Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arnold Friedman's tale - You could tell the nationality of those being holocausted by the color of the flames shooting out of the chimneys!! -- Says "God should ask jews for forgiveness" for Holocaust

Arnold Friedman

Arnold Friedman was born in Chudlovo, Czechoslovakia in 1928.

In May of 1944, Friedman says he was taken by the Nazis via cattle car to Auschwitz.

Arnold says he was spared the gas chambers and selected for work. He had his head shaved, was given a shower, and got new clothes.

According to Arnold, some of the prisoners at Auschwitz committed suicide by throwing themselves on the electrical wires that surrounded the camp.

Friedman says he knew people were being sent to the gas chambers, but there wasn't much he and his fellow inmates could do.

He claims you could tell whether Ukrainians or Poles, or fat or skinny people were being burned in the ovens by the color of the smoke!   If blue flames shot out of the top of the chimney, it was a Hungarian jew, and if green flames shot out of the chimney it was a Polish jew!

Arnold even testified to having witnessed the color-coded chimney flames at the 1985 trial of Ernst Zundel in Canada.  Upon cross-examination, however, he confessed that he did not actually see this, but was only told these things by others. 

Arnold blames God, saying “I think God should have asked us for forgiveness, because we weren’t there by choice.”

He says jews who were short were immediately gassed. They were measured by standing next to a poll with a mark on it.

Arnold was too short, but he avoided the chambers by always slipping back in line, standing with the tall inmates, and even standing on a pile of bricks.

Friedman says his parents and two younger sisters were holocausted.

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