Monday, April 5, 2010

Max Edelman's sad Holocaust™ tale: "Blind Jew in a Death Camp" - Miraculously survived 8 days without water, escaped being holocausted though blind

Max Edelman, 87, speaks to a group of eighth-grade students

Polish jew Max Edelman says he spent time in several German camps during the war.

He claims he was blinded due to a vicious beating from camp guards, who beat him for no other reason than pure "sport."

Even though, as the story goes, a blind inmate would have been immediately sent to the ovens, "somehow" Edelman managed to survive. It was a miracle.

Just prior to his liberation, Max was taken on an eight-day forced death march without food or water. Miraculously, he survived this too.

The one harrowing experience Max can't get rid of is one night when the Germans had a party, and for entertainment had a German shepherd attack and kill a camp inmate by tearing his throat to pieces.

From then on, Max was deathly afraid of dogs. This prevented him from getting a guide dog for years until he finally mustered the courage and got his own guide dog, Calvin, a chocolate Lab.

After the war, Max experienced guilt "for his survival." But somehow he coped.

Edelman emigrated to the United States in 1951, found a job as a X-ray darkroom technician, and now, of course, tells his Holocaust story to young children. He speaks two or more times a week, after decades of silence.

Article #1: "Blinded by Nazis, guided by a dog"

Article #2: Judicial-Inc's thoughts...

A Blind Jew In A Death Camp

I sort of think that if you were a blind Jew in a 'Death Camp', you would be in an oven in 15 seconds. So maybe Max is stretching the truth, or maybe there were no 'Death Camps', or both.

Article #3: Extended version of Max's tale

VIDEO: Max Edelman speaks to local students

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  1. i learned about max in middle school. i wrote him a letter on behalf of my school newspaper, and not only was he kind enough to give me a one-on-one interview, he spoke to the entire school about his ordeal. this man is no fake. he is an inspiration.

  2. I know Max personally and he is a wonderful person. He has many amazing stories to tell. If you knew him, you too would love him.

  3. wow this story is truly amazing

  4. Oh yes, this story is truly amazing. An amazing load of rubbish.
    I swear these so-called survivors have a competition to see who can come up with the most ridiculous stories that people will believe.

  5. my uncle is a great man that thankfully you will never know. he teaches exactly what you do opposite and that is to stand up against hatred. if you could only imagine being blind since you were in your late teens and trying to remain alive by the evil that was WWII. To quote max, "memories kept many of us survivors prisoner of the past and powerless to fee ourselves because the wounds never healed." because of the deniers and haters like yourself, the survivors decided to stand up for themselves and relive the pain they endured to keep the type of people like yourself to understand what happened is not a joke nor is it funny. and yes you can go survive not eating for days, i recommend you try it. he felt guilty because of how often he wanted to give up and never did, to which im sure you give up on plenty of thinks in your life. he felt guilty for the people including his brother and eric help him survive because if they were to get caught, they would have been killed. get your story straight before you post ridiculous stories you know nothing about. by the way, that is a great picture of him you decided to use. i love it. sad though that you used a picture where he was talking to students, hopefully they didnt feel the evil and hate that was oozing out of your disgraceful skin.

  6. Hahaha....the Goyim keep falling for these tales. Keep falling, baby!

  7. Max is one of the most decent and compassionate people this planet will ever know. I had heard about individuals and groups such as this one but really not read any of their ignorant and hurtful BS before. Max has dedicated much of his time to sharing his painful history to help young people he has faith in...people of all backgrounds...better understand the atrocities that ignorance breeds. He would have hope even for you. And that is a miracle to me. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being. Maybe one day you'll grow up and learn the lessons Max sought to teach.

  8. Why don't you skeptics take the time to read his book. You're taking the opinion of the person who wrote this page with just a few lines and you're not reading the whole story. Yes, a blind prisoner would have gone to the gas chamber and Max makes that clear, if the blindness was detected. The guards did not know they blinded him. Nazis didn't care about particulars. They didn't pay close attention to those they called "sub-humans" They only noticed a prisoner if they were looking for something in particular or if a prisoner was noticeably not up to their standards for work. He was blind in only one eye for months and it wasn't until later [a few months before the Allied invasion] that he lost sight in his other eye. When you have marched the same march for 5 years, I imagine, with the help of your brothers and your friends covering for you, you could do the same thing almost totally blind. When he lost the remaining sight in his right eye, he was then forced to make a decision. He never once thought selfishly. I'm not going to explain everything about his story, but he has a true and believable explanation himself and if you people knew any holocaust survivors, you would know he is telling the truth. To "Judicial-Inc" go ahead and keep your head stuck in the sand and pretend, despite all the overwhelming evidence, that none of this ever happened, but that denial just reveals your hatred. I know holocaust survivors. They still have the numbered tattoo on their arms. They have had incredible strength and kept hope and that is what kept them alive. Knowing a lot of Holocaust survivors and what they had to endure, it has always been so hard for me to imagine the cruelty and hatred of people. It is a shame that it still exists as demonstrated by some of the remarks here. Thank you to those that defend him and his story. God blesses those that bless His people.

  9. "they didn't pay close attention to those they called "sub-humans" - oh, is that right.

    Just enough attention to give them tattoos and record their numbers and particulars in the camp register, provide them with food, heated barracks, regular showers and health checks.

    It would appear that these "sub-humans" were also given the choice of whether they wanted to be liberated by the Soviet Red Army, or join the retreating Germans westwards.

    Now look here, if I knew that some organisation was going to give me some compensation money and a life-long pension, then I too, would happily call in at my local "Shangri-La Tattoo and Massage Parlour" in order to have a number engraved upon my arm!!

  10. People who respond negatively have no class. They dont appreciate the meaning of life

    1. You're probably right mate, I do respond negatively - and haven't got much class. But I do appreciate the meaning of life, because I've been to the cinema to see Monty Python's 1983 comedy movie, called "The Meaning of Life", and found it very funny and full of laughs.

      Almost as hilarious as the "holocaust".

  11. There's no business like 'shoah' business... Gotta fund those 'holy wars' in the promise land...