Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jews claim they were genocided at Auschwitz by rail cars that dumped people directly into the ovens

Source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

Everything that follows is a direct quote from a report on Auschwitz-Birkenau, by the United States (Jewish) War Refugee Board in 1945:

"800 to 900 yards from the place where the ovens were, the prisoners were squeezed into little cars that ran on rails. In Auschwitz these cars had various dimensions and could hold up to 15 people. As soon as a car was loaded, it would be set in motion on an inclined plane that traveled at full speed down a corridor. At the end of the corridor there was a wall, and in the wall was the door to the oven. As soon as the car hit the wall, the door opened automatically, and the car would dip forward and pitch its cargo of living people into the oven. Right behind it came another car, and so on."

Actual photograph of the rail car dumping jews into the oven:


(Click to enlarge)

"Auschwitz-Birkenau" document supplied by "Executive of the War Refugee Board"

Inside the Concentration Camps: Eyewitness Accounts of Life in Hitler's Death Camps (1946) by Eugene Aroneanu, Page 132

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  1. it must have been bad back then u had to go through alot to be here now loosing ur dad

  2. Yes, there was a gentleman at my golf club whose brother-in-law actually operated these rail-cars. He claimed that there were, in fact, first class and second class cars. All the "shtetl" Jews from eastern Europe were crammed into the second class carriages, while the first class cars consisted of individual, upholstered, seats which were reserved for the wealthy clientele from the west.

    He acted as signalman. After the cars had deposited the victims inside the ovens, it was his task to transfer them on to a separate track which would automatically roll them back round to the starting point. This speeded up the operation no end - because cars could then follow one another in quick succession.

    1. More info. from the gent at my golf club regarding his brother-in-law.

      He claimed that the door to the oven often got jammed and wouldn't open automatically. This meant that some rail-cars would tip up and all the passengers would tumble out and hit the closed door.

      Those who were not badly injured were then given smelling-salts to revive them, put back in the rail-cars, and sent round again to the starting point where they could begin their exciting journey once again.

      However, those more seriously hurt were carried by kapos on stretchers to Doctor Mengele's weird and wacky freak-show hospital to fully recover.

      At times, he said, the whole place resembled a gigantic grotesque fairground!

  3. The official website of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum is apparently becoming upset by what it regards as the growing "holocaust denial" movement - and has singled out a worrying trend.

    It says:- More frequently, however, there are essays dripping with irony, sarcasm and mockery".

    But quite frankly, what does it expect ?. The website is still full of stuff that most sensible people today regard as beyond the realm of reality, or is pure fabrication.

    If Auschwitz wants to be taken seriously then it really needs to search for the truth, and begin seriously to revise its historical narrative.

  4. Neva forget... the tales about the steam chambers.

    1. Or rooms with electrical floors....

    2. Or the vacuum chambers, where all the air was sucked out...

    3. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-NamedFebruary 13, 2016 at 8:37 AM

      Anyone who believes this complete and utter bullsh*ttery is really ignorant. Look at their proof: They said that the Jews were shoved into rail cars and thrown into the fire. This is easily a dumb misinterpretation on the part of the people that are to hell-bent on making this into a "hoax" that they don't do the proper research to see that in fact this was not a way that the Jews were killed. No, there were many ways that the Jews were killed, but this uneducated fabrication is completely untrue. and their "actual photo" is just a crude copy and paste job of people and a cart on top of a drawing, and hoping that the mentally challenged will be unable to notice this. Then, the people that comment here are easily seen through, as their comments betray their lack of study. I am 14, and have probably dedicated about 20 hours this last month into studying any bit and piece that I can find of the holocaust. These people show otherwise. Of the people here, only two of them have the skill of writing more than a sentence, and only one of them has actually said anything that has knowledgeable sources and proof about it. That one still doesn't use his skill of research, or he would see the utter nonsense that is posted on this website and all other holocaust denial websites. And to those of you who didn't write much, do you really think that hearing about rooms with electrical floors and vacuum chambers makes you know about what really took place in the holocaust? Do you truly have the heart to realize that you aren't at all experts, simply because you have faith?! I am not nearly an expert, even after all my research, and I still probably know more than any of the stubborn un-educators here. I would feel less strongly so if all of you didn't speak with utter conviction of your beliefs and lack the proper eloquence that is needed to show that you don't have a second grader's education. I am 14! 14! And I still speak with more power and knowledge than all of the sources here combined! Please, people, think before you post such a website as this one; filled with a lack of knowledge.

  5. don't believe your lying eyes goyim - jews

  6. The mass murder of jews is a little bit confusing.
    German women did not work in munitions like they did in America and Britain.
    All the munitions and materials needed by the German military were made by workers at Auschwitz and camps like it.
    Near each camp was an IG Farben factory where all the workers worked.
    Killing the workers or even upsetting them by killing their families would not result in a productive work load which the Germans needed to stay alive.
    Most people would not damage what is keeping them alive.
    Did Germany want to lose the war?

  7. I can't believe sites like this exist. The holocaust was not a hoax

    1. You don't actually know that to be true.
      There has never been a single indisputable item of conclusive proof presented to the world so your statement has no foundation.
      I will believe it happened if I see proof that it happened.
      You believe it happened without proof is all. Shallow?