Friday, May 14, 2010

Eddie Weinstein's harrowing Holocaust story: Jews murdered in "death showers" w/ carbon monoxide, Survived gunshot through lung, no medical treatment

Eddie Weinstein

Eddie is another Polish jew with a harrowing Hollowhoax tale, and miraculous story of survival.

At the "death camps" created by the Germans, Weinstein says jews were lured into gas chambers disguised as showers. But water didn't come out. Nor Zyklon B. Nor diesel engine gas. No, carbon monoxide. Eddie calls them "death showers."

One time while at Treblinka, Eddie says he saw a group of babies sitting near the trash. He says those babies were later shot and burned.

Also while at Treblinka, Weinstein says he was shot in the right side of his chest, piercing his lung. Eddie didn't go to a hospital or receive any medical treatment. He just hid out in a building at the camp for 3 days, was healed, then went back to work dragging bodies. Another miracle of the Holocaust!

Eddie escaped from Treblinka by jumping on a train that was being loaded with clothes. When he got back to his home town, he says no one would believe him when he told his story about the death showers or the camp.

Article: "Survivor details escape from Holocaust camp"

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  1. Damn you really had me cryiin with all duuuh shuffer ink Ver vas God?

    I always wonder, most of these stories the kikes new they were going to the gas chambers where their families were all getting halocausted... So if your going to die any way why give the satisfaction to the German Volk of just forming lines and walking right in?

    What was hyman and sheckie doing all the time. SHaking their beanie wearing heads saying muh money o muh money?

  2. More stupid are the non-jews who believe him.

    1. This actually happened... Here's pictures to prove it and you're just a neonazi trying to say the holocaust never happened.

    2. There are no pictures proving jews were gassed.

  3. His story is nothing, I know a Jew who survived 6 million bullets. Amazing huh?!