Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Frida Herskovits' incredible Holocaust™ tale: German shepherds tear baby out of mother's womb, human skin used to make lampshades and picture frames

Holocaust survivor™ Frida Herskovits lights a candle at one of the ovens used to burn victims of the Holyhoax at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. She went back to visit the site in 1994.

Frida Herskovits is a jew born in Czechoslovakia in 1927.

In 1944 when she was 17, the Holocaust™ began and Frida was taken by the Nazis to a brick factory.

She says she had to sleep on the floor on top of the bricks.

Herskovits also worked with rocks or picking cabbage in a field.

Frida says she saw German shepherds "tear a baby out of the mother's wound", witnessed the Germans shoot a baby, and saw people burned alive.

She says if you got sick the Nazis put you in a ditch, poured gasoline over you and set you on fire.

Frida even learned of experimental Nazi surgeries where "organs were removed and human skin was used to make lampshades and picture frames."

Frida tells her Holocaust tale to high school students to encourage people to "stop hating."

"Stop hating. We are all human beings", says Frida

Article: "Holocaust survivor tells of concentration camps"

via Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

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  1. I don't blame poor old Frida herself for touring round the high schools of America telling her Holohoax tales. She is just an old lady whose memories are lost in time, and is only regurgitating the vivid myths and legends that she has imbibed since the end of the second world war.

    The dummies here are the schools themselves, while the culprits consist of the sinister figures behind the scenes who are using her - as well as the schools - for their own agenda.

    Does anyone seriously think that these US high schools would allow the survivors of the Dresden, Hamburg and Tokyo firestorm raids, or the victims of the Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to come and give lectures to students.

    Or what about the Vietnamese villagers exposed to napalm and agent-orange chemical attacks.

    Perhaps you can recall elderly people from Iraq who have been invited into schools to describe how members of their families have been exposed to white phosphorous gas attacks, depleted-uranium ordnance, or been subjected to torture in military prisons such Abu Gharaib.

    I'm also certain that no one from Afghanistan has been allowed to give any lectures on aerial drone strikes which can destroy 50% of an entire village, or a wedding party that is travelling between villages.

  2. It is a true story.

    1. If you think Frida's story is true, my friend, then you must either be a Zionist zealot, or someone who needs psychiatric help as a matter of considerable urgency.

      Probably both !

  3. She is on good money to lie and create horror stories. All we can do is educate our children of the truth this old liar will soon be dead and it'll be good riddance to bad rubbish...

  4. If I knew where you lived I'd come myself and blast you in the face! LIARS? the only liar is YOU!
    you folk who don't think any of this happened can go fuck yourselves, cause I myself was there, thru it all and it's EXACTLY like Frita says it was! Again, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

    1. FriTa ftw!
      I guess you also witenssed muh lampshades, eh? Or were you gassed 6 times, like Moshe Peer, too?
      One must have a serious mental disease to believe in the Holocaust.

    2. God Bless You! Everyone Needs to Remove All Hate From Their Heart!

  5. How can people not see the lie for what it really is? I read these stories and I'm embarrassed for the storytellers. What frauds and fakers they are. How can anyone with any common sense not see through the lies of the Jewish Holocaust.