Friday, December 3, 2010

Martin Spett's Holotale - "Me and my family hid flat on our backs for 4 days under floorboards"

Martin Spett was the oldest of two children raised by Jewish parents in the town of Tarnow, Poland.

Things changed in 1939 when he was 10 years old when the German occupied his town.

Martin says the Germans forced the jews to wash the town's streets clean from horse manure with their bare hands.

In 1940 when the Nazis were rounding up Jews from the town for deportation, Martin and his father hid under the floorboards of a building. They laid on their backs for four straight days.

Martin also says the Nazis didn't use bullets to death pregnant women. They bayonetted them.

Article #1: USHMM Bio on Martin Spett

Article #2: Transcript of Martin's testimony

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