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Alicia Appleman-Jurman's amazing tale - survived typhoid, saved from pile of corpses, survived two firing squads, lived in woods

source: Alicia Appleman-Jurman: Survival and Heroism of a Young Girl During the Holocaust

chris c's summary:
Yet another sad tale. Alicia Appleman-Jurman. Part one, Alicia survives prison and death, 12 year old Alicia was taken to Chortkov prison, for calling a Nazi a devil. She was beaten and became ill, it turns out the Nazis were giving her water laced with typhoid ( something else on the menu ) One day a Nazi kicked her, she did not respond so the Nazi thought she was dead. She was thrown onto a pile of corpses, then a jew that was supposed to bury her found she was still alive, so he sneaked her back to the ghetto. Part two Alicia survives killing squads. Alicia was eventually recaptured and taken to some woods to be shot, suddenly Alicias friend, Milek grabbed a gun off one of the guards and started shooting " RUN RUN," shouted Milek, so Alicia ran into the woods. Part three Alicia survives in the countryside. Luckily Alicia bumped into a man called Wujciu in the woods he said she could stay at his house. Eventually Alicia was caught again! Then the Nazis were marching Alicia somewhere else to be shot, Alicia had experience of this so she hung at the back of the line, then she managed to run away! She hid in the hollow of a tree, and then escaped to a forest. Book called Alicias story.

More of Judith Perlaki's tale-Ate soup w/ live mice in it, washed w/ soap made from dead jews, stayed in Auschwitz for several months after liberation

Judith Perlaki

Judith Perlaki was a jew from a Hungarian ghetto.

In 1944 the Nazis took her to Auschwitz.

Judy says the place was hell.

Perlaki says many members of her family were sent straight away to the gas chambers and the ovens upon arrival at Auschwitz.

Judith and her sisters were spared the gassum chambers, and were given jobs sorting clothing and other items at the camp.

She says she endured many atrocities while at Auschwitz, including being served soup with live mice in it, and being told her soap was made from the fat of her dead friend.

Judith says she and her sisters were rescued from Auschwitz in May of 1945.

Given that Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviets several months earlier in January 1945, Perlaki must have actually enjoyed time at the "death camp" to stay for a couple extra months.

Perlaki now lives in the United States and travels all over to tell her tale to young schoolchildren.

Article: "Survivor shares story of Holocaust"

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