Friday, July 16, 2010

He-lie Wiesel: Yes, we really did put God on trial at Auschwitz - Verdict: "He owes us something"

Holocaust™ scholars once thought that the tale about rabbis at Auschwitz putting God on trial and finding him guilty was just a legend.

Now the Pope of Holocaustianity himself, Elie Wiesel, has come out to confirm that it is a true story.

Wiesel declared: "I was there when God was put on trial."

Describing the event, Wiesel said "It happened at night; there were just three people. At the end of the trial, they used the word chayav, rather than ‘guilty'. It means ‘He owes us something'. Then we went to pray."

Article: "Wiesel: Yes, we really did put God on trial"

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  1. you are sick sick sick individual - then where did my grandmas ENTIRE family go? they went into hiding for the rest of there lives? though she has pictures of them from BEFORE the war but not after

  2. "Where did my Grandma's ENTIRE family go" ?

    I expect they finished up in the Soviet Union, and lived new lives in cities that we only know from names that appear in an atlas. No doubt some, or all, of their decendants then migrated from Russia in the 1970's and 80's to Israel as well as other western countries.

    Is this not a more likely scenario than horror stories about gas chambers ?

  3. What the crafty old Weisel is really say here, is that it's the goyim - not God - who owes us something.

    Let's face it, this old fraud (that's if his story is true) was only in Birkenau for a few hours before being transferred to a work camp like hundreds of thousands of other people, whether they be Jews or non Jews.

    In the circumstances of WW2 - which was the REAL holocaust, his experiences are not very exceptional at all.