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Moshe Peer's astounding Holy Shoah tale - Gassed six times by the Nazis and survived!! - Claims people were murdered in gas chambers at Bergen-Belsen

As a young boy at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Moshe Peer says he was sent to the gas chambers at least six times.

To this day, Moshe doesn't know how he survived.

He still has nightmares about the horror.

Moshe is most angry that the entire world, as he says, "stood by and let it happen."

The entire world is guilty of the Hoaxacaust, and should never forget and never allow it to happen again.

Surviving the horror

Author recounts experiences in Nazi concentration camp

Karen Seidman
August 5, 1993

ST. LAURENT - As an 11 year-old boy held captive at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War II, Moshe Peer was sent to the gas chamber at least six times. Each time he survived, watching with horrors as many of the women and children gassed with him collapsed and died. To this day, Peer doesn’t know how he was able to survive. “Maybe children resist better, I don’t know,” he said in an interview last week.

Spent 19 years on book

Now 60, Peer has spent the last 19 years writing a first-person account of the horror he witnessed at Bergen Belsen. On Sunday, he spoke to about 300 young adults at the Petah Tikva Sephardic Congregation in St. Laurent about his book and his experience as a Holocaust survivor.

The gathering was part of the synagogue’s Shabbaton 93, which brought together young adults from across North America for a cultural and social experience.

Called Inoubliable Bergen-Belsen (Unforgettable Bergen-Belsen), Peer wrote the book to make the reader feel like a witness at the scene. But he admits he can never recreate for anyone the living hell he experienced. “The conditions in the camp is indescribable,” Peer said. “You can’t bring home the horror.”

In 1942, at age 9, Peer and his younger brother and sister were arrested by police in their homeland of France. His mother was sent to Auschwitz and never returned.

Peer and his siblings were sent to Bergen-Belsen two years later. He recalls the separation from his parents as excruciating. But surviving the horrors of the camp quickly became a priority.

“There were pieces of corpses lying around and there were bodies lying there, some alive and some dead,” Peer recalled.

“Bergen-Belsen was worse than Auschwitz because there people were gassed right away so they didn’t suffer a long time.”

Peer said Russian prisoners were kept in an open-air camp “like stallions” and were given no food or water. “Some people went mad with hunger and turned to cannibalism,” Peer said.

Peer’s day began with a roll call of the numbered prisoners. This could last as long as five hours, while their captors calculated how many prisoners had died. Anyone who fell over during the roll call was beaten on the spot.

After roll call, the prisoners returned to their barracks, where they were given a tiny piece of bread and some coloured water.

Peer and his siblings - who all survived - were cared for at the camp by two women, whom Peer has unsuccessful tried to find.

Children being children, they did play, sometimes chasing each other around the barracks. But there would always be some who were too sick or weak to get up.

Reunited with father

After the war, Peer was reunited with his father in Paris and the family moved to Israel. Peer’s four children were born in Israel, but after serving in the Israeli army in a number of wars, Peer moved to Montreal in 1974.

Even 49 years later, Peer is still haunted by his concentration-camp experience and still finds his memories keep him awake at night.

But what he is most bitter about is the way the rest of world stood by and let it happen.

“No one told the Germans not to do it. They had the permission of world,” he said.

Judicial-Inc's commentary
pro-Holohoax site cites Moshe Peer's "testimony"

The only "gas chamber" poor Moshe could have possibly survived six times would be delousing chambers designed to kill lice and other parasites in order to prevent disease. Delousing chambers were the only type of "gas chambers" at any of the German camps.

Also note that Peer claims there was a "homicidal gas chamber" at Bergen-Belsen (located on German soil), but now even proponents of the 'official' holocaust story admit that there were no "homicidal gas chambers" at any of the camps on German soil.

UPDATE 5-5-2014: To read a more detailed account of Moshe's tale from his memoirs, see the following article:

More on the unforgettable Moshe 'gassed six times' Peer

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  1. Could he get into the Guiness book of records for that!

    1. Dude is that all you can think about after that horrible story?

    2. So you believe everything the jews tell you?????

    3. I am sure, that some other "survivors" will appear and claim, that they have survived at least 60 times the "gasings"

    4. Severe competition for having the best holocaust survival story will give claimants to ever higher manufactured stories of horror.

    5. I'm sure there is at least one magic Jew who had survived 6 million gassings; who has yet to sell, oops, I mean tell his story.

  2. this man never actually said he was even in the gas chambers! They did not have gas chambers at bergen belsen. Do your homework before you keep making up ridiculous stories!

  3. ^I know that there were not "homicidal gas chambers" at Bergen-Belsen. But Moshe Peer, and many other HolyHoax propagandists, LIE and claim that there WERE "homicidal gas chambers" at Bergen-Belsen. The article cited here from the The Montreal Gazette quotes Peer as saying so.

    The reality is that there were not any "homicidal gas chambers" at ANY of the German camps. The only "gas chambers" were INSECTICIDAL DELOUSING chambers used to disinfect inmates against diseases (eg, typhus).

    Dachau is the perfect example of this, as initially it was claimed that there were "homicial gassings" and "extermination" going on at Dachau. Now it has been admitted that this was all a lie, and that the only "gas chamber" at Dachau was an insecticidal delousing chamber. And there was no "extermination" of anyone at Dachau. Those who died there did so overwhelmingly from a typhus outbreak near the end of the war. Also, and least two-thirds of the inmates at Dachua were non-jews.

    More about Dachau here:

    Dachau - The U.S. Army and Government lies about "extermination" and "homicidal gas chambers" - Microcosm of the Holocaust™ Fraud

    1. He's right, and here's a video where Aushwitzh survivers tell the truth about the place, and it was not a bad place at all.

      And here is proof that jews has been accusing Russia, Poland and other Europenian countreys for killing and 6 million jews and this hoax has been going on for so long that it is time for jews who still believe in holocaust to accsept the fact that they have been lied to and accsept the fact that their people have been deceiving and fooling peoples money for a very long time, andf this must stop. these bed people who are behind this hoax, should be send to prison and they should have to pay big time for coutreys and the people who still have to pay every year alot of money to jews FOR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT TRUE, actually it is the biggest lie ever, and if you dear say the truth about it, you could be send to prison for it.
      And I demand that this big lie erased from history books that teaches our children to believe falce informatin about 2 world war, Hitler and Germany.
      It is time for the jews who make such a big noise about this, to admit the truth that they and the world has been lied to and this lie has to be corrected!! Watch this and after this you have to realize that things are not how you have been told to.

      and here you can read yourself how many died in differend working camps:

      And here is the hole site:

      and here's one more video about how the jews has been telling this same lie over and over again, and made alot of money from this hoax!

      Just a few years ago I did not know this all, but I have made my own investigations and there is just not any proof about cas chambers, and 6 million jews did not die in Aushwitch or any other working camps. If you are a jew, after readin and watching the proof that I put here, if you still have nerve or audacity to deny this fact and continue to denying the truth, I will not be suprised. I would be more suprised if even one jew would say that must be corrected and that how wrong this lie is to still be told by history books, documentary in TV. Only because jews has been controlling the media and newspapers, the printing offices of the books we read and the movies we watch, because of that this lie is alive and strong still today, but it will be known for everybody in the world sooner or later, so how will people think about you jews after they know the truth? when this comes to peoples knowledge, you jews credibility will be contested for a very long time, and you will have to begin to work for having any credibility back ever again!!!

    2. Why you sonofa....Lice? Delousing?? God forgive us! We were wrong about the deaths all this time! Lice??? Poor little dears, it wasn't the jews but the lice! Oh God, how many innocent little ones died? 1 trillion? 3 trillion?? NO! It was 6 Trillion! A true Liceocaust!

  4. HOW DARE YOU! Maybe it was delousing, MAYBE, but to claim THERE WERE NO GAS CHAMBERS????? You are SICK.

    1. The TRUTH is a RADICAL IDEA

      The Jewish Holocaust Narrative implodes after unbiased scientific investigation.

      The homicidal gas chamber story HAS BEEN exposed as atrocity War propaganda that Zionists have used to Establish Israel, Extort BILLIONS from Germany and other nations, Terrorize Jews to rally around solidarity as well as create a NWO Holocaust Religion, and silence any honest criticism of the Jewish oligarchy.

      SEE: News report published in The Montreal Gazette Jan 19, 1985 following Raul Hilberg’s expert witness testimony at the first Zundel Holocaust trial in 1985, where Hilberg admitted under oath there was NO scientific proof Jews were gassed/exterminated By German National Socialists.


      Confessions of A Jewish Holocaust Revisionist: From David Cole to David Stein to David Cole

    2. So, a truth is sick now?

  5. My great Uncle Rubin was a midget, and he was thrown in the gas chamber on top of the adults, along with some of the children. Although he finished up perched on top of a bald, naked Rabbi, he managed to crawl over the crammed peoples heads to the door, and then escaped through the peep-hole.

    This was very fortunate, because he was due to play the part of Dopey in the stage production of 'Eva Braun and the Seven Dwarfs' that very night at the Auschwitz theatre.

    This production was a tremendous success, and received great reviews from both the 'Daily Stormtrooper' and the 'Yiddish Times'.

  6. ^LOL. Thanks for adding this holo-tale.

  7. My Uncle Shlomo survived being gassed eight times at Treblinka, in the gas chambers that were cunningly disguised as showers. The gas chambers that there's no trace of because the evil Nazis destroyed all evidence of them, as well as destroying all trace of the 900,000 jews that they had gassed. And all the orders were given by word of mouth in secret so there's no documents to prove an extermination camp existed. But I know the Holocaust happened because my Uncle saw it with his own eyes, he saw all 900,000 of them being gassed and cremated. He lost over 200 family members who perished in the camps, he was the only one to survive. His family were all turned into bars of soap and a bedside lampshade for Eva Braun. He was in Auschwitz as well and almost drowned eight times in the swimming pool, and he almost had his eye poked out by a violinist in the concert hall. To this day, he doesn't know how he survived. He's glad he did though, because he gets a nice compensation cheque every month from those nasty Germans

    1. I can imagine how awful it was for your poor Uncle Shlomo - being drowned nearly eight times in the Auschwitz swimming pool, and having his eye almost poked out by a violinist.

      My Great uncle Rubin nearly died too. He was given permission to use the Auschwitz brothel, but being a midget, he was almost smothered to death when a great big, fat, Ukrainian woman lay on top of him.

    2. Hey, stop your lies, you're just ridiculous. We can't survive gassed. I can say i've been gassed 1000 times, but it's ridiculous. Fucking Jews. If someone was gassed, the German soldiers waited more time than enough... And Bergen-Beslen was a CONCENTRATION camp, not an extermination camp, so just stop your shitty lies. "One day, all the lies will collapse under their own weight and the truth will once again triumph." Paul Joseph Goebbels.

    3. Pff, ridiculous. We can't survive of being gassed just a time, fucking lying Jews. And Bergen-Belsen was a CONCENTRATION camp, not an extermin ation camp.

  8. My own Grandfather shmueli survived 12 gassing;s which caused his teeth to turn 'Prussian Blue' He often told us that he could have shown us the staining but that evil Dr Mengele bleached them white again. This was done on the next operating table to Irene zinshat who was having her tattoo removed. They both now visit schools showing children arms with no tattoos and teeth with no staining.....

    1. Oh, so it was your grandfather Shmueli who was in the Auschwitz hospital woz it?

      My father-in-law - Hymie Goldstein - must have been in the same ward as him, because he often mentioned this guy who was in the opposite bed with blue and white teeth. Hymie couldn't make head-nor-tail of what was wrong, because he was heavily dozed up with medication at the time. He, himself, had been stretchered into the hospital from the workshop where they made shrunken heads.

      Hymie had been attaching the heads to their pedestals with Super-Glue, but one of the heads had rolled off the bench and fallen on his big toe. The shrunken head was almost the weight of a cannon ball and it fractured the toe.

      However, while he was recovering, he decided to escape, and swiped a medical orderly round the back of the head with a bed-pan. While the man was unconscious, Hymie stole his uniform and walked calmly out of the Auschwitz main gate - right underneath the sign where it says "Work Makes You Very Sad"...

    2. do you have a competition between who's grandfather survived most times in the chambers? It would not even be possible to survive that, and anyone who has common sense can realize that if someone wants you to be killed in gas chambers, they would shoot every surviver down if there were any.
      and if the "gas chambers" were so ineffective that people get out alive, "survive" it many times, like you say, I can only laugh at you! this proofs to me that you are a liar because if they wanted to kill your gandfather, he would not be alive noe telling this holohoax to you!!! you are in on this hoax, and you keep it alive, but your reliability is below zero and when this hoax comes out (really soon) no one will ever believe one word you jews say.
      There were so much more killed in russia (and they were killed for real), but do you hear any russians whine and moan about it? NO! Native American people were almost viped out the world, most of them killed, and do you hear them preaching about it? NEVER!
      BECAUSE IF SOMETHING THIS BAD HAPPENS TO PEOPLE; THEY NEVER VANNA TALK ABOUT IT, you want to forget it, and also this proofs that your holyhoax is a jewish way to blckmail peoples money and you think that it gives you the right for Palestinian land and genocide Palestinian people!! You are guilty of this holocaust of Palestinian people, and you are not survivers of an holocaust, you are guilty of making one yourself!! and you believe that it's right, because you are "the chosen ones", above everyone else!
      You will get what you desirve, and everyone who is part of this hoax should be send to prison, and they shoild pay back all the countrys that still pay you from this hoax!! everyone guilty should be send to death or at least send to prison for the rest of their lives!!

      by the way, my grandmother was a Jehovas whitness and she survived like 67 times from gas chambers, what you think about that? I win the hoax competition!!!

    3. Oh No! - you don't win the holohoax competition at all. Your grandmother was merely a Jehovas Witness, and not a Jew.

      I afraid the competition is only open to "God's Chosen People" - not the goyim.

      So although we are full of admiration for your grandmother's impressive performance as a survivor, we regret to inform you that it doesn't count.


    4. What a coincidence, my grandad, Larry Shekelberg was in the Auschwitz hospital as well, he used to tell me the story about his friend Hymie who had his toe squashed by a shrunken head. He said Hymie never got over the trauma, he said even the millions Hymie made in the porn industry when he moved to LA after the war couldn't make up for what he'd been through. My grandad had to go in the hospital 7 times because the Nazis kept gassing him, every time he survived they'd make him better and then try and gas him again. They were so evil they would nurse him back to health in the extermination camp hospital, just to prolong his agony. The only thing that kept him going was the little girl that used to pass him apples through the fence every day, he didn't know what she looked like because the geysers of blood spurting out of the ground from the millions of dead jews, that had been burnt in the ovens and then buried in mass graves, would cover her. She survived the war by living with a pack of wild dogs in the sewers. My Grandad met her again after the war on a blind date and they fell in love and he wrote a best selling book which Steven Speilberg made into a film. Unfortunately, my Grandad lost all his hard earned millions he'd made from the royalties when he invested it in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. Luckily he had a nice little sideline importing teenage Gentile girls to Israel from Eastern Europe so his family were able to keep their mansion in Manhattan, and the holiday home in Honolulu. As a third generation Holocaust Survivor, I live with the trauma and suffering of the six million every day. I have to have perverted sex with as many underage white girls as I can, it's the only way I can cope

    5. Oy vey !! Thank you for adding your tale. May the world never forget the holy shoah.

  9. Ugh; he survived because these killing chambers ONLY killed LICE!
    When is the world going to finally have enough of the LIES of the hollow-cause?
    I know I am sick to death of hearing how they were so tormented and murdered. Guess what?! Had they NOT wanted war against Germany, they really should not have declared war ON Germany! It is as simple as this.
    And, as the lies have been found out, they should all just apologize to the whole WORLD, and then, they should Zip It!

    1. But it did happen there are people who survived them that told the world what happened and Germany invaded Poland and started the war��

    2. You say that Germany invaded Poland and started the war?

      This reminds me of 1982 when Israel invaded Lebanon. If I remember, that piece of naked aggression led to some ugly massacres too. And this event was followed by over a dozen years of violence and conflict as the Israeli aggressors tried to occupy and dominate parts of that country.

      So, I think its fair to say that Nazi Germany, and Zionist Israel, can be considered evil partners in crime.

    3. The Israeli Prime Minister back in 1982 was the notorious Jewish terrorist Menachem Begin, who was responsible for numerous attacks on Arab and British targets in the late-1940's.

      This nasty little piece of work was born in Brest (in Poland), but was held in prison inside the Soviet Union during the early years of WW2. But then, in a deal between Britain and the Russians, he was released, along with many other Polish soldiers, in order to join the free-Polish "Anders Army" that was going to fight alongside the Western Allies against Hitler.

      But what did Begin do? - Instead of joining this fight to defeat Germany, and thus help free the Jews of Europe from Nazi domination, he immediately skipped off to Palestine (a country he had never been to his life) and joined up with a gang of thugs who were organising terrorist attacks against the local population as well as the authorities there.

      Did he care about any "holocaust" going on in Europe - or try to fight for his kith-and kin back in occupied Poland ?

      No, of course not. The "holocaust" is something that's been invented long after the war was over, in order to keep us gullible goyem constantly feeling guilty, and thus sympathetic towards Jews in general and Israel in particular.

    4. Now here is a quotation from the above named Menachem Begin that might bring food for thought for all you goyim out there;-

      "Our Race is the 'Master Race'. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects...All other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."

      We must remember that these words are not the anguished, self-pitying cry of some local kosher butcher in downtown Tel Aviv, who is having a bad day due to customer complaints and the delivery of some dubious meat - but a profound statement issued by the Prime Minister of Israel no less!

    5. If Menachem Begin - the future prime minster of Israel - was not prepared to fight the Nazis in Europe while the "holocaust" was allegedly happening, then pray tell me why any of us should care about this event some seventy years later ?

  10. If You say there were no Gas chambers then you're probably a Dumb Fuck!

    1. You must be so smart!!
      can I see the documents your knowledge is based on? can you show be something that proofs your saying? Because I have been investigating this subject for a few years, and there's nothing that proofs that you are right, but I can find so much facts that proofs that there were no gas cambers in any working camps anywhere!!
      So tell me, how can you stnd behind your believe and preach about it, when you have nothing to affirm your right?

    2. Sounds like the Megaphonies are waking up to a new day of Internet warfare,

    3. They weren't "gas chambers", they were delousing rooms.
      I went through "the gas chamber" of Parris Island back in 1983 after they shaved our heads to kill lice, not to kill us.
      You've been lied to and it's often painful to accept that.
      This doesn't mean that nobody died since roughly 271,000 people died in those camps as per the IRC records from typhus & starvation.
      If anything, this tells us that citizens should NEVER allow their governments to disarm them.

  11. There might not have been gas chambers, but there were toilets at the camps. Jews have been drowned in such toilets, this I have seen on TV with my own eyes! Even Steven Schpielberg shows the horror of having to hang out in Nazi commodes. I have heard stories with my own ears how Jews were made into toilet paper so Nazis could wipe their ass. Ugh! Such a terrible end for such a fastidious, hygienic people.

    1. Did anyone ever find Irene Shat's diamonds she kept swallowing?

  12. My grandad was in Auschwitz too, but he wasn't an inmate, he was a Haupsturmbannfuhrer, who served in the Totenkopf SS Regiment. His job involved the smooth and efficient running of the gas chambers.

    He always used to tell me that the peepholes in the gas chamber doors were useless, because after the doors were closed and hermetically sealed, then the glass on the inside of the peephole would immediately steam up with condensation, so you could not see when the jews had all died of gas poisoning.

    This problem caused quite a headache for my poor grandad. He tried several methods to overcome it - but none worked!

    He first attached a miniature windscreen wiper to the inside of the peephole glass and operated it from an electric switch placed just outside the door. But the inconsiderate jews would always tear off the wiper as they began to panic and struggle inside the chamber.

    The next solution he tried was to hand out a piece of cloth to the last naked jew to enter the chamber, and order him, or her, to constantly wipe the peephole glass for him to see inside. But for some reason the jew didn't do as he was told, and soon abandoned the task after just a couple of wipes.

    The third solution was to remove the peephole altogether and replace it with a little hatch which opened outwards. My grandad then ordered the kapos to line up outside the door, and every two minutes the next one in the line would open the hatch, quickly peer inside, and shout out if they were still alive. That kapo would then drop down dead from Zyklon-B poisoning, and the one behind him in the line would swiftly close the hatch and wait two minutes for his turn to perform exactly the same procedure. Unfortunately one kapo was cack-handed and couldn't get the hatch closed, which meant that Zyklon-B was escaping from the gas chamber like air from out of a burst tyre. All the kapos and SS men - including my Grandad - fled in panic, and no one could get near the chamber for days afterwards.

    The fourth solution he tried was really a hopeless one. He put on a doctor's stethoscope and went round the outside of the gas chamber, checking the walls to try and hear if any human sounds were emanating from within. But my grandad reverted to his native German language, when he told me - "you couldn't hear bugger-all if they were dead or alive."

    Eventually my grandad reported the problem to Rudolf Hoess, the Camp Kommandant, and he said not to worry if they were dead or alive - just shove then in the cremation ovens. But my grandad said you can't do this because the ones who are not dead might revive and start fighting and struggling in the crematorium. You would have a situation where the dead, the nearly dead, and poor sods still alive, would be at each other throats trying to prevent one-another from being pushed into the ovens.

    So Kommandant Hoess told him to use his pistol and shoot anyone who still seemed to be alive after the gassing. But my grandad thought this was rather a crazy idea. What would be the point of cramming people inside a chamber and gassing them, but then finding out that 10 or 15% of them had to be shot as well. You might as well shoot everyone individually as they came through the changing room door, and thus save a lot of time and effort in packing them into a chamber, gassing them, dragging the bodies out, and checking each one to see if they were still alive.

    The problem was eventually resolved - but not very satisfactorily - by leaving the jews who were still alive inside the gas chamber for the next batch to arrive, and thus they were gassed twice!

    1. Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahaa !!!!!!

      Thanks so very much for sharing this holy hoax tale, my friend.

  13. And he even saw the dish running away with the spoon! Honest!

  14. The fact that this rat needed deloused six times says it all.

  15. I went through "the gas chamber" at Parris Island back in 1983.
    They first shaved our heads & then we stood under showers to douse us with some milky white delousing agent to kill lice, NOT TO KILL US!
    This is obviously what the Germans did as well, to kill lice & for preserving life
    Secondly, we have heard the term "holocaust survivor" from this devious tribe so often that it's becoming a contradiction of terms.
    Thanks to the net, we're no longer limited to "the electric Jew" (TV) for our news and debates.

  16. The Juwes are obsessed with the NR 6...
    Oh by the way the Nazis killed 1 million juwes in Auschwitz (new estimate)...hmmm that reduces the nr killed then? for the original nr of 3 million killed there made up half of the magic 6 million red sea pedestrians killed.

    1. " the magic 6 million Red Sea pedestrians" - that's great, I Luv it!

  17. Perhaps Moshe was unable to discern the difference between a homicidal gas chamber and a sauna designed to keep him alive.

    I recall reading that people were steamed in saunas to kill the insects that carried typhus.


  18. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. I wish I could invite all you anonymous SOBs to my comedy group. Nearly pissed myself tonight. Most of my friends call me Mr Paul. You guys can call me Schlomo. :)


  20. Neither in Dachau nor in Bergen-Belsen nor in Buchenwald were Jews or other prisoners gassed. The gas chamber in Dachau was never entirely finished or put "into operation." Hundreds of thousands of prisoners who perished in Dachau and other concentration camps in the Old Reich [that is, Germany in its borders of 1937] were victims, above all, of the catastrophic hygienic and provisioning conditions: according to official SS statistics, during the twelve months from July 1942 through June 1943 alone, 110,812 persons died of disease and hunger in all of the concentration camps of the Reich. The mass extermination of the Jews by gassing began in 1941-1942 and occurred exclusively in a few facilities selected and equipped with appropriate technical installations, above all in the occupied Polish territory (but at no place in the Old Reich): in Auschwitz-Birkenau, in Sobibor on the Bug [river], in Treblinka, Chelmno and Belzec.

    Dr. M. Broszat
    Institute for Contemporary History