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Sachsenhausen: "840,000 Russian POWs annihilated at one time and cremated in four movable crematoria" - Would take 48 years

The Forgotten Holocaust of 840,000 Russian POWs

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Sachsenhausen camp prisoners [1]

Source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

Sachsenhausen was a concentration camp just 22 miles from Berlin. A New York Times article from December 2001 states that roughly 30,000 victims were killed at Sachsenhausen by the Nazis between 1936-1945.

At Nuremberg kangaroo trial, "840,000" alleged killed at Sachsenhausen

On February 19, 1946 Counsellor Smirnov a member of the Russian prosecution team at the Nuremberg Trial stated:

"There were also created transportable crematoria. An SS member, Paul Waldmann, testifies to their existence. He was one of the participants in the crime perpetrated by the German fascists when 840,000 Russian prisoners of war in Sachsenhausen were annihilated at one time. ... The war prisoners murdered in this way were cremated in four movable crematoria, which were transported on car trailers." {see approx 60% down page for quote}

To summarise:

840,000 Russian POWs were "annihilated at one time"
840,000 corpses were cremated in four portable ovens

This photo, taken on November 10, 1944 - features two British soldiers and one of three Nazi mobile crematory ovens at Hertogenbosch concentration camp in Holland.

Being a Nazi concentration camp, Hertogenbosch (also known as the Vught Concentration Camp) is of course still subjected to ridiculous claims, just like all the others. Idiots and liars claim that 13,000 people died there in the 20 months it was in operation. But the website run by the memorial/tourist attraction now at the site, states 749 people died there, of whom 329 were executed.

To summarise:

Hertogenbosch had three mobile crematory ovens - for the approx 750 cremations conducted there over a period of 20 months

840,000 cremations were performed in four mobile crematory ovens from Sachsenhausen "at one time"

Modern crematorium requires 2 hours for cremation

The British National Association of Funeral Directors states it take a minimum of 2 hours to cremate a corpse in a modern crematorium:

"Cremating at the optimum temperature (1400-1800 degrees), the average weighted remains takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Several more hours may be required before the cremated remains are available to the family."

Cremating 840,000 at Sachsenhausen with 4 mobile ovens would take 48 years

840,000 corpses in four ovens = 210,000 per oven
210,000 cremations @ 2 hours each = 420,000 hours

420,000 hours = 47.9 years

(Two bodies at once = double the time to cremate)

EVEN If the Nazis had started the cremations (regardless of the logistics of killing 840,000 Russians "at one time") on the 22 June 1941, the day Germany invaded Russia. They would have still be cremating the corpses in 1989 44 years after the end of WW2.

But that's by the by, as like the ho£ocau$t,the story "840,000 Russian prisoners of war in Sachsenhausen were annihilated at one time" and "cremated in four movable crematoria" is


  1. This is almost funny, if it wasn't tragic. What an illogical and false conclusion.

  2. I don't have a calculator with me, how many years would it have taken to gass/cremate 6 million people.

    1. I recommend watching the 4 hours worth of Holohoax debunking documentary: One Third of the Holocaust. :)

  3. @Anonymous

    The alleged gassing of 6 million jews, is inconceivable. The main concentration camps where the jews were being detained had more crematoriums sure. but they were of necessity, do you know how many people died of epidemics in the concentration camps? At one point one of the allegations against the nazi's were that they were injecting the jews with diseases.

    That's not true, they were giving them vaccines and medicine.

    The jews called the delousing chambers 'gas chambers' where they were 'steamed' or later on 'cyanide was used' but really if that's correct. Then the jews find the prevention of diseases and lice to be the most abominable thing in history.

  4. Not once during WWII did Germany ever use poison gases even when the situation was grave at Berlin '45. If they were so adept at killing jews with the fabled ZyklonB, then why not use it to their advantage on the battlefields?

  5. You should literally be ashamed of yourselves. You honestly think a few errors in math or even a bit of hyberpole in some descriptions are enough to dismiss one of the saddest events in recent history? Walk the grounds of Birkenau and Auschwitz...see the artefacts and pictures...hear the stories. Then, and only then, should you even consider leaving a record such as this blog for future generations to see.

    1. Oy vey! I just can't believes these other goys! They deny the sacred truth of the Shoah!

      Thanks for the hand, you are truly a friend of Israel.

    2. How do you explain the so called homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz 1 main camp?In Germany any statements that question the official view of the Holocaust can bring legal persecution - and truth is no defence.German courts fined best-selling British historian David Irving 30,000 marks ( about $21,000 ) for saying that a building in Auschwitz that had been portrayed for decades to tourists as an extermination gas chamber is a "dummy" ( Attrape).It was conceded however that Irving was right;the building had been built after the war's end.
      David Irving was found guilty of "disparaging the memory of the dead," a German criminal code provision that effectively "protects" only Jews.The judge refused to consider any of the evidence presented by Irving's attorneys,including a plea to permit the senior curator and archives director of the Auschwitz State Museum to testify in the case.
      Errors in math?Errors are errors.All you need do is get a calculator and do the math yourself.Math is truth.Numbers do not lie.Facts are tyrants,they tolerate no dissent.

    3. Which artefacts did you see where, that prove what, exactly?.. please specify. Which pictures did you see where, showing what exactly, that prove what, exactly?.. please specify. I won't bother asking you which stories you probably heard, as if they could prove anything,, otherwise anything at all ever conceived in the mind could be proven to be true, if all it took was a story ! What credible physical, forensic or documented "evidence" can you provide that proves the alleged homicidal gas chamber extermination policy, to you ? That is the question to ask everyone..

  6. Idiots write history to cover up their own horrendous crimes against the universe and even worse, these idiots are in education creating more future idiots.

    It's the responsibility of adults to re-learn EVERYTHING.... THIS IS A MATRIX... AN ILLUSION.

  7. The history of whom? Of Sabbatean-frankist-zionist?
    Max Warburg and Max Oppenheimer, two jweish bankers were financing Hitler, to kill ortodox jews and christians. And in Russia did it the same, with Jacob Schiff and the revolutionary bolchevist.

    Oy vey! Just give me the shekels! It is what this is all about.

  8. I cannot believe the ignorance! I'm not old enough to have been there, but my parents were. We have no family left in Poland thanks to Hitler. I think some of you need to go back to school, or perhaps just read some books...are you even capable of reading??

    1. So where exactly were your parents during WW2 - In Poland?, in Sachsenhausen?, or maybe some other location in Europe?

      You see, that's the trouble with these holohoax believers; they never provide any details for us to verify. They just stick to generalisations, and then spout out a load of gratuitous insults about "ignorance", "go back to school", and "are you even capable of reading".

      They don't employ any credible evidence, or anything even remotely sensible in their offerings. What they say is just empty clap-trap.

    2. If the evil Nazis actually wanted to kill large numbers of people they could simply have refused to let their victims into the camps where they provided food, shelter, disinfected clothing and entertainment as best as they could. People have been imprisoned for publishing images of fit, healthy and smiling camp inmates. According to the German crematory records (supported by the Red Cross representatives in the camps) most of the 53,000 Auschwitz cremated died from typhus, old age and as a consequence of allied bombing of food/transport infrastructure. Most of the cremated were Catholics. I recall reading that the 463 tons of coal delivered to Auschwitz in 1943 was sufficient to cremate 16 corpses daily. 20-30,000 tons needed per million corpses. Where was this mountain of coal mined, how delivered, and how stored?

      What would the 150,000 Jewish German soldiers have done when they learned about the camps? Hitler and Himmler sent Jewish German officer Bloch to Warsaw to rescue abbi Scneerson and his family then sent them to America to found the Lubavitch Jews - any thanks? There were 171 Jewish German officers in the German military and the secon SS Member Emille Maurice was known to be Jewish. All the evil Nazis required was a demonstration of loyalty.

      If they wanted to kill them they could have imitated Eisenhower who simply surrounded around a million surrendered German soldiers with barbed wire and guns and then starved them to death cheaply.

      Actually study Nobel Peace Prize nominee Hitler's speeches and his many peace offers that were all ignored or ridiculed.

      The cats were all let out of their bags decades ago. At least the Internet allows anyone to record the lies and histortions of those spreading and suffering from the anti-German hate psychosis.