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Majdanek: Initially "officially" claimed to be a "death camp" where 1.5 million murdered; Now only 79,000 alleged dead

View of the Majdanek "death camp" (1944) [1]

Wikipedia's take:

"Majdanek was a German Nazi concentration camp on the outskirts of Lublin, Poland, established during German Nazi occupation of Poland. The camp operated from October 1, 1941 until July 22, 1944, when it was captured nearly intact by the advancing Soviet Red Army. Although conceived as a forced labor camp and not as an extermination camp, over 79,000 people died there (59,000 of them Polish Jews) during the 34 months of its operation." [2]

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum claims that "tens of thousands of jews" were murdered at Majdanek, many with Zyklon B in gas chambers:

"In the winter of 1941-1942, camp authorities began to use Zyklon B gas to murder prisoners too weak to work in a makeshift gas chamber. Mass murder operations using poison gas began at Majdanek in October 1942 and continued until the end of 1943. There appear to have been three gas chambers at Majdanek; at least two were shower rooms reconfigured for use of Zyklon B gas. At least one of these two was used to kill human beings. Some sources refer to a third gas chamber, which reportedly used carbon monoxide gas as a means of murder."

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

So what of that original alleged 1.5 million number?

source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

It's now claimed around 79,000 people were murdered by the Nazis in Majdanek extermination camp. The figure was once much, much higher:

"About 1,500,000 persons were exterminated in Maidanek"

- Nuremberg Trial Proceedings - Indictment : Count Three
(see approximately 20% down page for quote)

Unlike the 4,000,000 original figure for Auschwitz details the Majdanek 1,500,000 figure can't be dismissed as a Soviet exaggeration, because it was a Canadian journalist in the pay of Canadian Jews who claimed it.

On the 29th August 1944 a telegram was received by Saul Hayes, the executive director of the Canadian Jewish Congress, it reads:

"[An] unexampled destruction opened before my eyes as I walked about Majdanek at Lublin [the] day before yesterday ... There is no doubt that Majdanek will go down into history as one [of the] most horrible experiences in mankind ... I do wish [to] stress that Majdanek where one million Jews and half a million others [were] killed calls for justice [and] for revenge and [the] world can't be satisfied until it is revenge obtained ... I saw partly burned bodies their arms and legs chopped off to make [it] easier pushing into ovens and I saw great mountain grey urns Germans used to collect ashes ... You can tell America that at least three million [Polish] Jews [were] killed of whom at least a third were killed in Majdanek"

- "Delayed Impact: The Holocaust & the Canadian Jewish Community" by Franklin Bialystok

A Majdanek "Bath and Disinfection" complex (aka "Gas Chamber I") [3]

The Majdanek delousing chamber. Note the unbarred window in the upper left corner [4].

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  1. that window is barred. i have been there. so if its 79k how does that prove its a hoax. also, nazis took meticulous notes indicating the higher number. please educate urself and do something else with ur energy.

    1. If Germans wanted to kill Jews, they would have done it with high efficiency. Unlike Jews, Germany is known for its meticulous high standard efficiency rates. Where did they dispose the bodies? How did they dispose of the bodies? ... All the evidence suggest they starved to death and obtained diseases towards the last months of the war in 1944. Why? Its called allied bombing destroying road and railway networks. Josh, its ok, you don't have to cry about it. The Windows are not barred, its ok, . You should spend more time looking into Jewish dominance of the United States, Jewish take over of Russia through Bolshevism, and Khazaria.

    2. "that window is barred. i have been there" - I call bullshit.
      When were you there ?
      I was there before the holocaust myth of the 1970's was started from hollywood.
      There were NO barred windows and no one there ever heard of a holocaust.

    3. In the gas chamber he claims there is a window in there is no window. Its a fucking light. Look for your self.

  2. the blue stains on the walls are the result of cyanide gas-zyklon b(cyanide kills bugs,also),reacting with the lime.let's see if other "gas chambers",different from delousing chambers....

  3. Yet another negationist. Joining ranks with Faurisson, etc.

  4. joshua where are the bars? here is the picture

    1. Mike you ignorant negationist fool! There is a bar in the clubhouse next to the swimming pool, and another one in the brothel.

  5. where are the bars? here is the picture

    1. The bars are nicely overexposed.

  6. 79,000 is still a lot, and it is pointless to argue the fact that the Nazis wanted to cleanse their living space of Jews, Catholics, Protestants and communists. The SS mission states it. Likewise, the west knew what the Nazis were doing, and they didn't lift a finger to stop it. I also have no doubt that the Jewish leaders exaggerated the death numbers, for obvious political reasons. Problem is for all you Nazi sympathizes is this.... Capitalism won, Communism won, Democracy won, ans National Socialism lost. When you're the loser, shit gets piled on, and that's what everyone did to the Nazis. No one feels sorry for them, they weren't good guys. They meticulously " lost" a war in part because their homosexual one-testical leader was a terrible military strategist. Now we all drive Mercedes and the Germans are still trying to live down the fact that they have a cold, dark, selfish side to their ethnic makeup that allows them to think that they are better than everyone else. If you are so much better, stop losing the wars. Scoreboard Brotha! Allies 2, Axis nil..... Ha, ha, ha.

    1. Let's see, you won, all for what?
      You country is in the complete economic grips of the jews, where did you think the GFC came from? Also I think I got all I needed to know about your knowledge of WWII with your half-hearted claim Hitler was homosexual. Show even one half credible source that says this.
      End of the day of course it took over a dozen countries to bring down the Germans, but it won't be long before redemption.

    2. Israeli Jews have a cold, dark, selfish side to their ethnic make-up too - witness their behaviour towards their neighbours, the Palestinians.

      The Bible tells us a little bit about the true character of "God's Chosen People". After they were kicked out of Egypt for their many transgressions and constant whinging and whining, God was so angry that he left them to wander around in the desert for forty years.

      Now, you or I, might regard this as a very lenient sentence for such a bunch of worthless shysters, but God obviously thought that there was a chance of redemption somewhere along the line - ha,ha,ha.

  7. 79,000 is still a lot - 6.000.000 is yet a lotter.

    79.000 - How many were burned alive in a couple of days in Tokio, Hamburg, Dresden, Pforzheim? "still a lot". Have they got a remembering-museum built in London, New York or Washington?

    Lice, lice, lice.

  8. Now here's a crazy holohoax story from Majdanek. It even has a fancy name - "Operation Harvest Festival. This is supposed to have taken place over a ten hour period on one single day on the 3rd November 1943. Apparently, nearly 18,000 Jewish men, women and children were machine-gunned to death in prepared pits.

    Where did this take place, you might ask - in a remote forest where four battalions of SS troops had divided up the Jews into four separate groups of 4,500 people?

    Oh,no - it was carried out inside the Majdanek labour camp itself, while the daily life of the camp proceeded as normal. To drown out the noise of the machine-guns and screams of the victims, the Nazis rigged up loud speakers and played Mozart all day long!

    The Jews were all assembled in barracks at the rear of the camp, and then they were led in batches of 100 into an undressing hut where they removed all their clothes. They were then made to exit the hut in single file, go through a gap in the fence, and pass between two lines of SS guards to the pits. There, they had to climb down into the pit, and scramble across the already dead bodies in order to lay face down in a neat row on top of them. Then they were simply machine-gunned.

    OK,right. If you are killing 18,000 people in batches of one hundred, over a ten hour period, then you have to carry out 18 batches in 60 minutes. This means that you only have less than three and a half minutes to carry out the procedure described above.

    Now, really, guys and girls - common sense tells you that it would take at least three and half minutes to get 100 people from the assembly barracks into the undressing hut - even if you had two doors for them to file through.

    So how much extra time would it need to get everyone fully undressed, line up at the exit door, get them through the gap in the fence, and past the line of guards to the pits ?

    At that point the victims become fully aware what is about to happen, and many Jews would hesitate and refuse to climb down into the pit. This would mean strong-arm tactics would have to be employed - which of course would delay the procedure even more.

    Once they are all in the pit, then it would require another lengthy period of time to get the naked Jews to lie face down in some kind of close formation so they could be machine-gunned effectively.

    What I'm saying here, guys and girls, this event could not have taken place in the official time-frame that we have been given - thus, the entire story is a crock of ess-aitch-i-tee.

    1. Ye gods! - this "Operation Harvest Festival" stunt didn't just take place in Majdanek. Apparently, on the very same day, it is claimed there were another 10,000 Jews massacred in a nearby labour camp called Trawniki, and a further 14,000 were allegedly machine-gunned into pits at a camp near the town of Poniatowa.

      Wow! - these holohoaxers never quit with their outlandish horror stories do they? This would mean that 42,000 people were killed by shooting in one operation lasting a single day!

      But at Poniatowa, the shootings went on into the following day, and there is even a witness who survived this massacre, then climbed out of the pit and escaped.

      Her name is Ludwika Fiszer, and she claims that both herself and her daughter were naked, and forced to lie down together in the pit where they were machine-gunned. Her daughter was killed, but she was not hurt, and remained silent and still among the other naked bodies until after dark, when the shootings had finished.

      Ludwika then somehow managed to climb out of the pit full of bodies, met up with two other naked women who had also survived and off they all went together.

      The month was November, it was night time, with a howling wind - says Ludwika. So you might think that a combination of severe shock of what she had endured, combined with her nakedness and the biting cold weather, would lead to exposure, and physical collapse.

      But no - Ludwika had some Polish banknotes with her. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I suspect you can work out for yourselves where she had hidden these on her body, so I won't go into details!. With this money the intrepid trio went from house to house and paid the Polish inhabitants for some old clothes and bread and scraps to eat.

      Anyway, if you want to read more of her story, then type in "The Testimony of Ludwika Fiszer" on Google. Its so hilarious, that you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh!

    2. ^ Thanks! I will have to add this holy hoax tale to the archives.

  9. Eisenhower was a Jew. To show you how stupid the German's were please search Eisenhower's Death Camps.

  10. To show how stupid the Germans were in killing Jews or anyone, please search and read or watch Eisenhower's Death Camps.

    1. Why we need to be told twice in four minutes that we should search the Internet for "Eisenhower's Death Camps" beats me. But I have certainly heard of the inhumane conditions that vast numbers of German military personnel were held in after the end of WW2.

      These prisoners were victims of the Allied policy of punishing the German armed forces for the conditions within the concentration and labour camps during the last few months of the war. But I feel that there was also a dark spirit of "victors revenge" in this treatment - plus a certain amount of "guilt displacement", as Eisenhower and his General Staff realised that the terrible conditions inside the camps was partly due to the Allied bombing policy of attacking factories, distribution depots, medical facilities, and railway infrastructure which prevented supplies from reaching these camps.

      It is also possible that Eisenhower himself was a holohoax victim. He may have accepted at face value all the propaganda and outright lies that the US intelligence departments were feeding him about what had gone on inside Mauthausen, Dachau and Nordhausen.

      At the same time, he was probably also being subjected to the horrific stories from camp "survivors" and other refugees who had flooded into US-controlled central Germany from the Soviet occupation zone further east. He of course had no way of checking whether their stories were true or not, and thus erred on the side of accepting them.

      And as for the claim, that "the Germans were stupid in killing Jews or anyone". Well, that charge could be applied to the Israelis over the last 66 years as well !

      It is certainly the case that the Nazi

  11. The image above, showing the Majdanek camp, is a perfect example of the deceptive nature of a lot of the holohoax photographic records.

    The photo itself is probably genuine - but it's the caption which tells the lie. It claims to show the camp in 1944, the year Majdanek was "liberated". But this is patently untrue, because the tangle of overgrown grass and vegetation indicates that the photo was taken at least two, and probably even three years later.

    This photo was probably taken by the Polish prosecuting authorites for the series of war crimes tribunals taking place during 1946 and 47. And it suited their purposes to show the camp in a dilapidated, overgrown and unkempt state. After these dubious trials were over, then these photos were officially entered into the historical archive as authentic images and descriptions.

  12. Assholes. How fucking dare you deny the trauma and suffering so many people went through. How dare you. Such senseless antisemitism, that is defined by so called alex jones-esque conspiracy theories presented as "facts". There are mountains of proof, stories and documents. Just because you have some personal hatred towards jews, doesn't mean you have the right to make shit up and call them liars (as well as the soldiers who witnessed the camp liberation).

    I ask only this, what would be the basis of creating this so called "hoax"? Why would it be so beneficial for the allies to make this up? In reality, I think no one had this sort of creativity, unless one person had very colourful nightmares, and there is nothing to gain from making up this "hoax" except for sympathy.

    Learn how to educate yourself, and stop trying to live in a lie.