Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why are there so few Holocaust™ stories from non-jews?

The official story is that "5 million" non-jews died during the Holohoax -- in addition to the sacred magical "6 million" jews -- including ethnic Poles, Romani, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other political and religious opponents.

Of course both these numbers are complete fabrications, and extreme exaggerations of how many people actually died under German occupation or in the German concentration camps.

Assuming that roughly half of the concentration camp inmates were non-jewish, why is it that you almost never hear from any of these non-jewish "survivors"? Didn't any of them see or hear about the "homicidal gas chambers"? Don't they have any horror stories and testimony of the "extreme cruelty" of the Germans?

And if any non-jews actually witnessed such things, don't you think the jewish-controlled press would be more than willing to publish the stories?

Are any of the non-jewish "victims" of the Holocaust™ receiving monetary reparations from Germany?

Why do the "5 million" non-jewish "victims" get 1/1000th coverage in the history books, media, etc as the "6 million" jewish "victims"?

I guess you have to be a jew in order to come up with Holyhoax fairytales.

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  2. I think the holocaust was real but they went over the top with the death number etc.

  3. Dude .. Have you ever visited a camp like Auschwitz 1 and 2? Stood inside a gas chamber and looked at the furnace in which they have cremated the gassed victims?

    Has your granddad ever told you in person what he had to go through under the nazi regime? Had his jewish gf deported, was put to forced labour, was being bombed while doing so, almost got shot when he tried to sabotage the munition he had to make, ended up close to death in Sachsenhausen.

    Mine has .. he was lucky to survive .. And no, he was not jewish. Just a young man that got picked up on the streets of Amsterdam, and put to work for the nazis..

    and even if only 1 person was brutally murdered in each concentration camp, it'd be 1 too many ..

    Think for a moment, think about how angry people were after the war .. think how many were (are) actually able to tell how many people are in a football stadium when they see it full of people .. think if it REALLY makes any difference if a number of murdered people is much lower than mentioned at first, which is gruesomely high anyway ..

    Perhaps the nazis were so proud of what they had done that they'd exaggerate the number of people they had killed ..

    Stop this nonsense website, go out and visit the former camps, stop jumping to conclusions on razor thin research.


    1. dickhead,it is admitted that the gas chambers were built after the war,and it is no secret that Jews lie,all thew time....so fuck off

  4. I had hoped to find links to audio accounts of people from the camps

  5. OK, O!. Let's analyze what you said.

    You can't stand inside a gas chamber at Auschwitz because all that's there is an alleged "reconstruction". The Auschwitz Museum says so. Even some mainstream historians say there was no gassing in Auschwitz 1, where the reconstruction is.

    Grandad's Jewish gf was deported. No one questions the deportations, or the forced labour.

    He was bombed... by the Germans??

    He was almost (only almost??) shot for trying to sabotage munitions in war time. Guess that would have happened anywhere else too.

    We are not discussing the murder of one person. Red herring. Millions of people were murdered. It was a war. I suspect you are too young to have an inkling of what war is like. The question is whether 6 million were murdered, mainly in gas chambers, as an attempted extermination of a race. You haven't begun to address that.

    Of course people were angry after the war. The war had to be justified to the folks back home and to the Germans who were to be pacified. Hence Nuremberg and all that flowed from it. The Nazis were not nice people, but a lot of not nice people took part on all sides in that war. They had to presented as the epitome of evil.

    Visiting the former camps will only tell you that there used to be camps there. You may see the odd shoe mountain, which may be nicely emotional, but only proves there were some shoes there. maybe brought in from a recycling centre like Majdanek. So that won't help. Do some reading instead. And include some Revisionist authors so you can get both sides. Then your research will be more than razor thin.

  6. The HOLLOWHOAX is the BIGGEST FRAUD of the 20th century, and only a LYING CONniving JEW could pull this off, while the dumb cattle lap it up like a salt lick!!! Jewish banksters have instigated every war since the beginning of recorded his-story! Millions of IDIOTS still beLIEve it b/c it has been ingrained into their little PEA BRAINS like O's above. They would kill to defend this MAMMOTH LIE! Look at how many young IDIOTS have enlisted for Iraq while the REPTILE KIKEs drop Depleted Uranium on them, and POISON them with ASPARTAME?!? The same KIKES who did 911. Too funny and TOO PATHETIC!!!
    TBH, I can't blame these snakes b/c the cattle ARE very very ST000PID!!!

    1. your very wrong buddy! we have proof it was a Muslim who committed 911 and the Jew were innocent and a bastard came by and decided to attack them!

    2. I apologize in advance if I hurt your beliefs in 911 lie as told by US Govt.

      The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11:

      It wasn't Muslims:

    3. Dear Anonymous - (February 29,2012)

      You have got no proof that 19 Muslims committed the 9/11 event. The evidence that exists is not credible at all, and it could all have been fabricated, either before the attacks or afterwards.

      There is, in fact, more substantial evidence that Jews were behind this atrocity. For instance;- a Zionist Jew owned the World Trade Centre, and he had recently purchased it from a New York City authority dominated by Jews. He immediately dismissed the security team involved in protecting the property, and appointed his own company instead. He also re-insured the building complex for twice their value, and gained a double indemnity on the twin towers.

      We also know that a team of Israelis were carrying out work ( described as some kind of performance art! ) high up in the towers during the weeks prior to the attacks.

      The security at the airports, including the CCTV where the aircraft took off were run by an Israeli company.

      There is also the episode of "the Five Dancing Israelis", (which the above contributor has already mentioned). These suspicious characters alone, prove very damning of Jewish complicity - because it provides clear evidence that Israel had prior knowledge of the attacks.

      There are also suggestions that Jews who worked in the Twin Towers were warned in advance to clear out of the buildings, and that Jewish citizens of New York had been informed through the grapevine not to venture downtown on the morning of 9/11.

      Lastly - was it not the Israeli prime minister himself - Benjamin Netanyahu - who said publicly ON THE VERY DAY ITSELF, that "This is very good for Israel."

  7. currently as a U.S Marine i see things that are absolutely horrible. But the holocaust is nothing in compare!I've seen children burst into pieces, cars explode in front of me, and getting shot at but man!

    1. israHELL "marine" - gas yourself. Thanks

  8. good point!!! why don't we ever hear from any of the non-Jewish survivors? since there were five million non-jews according to the story, there should be a few of them around to interview and to demand reparations from Germany and free territory in the middle east.

    1. You are quite right, sir - we don't hear anything from non-Jewish survivors. But of course we won't - because the entire "holocaust" is a gigantic fraud.

      This idea of "5 million non-Jews" has only come about fairly recently. What happened, was that the "holocaust" industry became aware that the non-Jewish world was becoming tired, angry and scornful at being subjected constantly to all this holohoax propaganda. They were asking - "Was it only Jews who suffered in WW2 - surely there were countless numbers of gentiles who suffered and died in the concentration camps as well ?"

      So, the more pragmatic holohoaxers developed the idea of 5 million non-Jews. ( Note;- not six million, because the Jews sacred number must always remain intact, and the numbers of goyem must never equal that of "God's Chosen People" ).

      However, the more fundamentalist holohoaxers - led by the old rascal, Eli Wiezel, are vehemently opposed to including non-Jews in their holy "holocaust". They want the event to be exclusive to Jews, and have worked hard over the years to present the "holocaust" as a unique event in history, that can only be applied to themselves and their own people.

      It's quite funny at times watching the dispute between these two groups, as they try to retain the idea of the "holocaust" as a uniquely Jewish affair, but at the same time having to accommodate the views of non-Jews who are increasingly becoming sceptical of the whole wretched story.

  9. Even if it never did happen, which I doubt, it never should. We should not let it happen. People are people. Kill all of these "conniving kikes" if you think it will fix anything. I'm going down with my people. You are also victims, still being terrible, cruel people after such a tragic and uncalled for event. Even if you don't think it happened, I guess you wish it did happen, though, right? Shame on you. SHAME.

  10. No real evidence for the gas chambers, experts admit


  11. Recent news from Poland reports that a train has been discovered in a sealed-up tunnel. This train is allegedly WW2 vintage ( that's of course if the story is even true, because the Polish authorities are just as enthusiastic as the jews to keep the holocaust nonsense alive and well ).

    Our Holohoax friends have already got very excited about the contents of this train, and have conjured up the idea that it is full of gold extracted from the teeth of jewish corpses who were murdered in some kind of "gas chambers".

    But if - as the official story claims - there were 5 million Gentiles who were also killed in the holocaust, then it could be, that any gold found on the train belongs to them - and thus it rightfully should go to their descendants, and not into the claws of the ever-grasping jews.

    The jewish "survivors" have received quite enough compensation over the last 70 years for the so-called "holocaust" thank you very much, and they should back off now, and allow any proceeds to be distributed amongst other people who also suffered during WW2.

    But of course, jewish teaching - as laid down in the Talmud - states that any property lost by a Gentile, rightfully belongs to a jew, so, quite naturally, our Hebrew brethren require that they should be the sole recipients of any accumulated treasures found on the train.

    But wouldn't it be a laugh, though, if the train was found to contain box-cars full of shrunken heads, pelvic ashtrays, jewish soap and mattresses filled with human hair. The poor old Polish government would then have to seek out all the families of the "exterminated" jews and send these gruesome objects on to them.

    Can you imagine opening your front door to the delivery man from DHL, and he would hand over a package containing a shrunken head of your late-uncle Schlumie, and half-a-dozen bars of soap boiled-down from the fat of poor Aunt Miriam!

  12. The holocaust didn't happen. People should speak up about it in their towns without fear.