Friday, April 23, 2010

Anita Schorr's Holocaust® Tale - Escaped Auschwitz gassum chamber by slipping into latrine unnoticed

Anita Schorr talks to high school students

Anita is a Czechoslovakian jew. She says she survived the Terezin, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps.

Anita says at Auschwitz she was made to move rocks back and forth for no reason.

The gas chambers were disguised as showers. They never knew whether they were going to a real shower, or a gas chamber.

Anita was scheduled to be gassed, but she escaped by slipping out of the line unnoticed and hiding in the latrine. She then slipped into the 18 and older line, hiding her undeveloped pre-teen body from Mengele when she was sent in front of him naked.

At Auschwitz, she says she lived with rats the size of cats, and that a black cloud of smoke eerily hung around after they burned jews in the ovens.

Anita blames the whole world for the Holycaust because "they turned their back not believing it could be true."

She now tells her fairy tale to young children so that we don't "forget" the Holocaust.

Article: "Holocaust survivor tells of horrors"

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  1. We heard her speak today.. so touching!

  2. I hope you know you are some of the worlds worst people to say this event didn't happen. How could you conciously say the holocaust never happened? I heard Anita speak and she is more sincere than any of you.

  3. She is a great speeker and i herd her talk an d shes amazing and is telling her story so this horribal event doesnt happen again!!! how can u claim it didnt happen?

  4. for you to say it never happened is horrible. while you have the privilege of sitting at your computer and typing, they were dying and suffering. for what you do, you should be completely ashamed of yourself. if you were to just once put yourself in their shoes, you would realize what you are doing is wrong. how could you say that?

  5. you r so brave you came to my school and said that ur story was life changing

    samantha r

  6. Too bad you weren't there to experience the Holocaust.. Then you would never say it is a hoax. What a moron you are.

  7. Just saw her speak today. She is amazing and courageous woman and for anyone to say otherwise is wrong. You do not know her and its really easy to spread hate through a computer screen. Why don't you get your facts straight before you post ignorant and stupid comments on the internet. GET A LIFE!!!!

  8. Just saying the HOLOCAUST(how its spelled)is a hoax doesn't mean what you say is true. What evidence do you have to support your theory? And its ironic that in your article you talk about how she blames the whole world for turning their back for not believing it could be true. And here we have you not believing that this tragedy could have happened. Also noticed how you don't capitalize the word Jew. Shows how anti-Jew you really are.

  9. Anita doesn't blame the whole world because if she did she wouldn't people speaking to "people" about her story. If this event didn't happen. Why are there photos, videos, and SURVIVORS to clarify this? Where were all the european Jews during WW2? In those nasty death camps! So don't write blogs saying it didn't happen because it did. Just like slavery, WW1, Pearl Harbour, and all the other tragic world events. So i'm only asking you nicest, do not speak bad about this woman nor the other survivors. Thank you.

  10. I can only hope that you are just trying to get a rise out of people,by saying the stupid things you say (being a hoax). It frightens me,that after all this time people like you could really think the way that you do. We are doomed to repeat,if people can't learn. All the horrible pain and suffering felt by millions of innocent people. And for what, did anyone gain anything? Instead we lost so very much, Germans bravely faced defenseless Jewish men, women, and children and slaughtered them. I think we should all say a prayer for you, God loves you and he can help you. Please think about it.

  11. These holohoaxers are so wrapt up in their own self-righteousness and victimhood, that they are unable to see how their fabricated stories fail to fit in to the official narrative that the world has been presented with since the end of world war two.

    The official narrative claims that the Nazis had a policy to exterminate all the Jews of Europe, with only those fit enough to carrying out productive work allowed to live for a short time, before they too were killed.

    But Anita Schorr tells us that she was kept alive purely for moving rocks to-and-fro for no reason at all. Are we really expected to believe that the Nazis - in the middle of a major war - would keep a young teenage girl alive, house her, feed her, and give her regular showers, in order to carry out this meaningless task.

  12. If a jew opens their mouth, you can be guaranteed that a Lie will come forth. Read the Kol Nidre.

  13. Anita Schorr is a complete fake. She is an actor whose been recruited by the US Anti-Defamation League to tour round the schools and colleges in order to fill the students minds with a load of lies and emotional garbage.

    I've just seen her performance on You Tube. But its quite obvious that this woman is not a genuine 83 year old survivor. Her general appearance, over-confidence, youthful mannerisms, speech pattern, and flamboyant gestures display all the hallmarks of someone who has spent a lot of time training for this particular role.

    Maybe in the USA, Anita Schorr can get away with this kind of tomfoolery, but if she was to appear in a British or a European school and try to put on this kind of display, then it wouldn't take more than 10 minutes for the students to realise that she was an utter fraud.