Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Agi Laszlo's tale - She, her mother, and sister survived two tours of the Auschwitz "death" camp, defiantly told Mengle "no" to being sent to chambers

Agi Laszlo talks to middle school students

Agi Laszlo is from a Hungarian jewish family.

She says she was sent to the Auschwitz "death" camp in a cattle car with her mother, Rozsa, and her younger sister Zsuzsanna. Not once, but twice.

The second time they were sent to Auschwitz, Dr. Mengele "The Angel of Death" greeted them. He sent Agi's mother and sister to the right for work, and selected Agi to the left to be holocausted in the gas chambers.

But brave Agi did not want to be sent to the left, so she told Mengele "no." Mengele was shocked, because he had never had a jew tell him no. So Mengele let Agi go to the right and live.

Agi, her mother, and her sister all "miraculously" managed to survive the Auschwitz "death" camp.

Agi now tells her tale to young students all over the United States.

Article: 'The unspeakable'

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