Friday, March 25, 2011

According to German Special Registry Office, in all the concentration camps of Germany only 373,468 died

As of December 31, 1983, the total number of deaths registered with the Special Registry Office and various other registry offices was 373,468. This figure represented death certificates issued pursuant to received applications and was based, with respect to the Special Registry Office, on camp records kept by the Germans during the war.

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While some were executions, the vast majority of the deaths were from typhus and other diseases, old age, and natural causes.


  1. Hi

    I contacted the ITS/Arolsen archive and exchanged some emails with a woman working there. She told me this document is authentic, but nevertheless: 6 million Jews died. And... anyway, denying or minimizing The Holocaust is a punishable offense in Germany.


    If you want to read some Norwegian + look at nice pictures, visit my blog Gasskammeret (the Gas Chamber) here:

    Denier-greetings from GK
    in Norway

  2. Hi Geir Knudsen

    I hadn't fully realised that ordinary people living, or working, inside Germany and various other European countries have to be very careful how they talk about the "holocaust", because they might be charged with criminal offences.

    It is clear to me now that they have to use a kind of "double-speak", whereby they can point out the evidence and the facts, but they must also cover their words and actions by confirming the official dogma.

    This is a disgraceful situation for so-called "open" and "free" democracies.

    Well done - and many thanks.

  3. Jude lies! Ever!