Friday, July 16, 2010

Holocaust speaker and author and alleged Auschwitz survivor, Gunther Skaletz, has event cancelled because his own family disputes his story

Gunther Skaletz signs a copy of his book "Life on Both Sides of the Wall"

Gunther Skaletz is a Holocaust fanatic and regular speaker on the Holocaust speaking tour. He even has his own book out.

But Skaletz's own relatives dispute his claims, including events, places, and timelines.

Due to this "controversy", one of Gunther's scheduled speeches for school children got cancelled.

Article: "Controversial WWII author's Wausau appearance canceled"

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  1. It makes me as mad as hell that these lying bastards are allowed to go around brainwashing little kids !

  2. When you write a book about your childhood when you are in your 70's..lets see if you remember exact dates and times. He came and spoke at our school and we welcomed him with open arms. Afterall, he did endure a lot during the Holocaust.

    1. If your memory can't be trusted then what's the point of a MEMOIR?