Saturday, May 22, 2010

How do we KNOW that the “Holocaust” is a LIE?


1. People Lie! Science doesn’t! “Eye witnesses” are notoriously inaccurate, whether it is regarding an automobile accident, or the supposed “Holocaust.” On the other hand, Forensic evidence, such as fingerprints, footprints, DNA evidence, gun and ammunition evidence, the victims fresh blood on the clothes or hands of the perpetrator – these do NOT lie.

Yet virtually ALL of the “evidence” for the gas chamber stories of the “Holocaust” has come from Jewish supposed “eye witness” “survivors.” The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem admits that at least 50% of all the “eye-witness accounts given by supposed eye witness Holocaust survivors, have been shown to be false. In other words, the eye-witnesses said they had seen things that even Jews now admit NEVER happened. The rest have given eye witness statements about things that the Jews DO believe happened, although Holocaust Revisionists have proved beyond any doubt – with reproducible forensic evidence - that even those things did not happen either.

2. Stories of murdered Jews in the Concentration Camps being turned into soap and lampshades have been declared a lie even by the Jewish Holocaust historians, themselves.

3. Stories of Jews in the camps being murdered by mass electrocution, execution steam machines, and Jews being burned alive in open pits, have all been false, and admitted so by the Jewish Holocaust historians.

4. Stories of mass executions of Jews by gassing at every Concentration Camp run by the Germans have been shown to be false, even by the Jews. Now, the Jews confine their accusations of genocide by gassing to three camps ONLY: Madjanek, Auschwitz main camp, and Auschwitz Birkenau. Yet the evidence proving that all the other camps were NOT execution camps, is not substantially different from the evidence proving there were no gas chambers at these three camps, either.

But these three camps, Madjanek, Auschwitz main camp, and Auschwitz Birkenau, were liberated at the end of the war not by the U.S., but by the Russians (controlled by the Jewish Bolsheviks), who would not allow any examination of the camps by neutral observers.

But under the forensic investigation by gas chamber experts, such as Fred Leuchter, Walter Luftl, and physicist Germar Rudolf, absolutely NO EVIDENCE of homicidal gas chambers could be found - even in these three camps. And overwhelming EVIDENCE HAS BEEN FOUND that there were NO homicidal gassings at ANY of the camps, and that there was NO plan by Hitler or any other German leader for genocide of the Jews. A number of these proof documents are from the U.S. government!

5. The concentration camps contained swimming pools, soccer courts, dance halls, movie theaters, and even a brothel for the inmates. If the inmates were all to be killed, why were these present?

6. Zyklon B was used as an insecticide to kill the insects that carried Typhus, a serious infectious disease that was causing many deaths, both inside and outside the camps, due to the Allied (including the U.S.) bombings of Germany, destroying all sanitation measures. The Zyklon B was used as an insecticide (like today’s Raid) to protect the inmates from disease – particularly Typhus, that was spread by lice. It is admitted by the Jews that 95% of all the Zyklon B was used for insecticide purposes, and only 5% was used for “genocide.” Why would the Germans use 95% of the Zyklon B to help keep the inmates alive and free of disease, then use the remaining 5% to kill them?

7. The present Curator of the Auschwitz camp, Francizek Piper, has admitted on videotape that the holes in the ceiling that were purportedly used to throw Zyklon B into the rooms used for “homicidal gas chambers” were added AFTER the war, as was the chimney that is built near to, but NOT even attached to, the supposed “gas chamber” building, a building that was in actuality used as a air raid shelter – to PROTECT the inmates from the Allied bombings!

8. The figure of 4 million Jews supposedly gassed at Auschwitz has been quietly and officially lowered to 1.5 million by the director of the Auschwitz camp. Even though the plaque memorializing the “victims” has been changed to reflect this decrease, the sacred number of “6 million” Jews supposedly deliberately gassed to death by the Germans never changes. And no mention of this major decrease is made in the commercial media.

9. There are reliable reports that there were less than 6 million Jews in all of Europe right before World War II, as many had emigrated to other countries. The Jewish organizations admit that 4.5 million Jews SURVIVED the camps – alive - and collected reparations from Germany. That would mean that not more than 1.5 million Jews could have died in the camps, from any cause, including the typhus epidemic, the continuous bombing of Germany by the U.S. and its allies, from “routine” diseases such as heart disease, and even from old age.

10. The Allied bombings purposely obstructed the shipment of food to Germany and purposely destroyed the sanitation apparatus of the country. As a result of the actions of the Allies – NOT the government of Germany - many Germans outside the camps, as well as Jews inside the camps, died from the Typhus epidemic, from starvation, and from the bombings – ALL caused by the Allies, NOT the German government. There was no scarcity of emaciated dead bodies in Germany. But who can determine that these stacks of emaciated, skeleton-like, dead bodies were Jews – and not Germans?

11. The lengthy memoirs of Churchill (a Jew), Eisenhower (a Jew), and French President DeGaulle, written shortly after the war, do not mention - even once – homicidal gassings in the concentration camps, a plan by Hitler for genocide of the Jews, or the supposed Jewish “Holocaust.”


  1. what is the point of putting Jews in camps if its so "nice" in the concentration camps. And how come we have pictures and videos of people with skin tight to their chest because they hadn't eaten in days. There is also pictures of the Nazi's clearly burning Jews in a pit. Also 1.5 million Jews is still alot even if your right. I doubt 1.5 million Jews died from old age

    1. The jews are a worthless lot, they are to lazy to work, they invented the holocaust story so they could steal from the german people, as they continue to do to this day.
      We in america had better wake up and get these scum out of our country they are nothing but leaches on humanity.

  2. "what is the point of putting Jews in camps if its so "nice" in the concentration camps"

    The jews were seen as enemies of the German State. So they were put in concentration camps after the second world war started...just like the Japanese people living in the USA.

    "And how come we have pictures and videos of people with skin tight to their chest because they hadn't eaten in days"

    Bad for you. These pics ALL come from camps that aren't considered as former "extermination camps" anymore (Dachau, Bergen Belsen, Buchenwald, etc). No such pics exist for the alleged "death camps" like Auschwitz, Majdanek and Treblinka. Why?

    All those emaciated bodies were due to epidemics (mainly typhus) and undeliberate starvation (see Dr Russell Barton) due to Allied bombings that occured in the last overcrowded (because of evacuations of the Eastern camps) camps of broken Germany at the very end of WW2. In Belsen the typhus epidemics was so out-of-control that the British soldiers were forced to burn the camp down after the inhumation of the deads in huge mass graves...

    "There is also pictures of the Nazi's clearly burning Jews in a pit."

    There is ONE pic of an alleged burning pit. But it has been recently showed that this pic in fact comes from a train accident that happened in Dresden (Ohio) in 1912. One more lie debunked... ;-)

    "Also 1.5 million Jews is still a lot even if your right. I doubt 1.5 million Jews died from old age"

    1.5 million deads in Auschwitz is an official number. It's still very exagerated.

  3. "Also 1.5 million Jews is still a lot even if your right. I doubt 1.5 million Jews died from old age"

    How many non-Jews died in Jewish-run gulags? How many were outright starved to death or received a bullet in the base of the skull because they were labeled "enemies of the (Jewish Soviet) state? I'll tell ya: upwards of 60 million. So even if the holocaust myth were true, its number pales in comparison to those that suffered, died and were murdered by JEWISH COMMUNISM!



    No, really. I am being really serious. The holocaust did happened, how can you explain such a decline in the population of Jews in Europe. How can you explain all the witnesses. If Germans would have treated Jews in a good way, why did many of them die? why did they use anti-semitism propaganda on german children? why did they enclose them in guettos? or concentrations camps? what can you say about the gas chambers? about the crematories?

    I don't think the survivors just wanted to leave their families, and lie the world saying they were mistreated. I don't think the jews just wanted to bother the germans, and when the germans lost the war they agreed on inventing that their family members died in concentration camps.


    1. Denying the holocaust isn't sickness. It's simply a statement that having looked at ALL the evidence, on the balance it seems that "the holocaust" is mostly myth and propaganda with just enough truth mixed in to make it believable to those who don't look too closely. Because when you do give it more than a cursory glance it all starts to fall apart. There was no plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe. There were no gas me proof of just one and I'll change my opinion. Of the thousands of autopsies carried out on bodies found in concentration camps not one was found to have died from gassing. NOT ONE. The "evidence" you've seen doesn't prove a simply proves there was a war going on and bad things happen during war. I'm not going to explain what led to the war and why the Jews had such a bad rep at the time...that would take more time than I'm prepared to spend. Perhaps you could do some research on your own instead of flinging your hands in the air at the outrage of it all. Most people in school today get fed the kindergarten version of WW2 and have no clue as to the complexity of the situation in Europe at the time. There were plenty of war crimes to go around without inventing them. What you have to bear in mind is "history is written by the winners". The Nuremberg trials went a long way towards whitewashing the allied countries and demonizing the axis powers. You have to get past that bias to find the truth. If your history knowledge comes from Hollywood then the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut and let the grown-ups talk. Either that or go and educate yourself.


    2. Anonymous may 9 2012! according to at least 8 sources both Jewish & non Jewish census, the population of Jews increased between 1939 and 1945.

  5. I am outraged how could you say something so significant in our worlds history didn’t even happen? Truly it is you who is ignorant. The holocaust happened and we must remember it and never forget it. Yet here you are saying its fake! How dare you! Truly you are no better than those who led the 6000 people to the gas chambers a day! We lost so many to ignorance and tolerance of differences. Honestly it happened to warn us to never let this happen again but yet it still happens time and time again by people like you.

    1. 6000 a day ? Who does your math anyway ? Do you know how long it takes to burn a body in a modern crematorium ? What did the Germans have as a fuel source to burn this many bodies ? They were at war and fiel ws scarce. Wow, all these questions are illegal to ask in EU nations and Canada. Why ? What are they hiding ?

    2. "We lost so many to ignorance and tolerance of differences."

      1) Ignorance is the domain of the holohoax believers. 2) Jews are the least tolerant people on this planet.

  6. Yes poor jews so innocent... How many are being killed and suffering NOW in Palestine by the poor jews? Huh? How much money is Isreal making off this epic holohoax scam STILL off Innocent Germans who were not even alive back then? You do know they are still getting compo pay is this what they are using to fund their killing spree of gentiles? Show me the HARD PHYSICAL evidence the holocaust happened, show me proof 6 million jews were killed by Zyklon B, btw the so called Gas Chambers as they are shown would have leaked that amount of gas out also killing the SS soldiers because they were not SEALED. There is more residue in the DE LOUSING CHAMBERS. Which btw were actually designed to be used with gas... so why bother de lousing people you intend to kill with the very same gas? That is idiotic.
    The allied forces killed more innocet people i their bombing raids both directly ad in diresctly icluding JEWS.
    Go ad look up the Dresden raids... that was done by the allies it was an un armed city of innocent people they created a fire storm that sucked people in some litterally melted into puddles.

    How does researching and questioning make anyone a criminal?

  7. Being Jewish in 30's and 40's Germany was no picnic. The common Jews suffered massively from the policies, declarations and actions of their leadership, always with hidden agendas. The Zionists needed Palestine to be filled with Jews.
    Don't forget, the Jewish leadership openly declared economic war on Germany in 1933.
    Use population stats from Jewish influenced sources, and the holocaust happened.
    Use stats from a wide variety of objective sources, (and yes, to be perfectly clear, the Jewish or Jewish influenced sources are anything but objective or unbiased), it could not have, even remotely, as advertised.

    It seems that 'holocausts" are not that rare among the Jews -- in fact, they seem to have happened at somewhat regular intervals. Sensible research reveals that high-profile and influential Jews are shown to be quite adept and shameless in broadcasting the suffering and persecution of their flock.
    Also not that rare, is the figure "6 million". A (seemingly Cabalistic) number that God/Yahweh requires to be "sacrificed" in his covenant with the Jews, prior to their "return home".

    Remarkable, that a clever, closely-knit group of people with long-term, self-serving agendas were/are able to instill the holocaust myth into cultures everywhere and the world's history books.
    The (Kabalistic) 6,000,000 number was no accident. God's covenent with the Jews, (according to the Torah), was clear -- Israel will be established only after 6,000,000 Jews are sacrificed or vanished.
    In the same way that so much Jewish religious dogma is man-made, (the Talmud), the Zionist leadership simply manufactured a so-called "holocaust" with the murder of, (guess what), 6,000,000 Jews.
    After their failure to give the holocaust myth traction following WWI, post WWII concentration camps offered the perfect opportunity for Zionist leaders to seize upon. And seize upon it, they did.

    " ... the holocaust proved to be the perfect weapon for deflecting criticism of Israel..." (p 30).
    " In recent years, the holocaust industry has become an outright extortion racket." (p 55).
    "... the field of holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not shear fraud..." (p 127).
    "The holocaust may yet turn out to be the greatest robbery in the history of mankind." (p 138). ~ Norman Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry, 2000

    Based entirely on the wartime German concentration camp records that had been captured by the Soviets and just recently released, the New York Times on March 3, 1991 reported that the Auschwitz death total was 73,137. Of those, 38,031 were Jews. These records state that the total of all persons who died in the ENTIRE German prison camp system from 1935 to 1945 was 403,713. To repeat: a total of 403,713 persons of all races and religions was officially recorded to have died (of all causes, typhus, old age, measles, etc.-and execution) in the entire prison camp system over a 10 year period. Of those 403,713 a total of 73,137 died at Auschwitz. Of those 73,137 who died at Auschwitz, 38,031 were Jews.


    DEAR PAUL WHO SAID: "There were no gas me proof of just one and I'll change my opinion."