Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ernest and Judy Urman's tale: "The Nazis had a gas chamber in Shanghai, China equipped to gas the city's 20,000 jewish refugees"

Ernest and Judy Urman are European jews who escaped being holocausted by fleeing to China.

They met while in a jewish ghetto in Shanghai, and later got married.

After staying in China, they went to live in Israel for 10 years, then emigrated to the United States in 1958. They now live in Denver, Colorado.

They say they discovered after leaving China that the Germans had converted a factory in Shanghai into a gas chamber, and that it was equipped with enough spigots to gas the city's 20,000 Jewish refugees.

Judy and Ernest now travel around to schools and tell their Holocaust™ tale to young children.

Article: Rocky Mountain News - Mar 25, 1991

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Via Winston Smith Ministry of Truth


  1. Amazing.Here are a couple of old Jews who wanted to get in on the Holohoax gravy train but couldn't because they were a thousand miles away from Europe during WWII.No problem,just make up some fairy tale about shanghai,China!

    And if that weren't bad enough,these lying bastards are allowed to go around and brainwash a bunch of school kids with their BS !

  2. I worked with Judy at World Savings HQ in the 1980's. She and Ernie were the most loving and grateful people I have ever met.

    I just moved back to Denver after 28 years and I hopr to meetmup with Judy again. She touched my life in so many ways.

    Pam Rowe

    1. So you and Judy worked at the headquarters of a company called 'World Savings' back in the 1980's did you.

      This enterprise is a new one on me. Was it a Jewish-run corporation by any chance, which targeted, extorted and swindled the savings of all the goyim around the world ?

      I bet the lizards who ran this company set their beady eyes upon the "holocaust" compensation industry. There's big bucks to be made there, and what's more, it does seem to be a never-ending money-making scam !

    2. You are a piece of s***, at least have the balls to use your name. People like you oughta be strung up by the nuts and then have them cut off. And it shows your ignorance World savings was a huge huge conglomerate. Dumbass.

  3. I've also worked with Judy just recently where I work, and she lives. She is an amazing loving woman who I've learned a lot about. Not only have I worked with Judy who survived the holocaust, but 5 other woman and men. These people are just like you and i except for one amazing difference... They survived something that would kill us almost instantly with the way we have it these days. So make sure your able to carry the stone you are about to throw out of your ignorant mouth

    1. Oh ye$,$he $urvived it all the way to the bank....

  4. Blood sucking Jews. Everyone knows the holocaust is a lie