Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daniel Blatman's Holy Hoax tale: German civilians murdered jews on death marches, burning them alive in barns

Daniel Blatman

Old Israeli jew Daniel Blatman has lifted the veil on yet more horrors of the Holocaust™.

Sometimes history is hard to believe, but these are cold hard facts from a professor at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

He has written a new book called 'The Death Marches: The Final Phase of Nazi Genocide'.

In it, Blatman informs us that the German people finished the job that the Nazis couldn't do in the camps, killing jews in savage acts of murder in the closing days of the war as jews were on "death marches" going into Germany.

His book is the first book to research this area of "history."

Blatman claims 250,000 camp prisoners were murdered in this way.

He tells us, for instance, that Germans locked jews in barns, lit gasoline-soaked straw on the ground and tossed in hand grenades.

You see, it wasn't just the Nazis. Thanks to jews like Mr. Blatman, we know it was the German people who were the personification of "evil."

Article: "Revealed: How even German civilians took part in killing concentration camp survivors"

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"If you can't trust Jews to make up your history for you, Who can you trust?"

Daneiel Blatman's book 'The Death Marches: The Final Phase of Nazi Genocide'

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Daniel Blatman speaking...


  1. All you really have to do is flip the jewish assertions 180 degrees to learn what jews did to the goyem. I first learned this from reading Benny Morris' "revisionist history" (why, you may ask, are jews permitted revisionist history but when goyem attempt to revise, it's called antisemitism...).

    This revelation was underscored by the jewish reception of Solzhenitsen's last book (effective banning for the English-speaking world) and again by the jewish outcry upon the Italian publication of poor, jewish, Medieval-scholar Ariel Toaff's Blood Passover. That poor, naïve man actually believed he was helping Christian/jewish relations by revealing that the "centuries old 'blood libel'" was based on FACT, so wasn't libel at all! Turns out, hebrew-readers always KNEW this and there are numerous accounts in Israel (for the 'cognoscenti' ONLY). It's only goyem who aren't supposed to have the facts...

  2. I listened to your speech Danny Boy, but I remain unconvinced by your central proposition that German civilians, en-masse, carried out atrocities against the prisoners on these marches.

    I mean, let's face it, Germany was collapsing into military defeat at that stage of the war. Chaos, death and ruin stalked the land. Everyone was caught up in the nightmare during those weeks and months - no one was safe, whether it be German, Russian, Pole, Jew, or any other nationality. I've no doubt that as law and order broke down, food shortages became acute, and fear and confusion struck at the hearts of individuals and groups, then outrages and violence did often break out in various places of eastern Germany.

    But there is no evidence than German civilians orchestrated mass murder in 1945. You are just trying to build up a scholarly treatise from thread-bare sources in order to sell your book.

    Would it not be better for you to go back to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and devote your time to a more meaningful project. i.e;- the role of Russian Jews in the Soviet NKVD, and what effect their terror had upon the populations of Western Ukraine, Eastern Poland, and the Baltic States between 1939 and 1941?

  3. I can understand why Hitler often pointed out in his lectures that enemies of the Reich aimed to destroy Germany if massacres had already taken place,but it's a great shame if lives of innocents had to be sacrificed for the penalties others imposed on the country.