Friday, April 15, 2011

Regina Bialek's tale: "Mengele rescued me from inside the gas chamber"

Regina being called out of the gas chamber by Dr. Mengele

The following testimony is from the affidavit of one Regina Bialek, prepared for the War Crimes Trial known as "The Belsen Trial", the trial of Josef Kramer and 44 other Nazis.

On 25th December, 1943, I was sick with typhus and was picked out at a selection made by Doctors Mengele and Tauber along with about 350 other women. I was made to undress and taken by lorry to a gas chamber. There were seven gas chambers at Auschwitz. This particular one was underground and the lorry was able to run down the slope and straight into the chamber. Here we were tipped unceremoniously on the floor. The room was about 12 yards square and small lights on the wall dimly illuminated it. When the room was full a hissing sound was heard coming from the centre point on the floor and gas came into the room. After what seemed about ten minutes some of the victims began to bite their hands and foam at the mouth and blood issued from their ears, eyes and mouth, and their faces went blue. I suffered from all these symptoms, together with a tight feeling at the throat. I was half conscious when my number was called out by Dr. Mengele and I was led from the chamber. I attribute my escape to the fact that the daughter of a friend of mine who was an Aryan and a doctor at Auschwitz had seen me being transported to the chamber and had told her mother, who immediately appealed to Dr. Mengele. Apparently he realised that as a political prisoner I was of more value alive than dead, and I was released.

- Source via Winston Smith Ministry of Truth


  1. If Zyklon B was so lethal how could anyone have opened the door of the gas chamber and not been affected by the gas?
    Or was Dr Mengele indestructible?

    1. They have these amazing inventions, Blaisine. Maybe you've heard of them - gas masks? Chances are if Dr. Mengele had a head on his shoulders there was probably a mask that fitted him.

  2. Doctor Mengele was sitting in his surgery early one morning in great pain. On his way into work he had stumbled into one of those wretched shrunken heads that was being used as a doorstop, and which had been left lying on the floor in the middle of the darken corridor.

    But he was already in the dog-house with Frau Mengele back at home, because he had given her, what he had thought, as a beautiful birthday present - a delightful handbag made out of genuine human skin. This had been manufactured in Auschwitz by his own hand-picked craftsmen.

    However, his wife immediately burst into a fierce rage when she found out what material it was made out of. "What a disgusting, obscene, gift to give anyone" she spluttered, "Do you really think that I'm going to carry this around with me?"

    "But my dear little apple strudel", he pleaded, " Just look at the exquisite stitching, and the embossed swastika on the front".

    "Don't try and sweet-talk me", she snapped, "my mother always warned me about you. She said you were a wrong 'un, and that we should never had got married. She describes you as the Angel of Death, and I believe that's the same nickname that the SS guards and inmates call you up at Auschwitz."

    Frau Mengele continued her outburst, "My mother has never forgiven you for sending her that mattress last Christmas full of Jewish female hair. You didn't even wash and fumigate the hair properly - it was crawling with insects, bugs and lice, and when she woke up itching next morning, her whole body was covered in scratches, sores and blisters".

    "But my sweet little edelweiss..." he began.

    Frau Mengele was in no mood to listen to his protestations. "For my birthday last year, you gave me a bedside lampshade. And that was also made out of human skin. But you great bunch of dumpkopfs had included skin displaying the inmates tattoos as well. I bet that Elsa Koche had something to do with the design of those lampshades - she needs locking up in a lunatic asylum."

    The chastened Doctor Mengele tried to reason with her again, "My dear, sweet, liebfraumilch, we are doing all this for the Fuhrer's One Thousand Year Reich and..."

    But she cut him short by indignantly snorting;- "one thousand years?, well let me tell you here and now that you will certainly be remembered in a thousand years time, because the Jews will keep reminding everyone about you."

    And with that, she marched out of the room and slammed the door.

    Now in his surgery, the pain in his foot was beginning to subside, and he glanced down at the human pelvic ashtray on his desk, where lay a half-finished cigar from the day before. He wearily picked this up, lit it, then laid back in his chair and thought to himself "Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet - the mild cigar from the old German tobacconist Benzon & Hedgiz.

  3. The extent these SS Guards went dehumanizing a race is unbeleiveable and quite unfathomable thank God for the survivors they help me cope with what I go through

    1. The behaviour of SS guards was no different from the way that the Israeli defence forces and security personnel treat the Palestinians today.

      But at least the Palestinians don't make up false stories about gas chambers, human skin, shrunken heads, bars of soap, burning pits of live babies and other horrific nonsense as propaganda to explain their plight.

    2. If you want to find an example of dehumanisation old chap, then look no further than the Israeli professor ARNON SOFFER. He was one of the founders of the University of Haifa, and also taught army students at the National Defence College in Israel.

      He said publicly - " It's going to be a terrible war. So if we want to remain alive, we have to kill and kill and kill, all day, and every day. If we don't kill, we will cease to exist."

      Now, this is what I call unbelievable and unfathomable behaviour - that a university professor - no less - should be instructing his military students to carry out non-stop murder, on the crazy idea that if they don't do this, then they themselves will perish.

      This sort of lunacy is beyond any human understanding.

    3. Here is something for you to think about - Anonymous (May30,2014)

      This article appeared in the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" on April 12th, 2001.

      In his address to the Israeli nation just prior to the Passover celebrations that year, influential Rabbi - OVADIA YOSEF - made the following declaration;-

      "May the Holy Name (meaning God), visit retribution on the Arab heads and cause their seed to be lost. Annihilate them. You are forbidden to have pity on them - you must give them missiles with relish. Evil ones, damnable ones.

      Now I find this rhetoric from a senior religious figure to be unbelievable and unfathomable - especially if Israelis were to take his words to heart, and start acting upon his instructions.

      What do you think Anonymous ?

    4. He is something else from out of Israel which is unbelievable and unfathomable.

      The Israeli member of parliament AYELET SHAKED has recently called publicly for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to "little snakes".

      "They have to die, and their houses should be demolished so they cannot bear any more terrorists. They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists."

      So, ladies and gentleman; here we have a situation where senior Israeli personnel can spout out their hatred, and call quite openly for blood-curdling violence, while those of us who live quite happily and peacefully with our neighbours are constantly being lectured and condemned as racist, anti-semitic, hate-filled, holocaust deniers!

      This so-called "holocaust" happened over seventy years ago. Yes, it was tragic, and many people suffered and died during WW2, but it is now an event that should be consigned to the history books - we don't need to keep dwelling upon this morbid subject, and beating our breasts with shame and guilt.

      Today, we need to concentrate on these venomous Israeli haters, whose souls seem to be consumed with vehemence and loathing towards their fellow human beings. The World should really wake up to realise that it is these people who are the real racists and haters of mankind.

    5. The extent that the Israeli Defence Forces went dehumanizing Gaza is unbelievable and quite unfathomable. Thank God for the Palestinian survivors, they help me cope with what I go through.

  4. On August 1st 2014 the world was informed by MOSHE FEIGLEIN - the deputy speaker of the Israeli Parliament - that he desired the total destruction of the Palestinian presence in Gaza.

    Quote;- "a conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters...This is our country, and our country exclusively, including Gaza."

    He continues;- "The Israeli army must designate certain open areas on the Sinai Border, adjacent to the sea, in which the civilian population will be concentrated...In these areas, tent encampments will be established, until relevant destinations are determined...The supply of electricity and water to the formerly populated areas will be discontinued...and these areas to be shelled with maximum firepower."

    Hmmm! - this proposed enterprise sounds very much like the Nazi campaign against the Jews of eastern Europe during WW2.

    I would suggest that if Mr Feiglin's frenzied, racist, and ultra-violent scheme was ever put into effect, then it would definitely fall into the category of "unbelievable and unfathomable" behaviour.

    Mr Feiglin ought to be careful here. The Palestinians are actually a semitic people, where-as many Jews in Israel are not. He therefore might find himself labelled as an "anti-Semitic Hater" - and that would never do for a senior parliamentarian of the Israeli Knesset!

  5. Rabbi NOAM PEREL - the head of 'Bnei Akiva', the largest Jewish religious youth group in the world - has recently publicly called for "the mass-murder of Palestinians and for their foreskins to be scalped and brought back as trophies". Apparently, this raving rabbi desires a repeat performance of a biblical event that occurred in ancient times, and which comes from a passage out of the Book of Samuel.

    Unbelievable and unfathomable!

  6. Replies
    1. sad? - I'm afraid this word is nowhere near adequate to describe the Israeli characters named above.

      Bad, mad and sad, would be more appropriate.

      I'm no psychologist, but I can certainly identify paranoia, pathological hatred, and latent savagery when I see it. These people seem to be unhinged and divorced from common sense as well as common humanity.

  7. Shame on you, the liar and hypocrite. Suppose to be a man of G-d, but a demon from hell!!!!