Monday, April 19, 2010

Where Was God?

source: judicial-inc

Eisenhower views a 'Spanking Table' at Buchenwald. In the actual position, the Jewish prisoner had his pants to his knees, and his buttocks were bare!!

What Degradation

It's taken 65 years for these horrors to come out. Today they are the 'In-Fantasy' at holocaust sex fetish parties!!

I Can Hardly Look

Some young Jewish girl forced to 'Drop her bloomers' while a Nazi Bastard ogles her quivering buttocks!!

How Can Anyone Doubt The Holocaust

The skies over Auschwitz were worse than the volcano eruption in Iceland.

Nazi Monsters

Most of the babies were still alive!


  1. Holocaust Denial Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

  2. ^Newsflash...

    The Establishment buzzwords "anti-semitism" and "conspiracy theory" are NO LONGER going to work to scare people away from the truth about this and other issues. You've overplayed that card.

    And, by the way, we are well aware that most so-called "jews" are not even semites (ie, descendants of Shem). And, of course, that means they are not descendants of the Israelites either.

    Most so-called jews are non-Israelites, and are actually descendants of the khazars and edomites.

    1. Firstly, we are Jews and not "so-called Jews", personally I find that extremely offensive and rude; obviously you would not appreciate it if someone said you were a "so-called Christian". In future, please do not speak that way of anyone's religion (or put someone's religion in quote marks. Ever.) I'm sure you would not like your entire religion and culture insulted, I certainly do not.

      Secondly, the Edomites are descendants of Esau (or Esav) the twin brother of Jacob (or Yaakov) who the Jewish people are actually descendants from. The Khazers are a nomadic Arab group who have high rates of converting to Judaism (in that area). However, we are not in fact descendants from them.

      Thirdly, the three meanings of Semites are 1) Descendants of Shem. 2) People who speak or denote specific ancient languages; such as, Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic or even Pheonician or Akkadian. (in other words, people who speak or spoke Semitic languages) 3) Semite can also mean someone from the general middle-eastern area, possibly an Arab or Jew.

      Last, but certainly not least, thank you for standing up to the jackass who wrote the first comment.

      Sincerely, a fourteen-year-old girl who knows her stuff.

  3. you clearly have some sort of mental problem. I'm Jewish & there's no fucking conspiracy theory, you moron! There's a special place in hell for people like you. Hating a group of people based on their religious beliefs & ethnic background leads me to believe that you're mentally slow or have some sort of chemical imbalance.


    compelling argument there chief

  5. Keep on lying. luckily truth does not cares.

  6. How long are the jews going to play this card? give it a rest already..... it's the same as the blacks in america complaining about slavery .......