Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jorge Klainman's Holyco$t fairytale: "The Seventh Miracle" - Survived being shot, crawled out of pit with 99 corpses

Jorge Klainman with his book "The Seventh Miracle"

Jorge is a Polish jew who remained silent about the horrors he experienced during the Holocaust™ for 50 years. When he turned 68, the fog clouding his memory suddenly lifted, and he decided he could be silent no more.

Klainman put pen to paper and penned "The Seventh Miracle", a harrowing story of survival, which has captivated readers the world over.

At 15, Jorge faced execution by firing squad, but somehow the bullet missed it's target and he survived. The first miracle. Five others would follow. The last miracle was being able to write his tale down. Indeed.

Over the course of 4 years, Klainman spent time six Nazi death camps.

Once, Jorge was even pulled alive from a deep well with 99 corpses.

Concerned with the rise of anti-Semitism and Holocaust deniers, Klainman says he tells his story because “ten years from now there won’t be any Holocaust survivors left to transmit the truth to young people.”

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Was This Fool Even In Europe?

This Argentine fleabag was 68 years old before he even remembered he was in the Holocaust. He went to see Schindler's List and he recognized it was written about him.

Any school official that would let this clown talk to eight year old kids should be arrested.

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"You don't believe me?!"