerful subjects in history and you little people behind your computers think you deny and and blame entire different side, FUCK YOU

    5. Poor old Anonymous of March 7,2014.

      It seems to me by the tone and content of your diatribe, that you holohoaxers are becoming greatly agitated and dismayed by the contributions of those of us who have woken up to the falsified history that has been presented to the world over the last seventy years.

      We are putting forward valid criticisms of the prevailing orthodoxy. And it makes us feel very good indeed when we can respond to the outlandish lies and fairy tales by employing humour and satire.

      Would it not be better if you refrained from swearing at us, sir, and concentrated instead on persuading the deluded, so-called "holocaust survivors" to cease production of their ridiculous stories and unsubstantiated claims?.

    6. Here's another observation for you to consider - Anonymous, March 7, 2014.

      You say - "society hates you, I hate David Irving..."

      But sir, surely you are in danger of falling foul of the Jewish/Zionist groups who are constantly shrieking from the rooftops that we must all renounce HATE.

      Do I detect some hypocrisy here; that no one must ever criticise a Jew; challenge the holocaust narrative; or point out the political errors of Israel: but its quite OK for you to come on the Internet and announce to the world who you personally hate.

      I note that you even have the impertinence to speak on behalf of the whole of society when you say that it hates us!

      Is it not unreasonable to ask you to sit down quietly and allow some humility and introspection to enter your mind. Hopefully, this might clear your heart and soul of all this pent-up hatred that you seem to possess.

  2. Not enough Jews died. To bad :/

  3. @Anonymous March 7 - Actually I ve been completely intrigued at the arguments given as to the notion that what has been taught, and largely conveyed as common truth, does seem to have a remarkable amount of holes in it. Just purely from a critical thinking stand point, it is always good to question things, and the truth of any matter, welcomes inspection, and tough questions, as it is the truth, it will be apparent to those whom are able to use discernment, open minded critical thinking, and a desire to find facts that it is indeed just that. Calling people names, and ranting about hate, isn't a good way to get a valid point across.

  4. Jews are on the run worldwide. They crashed the global economy and everyone knows it. They wish they could leave to another planet but its not an option.
    They are going to boil in the their own juices, this time for real

  5. what a fucking retarded website....total BS

    1. I strongly disagree with you, sir - this is an excellent website. It encourages young people to learn about historical falsehoods, while at the same time allowing them to have a good hearty laugh at all the holohoax fraudsters.