Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jewish Hollywood scriptwriter and Propagandist for Zionist Irgun, Ben Hecht, mentions figure of 6,000,000 Jews in February 1943 edition of Reader's Digest

Source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

Ben Hecht was a Hollywood scriptwriter. He was also a Jew who supported Zionist terrorist group Irgun "by writing propaganda and fundraising" source

Appearing in the February 1943 issue of Reader's Digest, an article he had written entitled "Remember Us" includes the Kabbalistic 6,000,000 figure of Jews:

"Of these 6,000,000 Jews almost a third have already been massacred by Germans, Rumanians, and Hungarians, and the most conservative of the scorcekeepers estimate that before the war ends at least another third will have been done to death." source

Strange, seeing as [per the official fairytale] the "gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau, where 960,000+ Jews were gassed", were still being built

"The gas chambers and crematoria opened in March 1943."


  1. Robert Schiff, from May 17th 1940 edition of the Ohio jewish Chronicle, adressed Ohio Jewry:

    "Over 6.000.000 Jews are faced with annihilation..."

    (From BlackRabbit/

    Thanks for Your efforts btw, Saxon, great job of Yours spreading important yet hidden facts of History!

    1. ..... Then there was no Holocaust!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH Moronic nazi!!!

  2. "Oh noooo oh noooooo Hecht supported terrorists" I thought nazi bastards LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE terror and mass killings!!! Keep whining nazi bastards!!!

  3. Make no mistake about it, there was a holocaust, 3 square meals a day for a honest days work, followed by a clean shower, IS a holocaust to a jew.