Monday, December 17, 2012

Yanina Cywinska's bizarre Holyhoax tale: At 10 years old, I dragged bodies out of the Auschwitz gas chambers, survived being gassed, survived 5 days with no water

Yanina autographs copies of her book.

Yanina Cywinska has improved her Holy Hoax fairy tale.


At only 10 years old, Yanina was taken to Auschwitz.

Her job at Auschwitz was as a "sonderkommando", in which she had to drag dead bodies out of the gassum chambers.

One day she was horrified to see that she had pulled her own mother out of the chamber!

Another time Yanina says she was forced by the Nazis to dig a big ditch that was to serve as their own mass grave. They worked digging the ditch for five days without any food or water!

The Nazis tried to holocaust her by shooting her and then dumping her into the mass grave. But the firing squad's bullets missed!  The Nazis then pulled her out of the ditch and took her to Auschwitz for holocausting.

Yanina was then taken to the gas chamber to be deathed. She held her father's hand inside the gas chamber as he died!

Yanina passed out inside the gas chamber, but somehow survived! Carbon monoxide was used, and not Zyklon B.  She was then secretly resuscitated by an inmate!

Yanina now lives in the United States and spends her time telling her fairy tale to young school children.

Article: A night to remember: Holocaust survivor recounts story of horror and hope

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  1. So, she was even able to distinguish the type of gas used to kill her - truly amazing !

    Now look here Yanina me-old-darlin', why don't you just stick to ballet dancing, as your holocaust tales are totally unconvincing.

    1. You mean you can't vehicle exhaust (carbon monoxide)? Why don't you do some research sunshine.

  2. Hi, Anonymous (April 20,2014)

    Could you post your message again, pal - because I can't understand what you're trying to say.

    1. I presume what you're trying to say, is that the carbon monoxide residues from vehicle exhaust was used to gas victims in Auschwitz.

      But my dear moonbeam, the official "holocaust" narrative says that they weren't using vehicle exhaust in Auschwitz, because the camp commandant - Rudolf Hoess - said that it was so inefficient. He claimed only Zyklon-B was used in his gas chambers.

      So, what is Yaninna telling us here - that that they ran out of Zyklon-B capsules, and rigged up some kind of temporary vehicle exhaust system to feed carbon-dioxide fumes into the gas chambers ?

      Sorry, but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

  3. It's amazing how you idiots think the Holocaust was a lie. I have met Yanina and why would she make this up? You think she would tattoo a number on her arm herself? I have personally seen the tattoo on her arm. I have seen pictures of her being rescued by American forces. She was skin and bones.

    If you think that she is lying you are a fucking joke and a bunch of idiots. I have heard countless stories that are similar to Yaninas. She speaks to colleges and has documented her story. Where is her family? Why are they all dead?

    What benefit does one have to make shit up like this?

    Anyone who denies this is bunch of racists.

    1. I do like your sentence - "What benefit does one have to make shit up like this".

      If we are reading your question correctly, then it would appear that you are accusing dear old Yaninna herself of "making shit up".

      But you are also asking what benefit there is for anyone to make up these stories ? Well, all you have to do is just glance at the photo image above, and there you will see Yannina sitting at a table signing loads of her books for eager customers.

      In other words, there is still plenty of money to be made out of the never-ending holohoax scam - and Yaninna is certainly not one whose going to lose out !

      So you've actually met Yannina - and seen her tattoo number have you. That's interesting. Where and when did you meet her ?

      And you have also seen pictures of her being rescued by American forces. Oh, whereabouts in Europe did this take place, and what date in 1945 did it occur?.

      We would also be very grateful if you could supply us with details of how we can view these pictures for ourselves, so that we can verify what you are saying is true.

      You also have the bare-faced cheek to call us "idiots" and "racists" because we don't believe in Yannina's ridiculous fantasy tales. She has already been caught out in her own lie, by saying that it was carbon-monoxide that they were using in Auschwitz, when even the official holocaust narrative does not claim this.

    2. Are you aware that the official Holocaust narrative regarding Auschwitz says that all children on arrival at Auschwitz were sent immediately to the gas chamber?Why would she or any other child for that matter be tattooed?How is it possible for a ten year old girl to drag adult corpses,think about that,even an adult would struggle.The idea that anyone,never mind a child could survive extremely harsh conditions and very hard work without food or water for five days is absolutely absurd.Try it yourself and see how you manage.

  4. I also have met her she was my ballet teacher and I too have seen her tattoo. You are very sick and disrespectful to say this woman made these things up for money. Your so called proof is nothing, this woman went through hell so maybe she made a simple mistake. All I know is that you must be really bored in your life and not so happy with yourself to try and bring down a woman who went through more then your petty mind could conceive.

    1. Are you serious - (Anonymous Nov.8) ?

      How could anyone in their right mind describe Yanina's claim that she was gassed by vehicle exhaust in Auschwitz "as a simple mistake" !

      Let's face it - 70 years have now gone by since this event allegedly happened. Surely during this enormous period of time, Yanina would have found out from the official holocaust narrative that they weren't using Carbon Monoxide gas in Auschwitz. Didn't the editors, publishers, and readers of her book point out to her the glaring error in her account ? What about the other "survivors" - didn't they question her false memory.

      No - what the crafty old Yanina Cywinska did before writing her book was to carefully calculate that she couldn't get away with a story about a miraculous recovery from a gas chamber fed by Zyklon B, because no one would believe her - exposure to such a dangerous chemical in a hermetically sealed chamber would be fatal for everyone inside. But the sly and cunning old Yanina thought she could get away with a "supposed" recovery from exposure to vehicle exhaust fumes. Her readers would more readily believe this, and thus accept her story.

      Yanina is a wicked old fraud - I don't believe very much of her story at all, and therefore I find it extremely difficult to be respectful to such a person.

      Turning away from Yanina, I also have to question your own honesty and integrity here. But at least you can prove me wrong, by telling us the venue where you were taught ballet lessons by Yanina Cywinska. Please supply us with name of the ballet school, as well as the dates you attended. We can then contact the school and verify whether you are telling us the truth or not.

      Thank you.

    2. If you were taught ballet by Yanina, then you'll be able to tell us if she kept her replacement dentures in her mouth during her dancing lessons, or whether she took them out and placed them in a jam-jar full of Steradent before commencing her routines.

      Remember, Yanina claims that she lost all her teeth, except three, in Auschwitz - so you are an ideal witness to confirm her story is true.

      I, myself, find it rather difficult to believe that anyone could undertake ballet with two sets of dentures rattling around in their mouth - and they would also look rather foolish dancing around with just three teeth in an otherwise toothless mouth !.

      We are also very intrigued to find out if she remained toothless in Auschwitz right up until after she was liberated in 1945, or, whether she was fitted with new dentures inside Doctor Mengele's weird-and-wacky freak-show hospital.

  5. "How dare you deny the fairy tale of my WONDERFUL ballet teacher being in the (debunked) gas chambers at Auschwitz?!?!? You're RACISTS!!!!!!!!!!" Well, if we discount the fact that there were NEVER any gas chambers at Auschwitz, as your "oh so precious, dear sweet ballet teacher" says there were, then we must discount EVERYTHING she says....which you'd understand if you weren't A. A moron or B. A Jew with as much tio gain from the Shoah business as the rest pof your people...Yanina can't do ballet anymore so she's got to shake that "holocaust" money maker!

    1. Oh! - so you also had a wonderful ballet teacher who enjoyed a nice little sideline making money out of the holohoax scam did you?. My own ballet teacher was absolutely divine - angelic even. She escaped the Nazis by climbing naked out of a machine-gun pit in Russia, then swiftly grabbed her recently discarded ballet pumps, put them on her feet, and danced away across the death camp before the SS guards could respond. She took a quick glance at the barbed-wire entanglements, and somersaulted right over the top of them in one leap. With true courage and agility, she then skipped her way through the minefield and disappeared into the forest, where she remained hidden for the remainder of the war.

      When the Soviets found her in 1945, they offered her a place in the Bolshoi ballet in Moscow. But she declined, saying, that although it was a prestigious ballet company, she would be better off in the west, where people are much more gullible, and where there's loads and loads of spondulix and dosh to be made out of the "holocaust" compensation racket.

  6. why are you being so disrespectful? id like to see yall in a gas chamber

    1. The reason that we are so disrespectful, is that Yanina is telling us bare-faced lies - and no one in the normal world respects a person like that.

      And neither do we respect those who would like to see other people put in a gas chamber.

  7. I, too, was a former pupil of Yanina's in San Francisco from 1975 until 1980. Her school was on Taraval Street in the outer Sunset district. she later moved her school to her home on Twin Peaks, before moving to Fairfield. In recent years she has had some flights of fancy regarding her adventures in Nazi Germany. I believe that her original story to be true, which is that her father was a Catholic Polish surgeon. Her mother was Polish Jew. She had one brother. She had been studying in Russia with the Maryinski Ballet when the Nazi's invaded Poland. She was recalled home. Her father refused to operate devious surgeries on his country women. His hands were cut off and he subsequently died in prison. Her mother and brother were executed in the concentration camp. She was to die by machine gun fire along with a group standing in front of a large gravepit. The woman in front of her had a baby in her arms and as the Nazi's fired the woman raised the baby up to shield it from the gunfire and in doing so stepped back, knocking Yanina into the pit alive. Yanina laid still until all the victims were dumped into the pit and it was dark. She then crawled out and found a dung heap at a farm and hid inside it until daylight. A friendly farmer and his wife shielded her until she was caught again in a village. She told us that she stupidly was looking in a shop window when this happened. She believed that she wouldn't be picked up by the Gestaupo because of her light blond hair and blue eyes. She told us that all told she had gotten away and been picked up three times and taken to camps. All this other stuff sounds like a flight of an aging, forgetful imagination.

    1. So you were another one of Yanina's ballet students. OK - that's fair enough. But you then go on to say that "in recent years she has had some flights of fancy regarding her adventures in Nazi Germany." ( the word "adventures" is a good one to choose; because most of her account does indeed sound like a series of fictional adventures that come from out of a racy, horror novel.)

      And that's really the problem we face - no one can tell what is fact and what is fiction, because she doesn't produce a scrap of evidence or corroboration from any other source to back her words up. And just because you personally believe her original story to be true, that doesn't in fact make it so! After reading the piece that you submitted from her original account, I'm left shaking my head in great doubt about its veracity. Once again, its just another one of these typical survivor accounts that wallow in horror and degradation. We get the old "machine-gun pit story" regurgitated for the umpteenth time; plus the unknown woman holding a baby up to prevent it being shot by the cruel, wicked Nazis etc. etc.

      Do you really believe that Yanina laid in a pit full of dead bodies until it got dark, and then climbed out again, only to hide in a dung heap at a nearby farm? And is it very likely that the farmer and his wife would protect her, knowing that she was an escapee and a dangerous witness from a mass shooting? Wouldn't this couple be terrified for their own lives if the Gestapo found out that they were shielding her? And would they really have allowed her to wander into a village where she could be easily discovered by the Nazis or betrayed by a local informer?

      You admit that Yanina is now suffering from memory problems due to her age, and that some of her story zooms off into flights of fancy. But surely that is all the more reason that we must distrust a lot of what she says and writes. Only when there is some evidence to back up her claims should we accept her narrative. And if Yanina is becoming forgetful, and allows her imagination to run so wild, then is it not irresponsible for her backers to rent out an auditorium for her to recount her false stories to the general public, record it, and then publish it on YouTube?

      Lastly, if her father had his hands chopped off because he refused to carry out some "devious surgeries" - then how was he able to comb his hair, pick his nose, and wipe his arse thereafter?

  8. @ Anonymous (Aug.15)

    Are you quite sure that Yanina's mother was Jewish? According to my research her entire family was Roman Catholic. And you claim that Yanina was studying at the Maryinski Ballet in St Petersburg just before the war broke out. Well, the ballet company was not called the Maryinski during the late-1930's, because the Soviets had changed its name twice during the previous years. I find it difficult to believe that Yanina was living in the Soviet Union away from her parents anyway - when she was only 10 or 11 years old at the time. Is that very likely?

    You don't provide us with the names of Yanina's mother and father or her brother. Nor where they were living in Poland. Can you name the prison in which her father was executed, and the concentration camp that her mother and brother perished in. Where exactly was the large graveyard in which Yanina claims the Nazis were machine-gunning their victims into a pit. And have the human remains in this pit been exhumed and forensically examined over the last 70 years. We would also like to know the location of the farm where Yanina hid in the dung heap; the names of the farmer and his wife; and whether Yanina returned there, or contacted them, after the war to thank them both for saving her life.

  9. She was my ballet teacher,too.and I have seen her number tattoo and have seen her break down in tears many times when speaking of things in the past.her book was a bit hard to follow, but don't say you don't believe it. Just because YOU didn't see it or believe it doesn't mean it didn't happen

  10. Yanina is an obvious liar- Obvious Lie # 1- she survived a gas chamber. The official narrative of the Holocaust says that only Zyklon B was used at Auschwitz. If for some reason, they had none, then why did they run the gas chamber? Why would Germans jury rig a a vehicle exhaust to fill the room? Why is there no other accounts of this happening, ever. How did they get the exhaust into the room? Through the holes in the ceiling- BULLSHIT! Those holes w2ere absent in aerial reconnaissance photos taken during the war so Zyklon B was never thrown down them for one thing which puts the whole gas chamber hoax to rest.

    Obvious Lie # 2- she worked five days at hard labor , without food or water, digging a huge trench.- BULLSHIT!!! People die without water after three days!!! Hard Labor would drastically shorten that time as they would be exhaling much more water vapor than a resting person!

    Obvious Lie # 3- she worked in the "sonderkommando" as a 10 year old, dragging bodies- Contradicts the holocaust narrative that all children were immediately "gassed" and also not credible that a ten year old child dragged adult bodies for days on end.

    Obvious lie #4 she dragged dead bodies out of a gas chamber---as there were and still ar no ventilation fans or systems in those buildings then she would have died immediately upon entering after a supposed "gassing"


    The tattooing procedures described are just as ridiculous and impossible as the gassing procedures.