Friday, December 3, 2010

Harold Reissner's Holocaust™ tale - "me, my father, and brother survived 2½ years in the Nazi Death Camps"

Harold Reissner

Harold Reissner was a jew from the town of Furth, in southern Germany.

At the age of 17, Harold says he, his parents and younger brother were taken by the Germans to a concentration camp in Latvia.

Over the course of 2½ years, this was the first of seven camps Harold wold experience.

"Miraculously", Harold, his father, and his brother all survived the "Death Camps."

In April 1945 Harold got typhoid and was able to miss a "Death March" out of a camp.

Harold says he hid under the floorboards of the camp for 3 or 4 days until he was liberated by American soldiers, just like the many other Holocaust Survivors™ who claimed they survived by "hiding under floorboards."

Harold is "one of about a dozen Holocaust Survivors™ still living in the state of Rhode Island."

He only started talking publicly about his experiences about ten years ago, and now travels around telling his tale to young school children.

Article: "Holocaust survivor tells West Warwick students about life and death in a Nazi concentration camp"

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  1. He might be right, but many of the holocaust stories are nothing but blatant lies and hogwash, therefore I would be careful regarding any holocaust story. This is when skepticism is really recommended.

  2. No Holocaust stories including this one are blatant lies or hogwash. The world should be careful regarding anything you have to say. Skepticism is really recommended when reading comments of ignorant people like Aadel. Go finish high school bud.