Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fred Taucher's sad tale - claims father was sent to Auschwitz in 1938 and killed

Fred Taucher tells his story

One little problem with Freddy's Holotale. Auschwitz was not opened until May 1940. [1] The Germans didn't even invade Poland until September 1939.

Surely, though, the rest of his tale is 100% truthful -- including his claim that the Germans shot his mother and that he was taken to Dachau in 1945 at 12 years old.

Article: "Still: a need to know"

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  1. I met this man today and had a wonderful impromptu talk. If you have not taken the time to talk to him in person you are not being responsible in posting your comments. Are you denying that the Holocaust happened? If so you are really misguided. My father fought in WWII and knows what went on, I have been to Dachau and the horror and atrocities that happened there are well documented. To what end would the German people fake such a history? Have you ever even attempted to visit these places? You are seriously messed up.

  2. I totally agree with Mae! I also had the privilege to meet and talk with Fred Taucher today about his experiences during WWII. He is a wonderful man and I am certain that he is a holocaust survivor. Did it ever occur to you that the media makes mistakes? Maybe they got the date wrong? You have no right to belittle this man by calling him names and a liar. Lucky for live in a country where many people have died so that you can be free ...even to have the freedom to abuse others with your right to speak. You are a royal...idiot!!!

  3. ^
    "Maybe they got the date wrong?"

    Stupid bastard, about this you must never make a "mistake". He is a lier like all Jews.