Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jorge Klainman's Holyco$t fairytale: "The Seventh Miracle" - Survived being shot, crawled out of pit with 99 corpses

Jorge Klainman with his book "The Seventh Miracle"

Jorge is a Polish jew who remained silent about the horrors he experienced during the Holocaust™ for 50 years. When he turned 68, the fog clouding his memory suddenly lifted, and he decided he could be silent no more.

Klainman put pen to paper and penned "The Seventh Miracle", a harrowing story of survival, which has captivated readers the world over.

At 15, Jorge faced execution by firing squad, but somehow the bullet missed it's target and he survived. The first miracle. Five others would follow. The last miracle was being able to write his tale down. Indeed.

Over the course of 4 years, Klainman spent time six Nazi death camps.

Once, Jorge was even pulled alive from a deep well with 99 corpses.

Concerned with the rise of anti-Semitism and Holocaust deniers, Klainman says he tells his story because “ten years from now there won’t be any Holocaust survivors left to transmit the truth to young people.”

Article #1: "A Spanish story of Holocaust survival"

Article #2: Article from Argentina's "La Voz" (Argentine Jewish Independent Journalism)

Judicial-Inc's commentary: "A true Holocaust miracle"

Was This Fool Even In Europe?

This Argentine fleabag was 68 years old before he even remembered he was in the Holocaust. He went to see Schindler's List and he recognized it was written about him.

Any school official that would let this clown talk to eight year old kids should be arrested.

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"You don't believe me?!"


  1. I see old Jorgie-Boy is based in Argentina - and I've no doubt he's been having a whale-of-a-time telling the poor people down there all about the Holy-holohoax and his seven unbelievable miracles.

    For elderly Jews this is a good game to be in: You don't have to provide any proof that you were a genuine survivor of the Nazi camps. In fact, you don't need to produce any documentation at all that you were even living in Europe during the late-1930's and 40's.

    If you were to ask these "survivors" for corroboration, or some details that could be verified from other reliable sources, they would reply quite sweetly, "that all their possessions and documents were confiscated by the Germans, and it is far too long ago now to remember every single place and incident." Then, were you to persist, and say "Well, until I have some verification of what you are telling me is true, then although I'm prepared to listen to your story, I'm afraid I cannot accept it as established fact", they - or their "handlers" - would start accusing you of being a Nazi sympathiser; an anti-Semite; a Hater; and a holocaust denier.

    Thus, these old liars and fabricators cannot be challenged directly. They are always holding the moral high ground, and for you to be seen to question their memories, or even their integrity, is an insult both to them and the sacred "holocaust" itself. You are challenging an elderly person, who claims to have suffered so much during a terrible episode in their lives - and because it was an episode that you did not endure yourself, you have no right to question, or challenge the "survivor". Your job is to sit quietly and, with true reverence and humility, absorb the lessons that this wonderful person - who has travelled all the way over from Argentina - is going to tell you.

    I ask you - what a clever scam this holohoax is!

  2. Talking of Argentina, I see there is one of these sacred "Holocaust" memorial-museums in Buenos Aires. It has the grand Spanish title of the 'Museo del Holocausto de Buenos Aires'.

    I then wondered if this is the most southerly holyhoax memorial in the world, and began looking at Wikipedia for the latest list of memorials - and then checking their location on Google Earth. Apparently, the continent of Antarctica remains bereft of these shrines, so the Polar explorers and scientists - as well as the penguins and sea-lions - are unable to pay homage to the memory of the millions of dead victims.

    But all you good folk out there will probably be surprised to learn that the memorial in Buenos Aires is not the most southerly one on earth. In fact, there are several more at a greater latitude south.

    So I thought to myself - well this would make a good question on pub quiz night;-

    "Where is the most southerly "holocaust" memorial on Earth. Is it;-

    A) The "Memorial de Holocausto del Pueblo Judio" in Montevideo, Uruguay.
    B) The "Cape Town Holocaust Centre" in South Africa.
    C) The "Durban Holocaust Centre, also in South Africa.
    D) The "Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

    I can then imagine the pub landlord announcing that evening's star prize;- "A six-pack case of zyklon-B pellets for cleaning and fumigating all your clothes and bedding at home" - "but whatever you do, read the instructions carefully, and don't climb up your roof and drop the pellets down the chimney, or through any vents, because you will likely kill yourself and gas half the neighbourhood as well. In addition, the emergency services wont be able to gain access to your home for over a week in order to rescue you and your family."

    ( By-the-way, the answer to the quiz question is "D" )