Friday, March 19, 2010

Abraham Landau's tale - "Survived 14 death camps, all other 95 members of his family holocausted"

Abraham Landau was a tireless old fanatic who worked extensively to promote the Holocaust™.

He was born in Wilchen, Poland in 1922.

Abraham says he spent 5½ years in 14 different Nazi "death camps", including Auschwitz and Buchenwald. He was liberated from Bergen-Belsen in 1945.

He claims he was the "only survivor of his 95–member family."

Landau was the driving force behind the construction of a Holocuast Memorial monument in the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Abe was also among the Holocaust survivors who gave testimony to director Steven Spielberg for his Shoah Foundation documentary on the Holocaust.

He was a member of the B'nai B’rith National Speakers Bureau and spread the
propaganda of the Holocaust to schools and students throughout the New England region.

Over his life, Landau made "innumerable" visits to schools, where he shared his Holocaust tale with young children so that another Holocaust "will never happen again."

Article #1: "Holocaust survivor Abraham Landau dies"

Article #2: "Abraham Landau - Jewish Federation of Greater New Bedford"

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Here is a picture of Abe's Holocaust "Memorial Sculpture" in New Bedford, MA.



  2. I presume this grotesque hand and forearm is meant to symbolise a cry for help, as well as a defiant will to live. It reaches upwards into the light from out of the cold, dark plinth in order to remind future generations of human tragedy and suffering. The broken book represents the sacred texts being rent asunder in the catastrophe.

    But in all honesty, to me, it looks more like the hand of a drowning jewish banker, who has torn up his dishonest ledgers just before the police have arrived to arrest him. He's at the point of being completely submerged in the quagmire, but is still trying desperately to reach out and grab all his gold and diamonds at the very last moment.

  3. Abraham Landau was one of those many "holocaust survivors" who remained silent for years - decades even - before coming out publicly and telling the world about his experiences. In fact, he didn't stop talking, because according to sculptor Stacey Latt Savage, who worked with Abraham on the design of the above memorial "he talk incessantly thereafter about the holocaust".

    So what could have prompted him to join the American Holo-Circuit ?. Well, apparently, the Hollywood messiah himself - Steven Spielberg - came to town with his "Shoah Foundation", and Abraham soon realised that there was a worth-while place in the sunshine for himself and his exaggerated war-time stories. But interestingly, his wife - Freda - herself a "holocaust survivor" did not join him on the Holo-Circuit - I wonder why?.

    Anyway, Abraham passed away in 2001, but ten years later his holocaust memoirs were published; and in them, he claims that he was incarcerated in the Polish ghetto of Zagorow, along with 18,000 other jews. Soon afterwards all these men, women and children were killed in a nearby forest, while he, and just 5 others, were somehow saved from being exterminated.

    So I checked the name "Zagarow Ghetto" on Wikipedia, and it says that there were only between 2,000 and 2,500 jews there. But just to double check, I then turned to the Royal Historical Society, and the eminent historian Prof. Ian Kershaw, who claims that there were 3,000 jews held within the Zagarow Ghetto.

    Well, I'm no mathematician, but there does seem to be a wild discrepancy between the numbers propounded by Abraham's publishers, and those issued by the official historians. It would appear that they have managed to multiply the total by no less than 6 times !.

    But this should come as no surprise to us, because our good friends the holohoaxers are quite adept at expanding numerals 5-fold, 6-fold, and sometimes even 10-fold, to achieve a more desirable total to shock and mesmerise the general public. To them, numbers are magical things, always flexible - like pieces of elastic that can be expanded and stretched to much greater lengths.

  4. The following holohoax story is directly connected to the Jews from the Zagorow Ghetto.

    It is the testimony of a Polish veterinary doctor, named Dr. Mieczyslaw Sekiewicz, who claimed that he was being held in a gestapo prison in the nearby city of Konin during 1941.

    Dr. Sekiewicz gave this testimony twice under oath to the "Polish Commission into Nazi War Crimes" - once in 1945, and then a second time in 1968. ( He was not a Jew-by-the way, but a Polish Catholic citizen. )

    But I warn readers, that you are going to finish reading this story, either laughing your heads off with disbelief, or throwing-up your dinner in horror because you think its true !

    Let's read on:

    Dr. Sekiewicz says -" I was taken from the prison in chains, along with other inmates to a van, and we were taken to the Kazimierz Forest, which lies some distance outside Konin. We were there ordered out by the gestapo, who told us to wait in a woodland clearing because we were going to be needed to collect piles of discarded clothes..."

    "Soon afterwards, a column of trucks arrived loaded with jews from the Zagorow Ghetto. They were brutally told to get down out of the transports, and then ordered to get naked and jump into the larger of the two pits - the bottom of which had already been filled with a layer of unslaked lime..."

    "When the pit was full, we could only see the tops of the heads of the victims crammed in so tightly together. More jews were then thrown in on top of the heads. Then a truck arrived, which had two large objects which looked like wash-tubs on it. The Germans connected a small engine, or pump, to one of the tubs, and then two gestapo men connected a pipe from this pump and started to pour some kind of liquid on to the jews. During the pumping, another pipe was connected to the other wash-tub and this was added to the liquid..."

    "Probably because of the boiling unslaked lime, the people in the pit started burning while alive. The cries were unimaginable - we who sat near the discarded clothes tore pieces from them to shut our ears. To the horrible screams of the jews who boiled inside the pit, were added the terrible cries and weeping of those jews who still awaited their destiny. It last two hours..."

    "That same afternoon, a grey van arrived at regular intervals, and after the back doors were opened, corpses of jewish men, women and children were thrown out of the vehicle. We then had to pack them into the neighbouring smaller pit. The corpses were probably gassed inside, because the vehicle and the corpses smelled of gas..."

    "I remember a gestapo man snatched a little child from his mother's hands and smashed its head on the vehicle. When the mother screamed, he threw the crushed head at her, then took a handful of lime and stuffed it into the mother's mouth..."

    "I also saw how a gestapo man grabbed a young jewish girl, tore her dress and underware, hung her by her hands from a tree, and then with a Finnish hunting knife, he cut her breasts to pieces and left her hanging there to die..."

    ( There! - so what do you think of this piece of creative writing, guys n' gals ?. And in a follow-up post I will try and explain how and why such an absurdly horrific story ever saw the light of day. )

    1. So why did Doctor Mieczylaw Sekiewicz make up this fantastic story for the Polish Commission into Nazi War Crimes ? Well, he didn't compose this himself, it was dreamt up by the Polish intelligence services - who were acting on behalf of the new communist dominated Polish Government that had been set up immediately after the Soviets had liberated the country from Nazi rule in 1944/45.

      But to understand how the good doctor found himself in the position of having to make such a ludicrous statement to the Commission, we have to study what happened to this part of Western Poland immediately after Nazi Germany had conquered the country back in 1939.

      Hitler had given orders that this part of Poland was to be incorporated into the German Reich, and had instructed his henchman - a Nazi leader called Arthur Greiser - to "Germanise" the region. Greiser set about this task with great enthusiasm, but with very little humanity. The existing population was mainly Polish, with a sizeable German minority, and a smaller - but significant - Jewish presence.

      Greiser immediately rounded up all the Jews into temporary ghettos, and then promptly sent them by road and rail further east into the big ghettos of Lodz, Warsaw and Krakow. He also started deporting large numbers of unwanted Poles to the rump part of Poland that was not going to be incorporated into the German Reich. (Eventually, some 360,000 Poles were deported eastwards).

      However, Greiser could not expel all the Polish inhabitants, because many of them had skills and abilities that were needed to keep the infrastructure of the region functioning. And this is where Doctor Sekiewicz enters the picture. He was a Polish veterinary doctor, and his talents as a vet in a predominantly agricultural region would be highly prized by the existing local German farmers, as well as the new German settlers arriving to replace the ousted Polish population. Doctor Sekiewicz would have been amply rewarded for his services and thus would be able to continue a reasonably comfortable and secure lifestyle - knowing that he and his family would not have to face deportation to the east.

      But his problems started after the Nazi defeat in 1945, when this region reverted back into Polish control. And when the Polish police and intelligence forces arrived, then obviously those Poles who had worked for the Germans during the war were investigated as suspected collaborators.

      Now, Doctor Sekiewicz was probably regarded as a collaborator with a small "c" - not a traitor who betrayed the Polish nation. But all the same, his interrogators would have "leant" on him, by saying that as he had willingly helped the Germans during the war, he should now help Poland, by "voluntarily" and patriotically appearing before the Commission into Nazi War Crimes and reading out a statement concocted by them. ( They needed these horrific stories of alleged Nazi atrocities, in order to justify Poland's post-war annexation of neighbouring German provinces with the expulsion of their populations.)

      And this, I suspect, is how the story of the jews being barbarically slaughtered in the Kazimierz Forest came about !. It is pure fiction - no massacre of jews from the Zagorow Ghetto ever took place there. Because, as we've seen, all the jews from this region were transported to the larger ghettos further east.

  5. Even today, some 25 years after the communist government fell from power in Warsaw, no Polish citizen would be allowed to question the account of Doctor Sekiewicz, or even call for an investigation into the existence of mass graves in the Kazimierz Forest. The reason is, that a prison sentence of up to 3 years would await anyone who challenged the official holohoax dogma in Poland.

    Crazy - isn't it, that in our so-called "free world", there are many countries which still impose draconian laws in order to get their people to accept the most grotesque fairy tales as historical truth.

    1. So its a 3 year custodial sentence for questioning the holocaust in Poland. I maybe wrong, but that's a heavier penalty than even Germany, where an immediate tariff of two years is applied to those who speak out publicly.

      Why should Poland be even harsher? Well, even though Poles were victims of WW2, and many did truly suffer grievously, the modern Polish nation-state is founded on the events that happened, both during the conflict, as well as in the immediate post-war political, territorial and demographic upheavals.

      If the myth of the holocaust ever became exposed, and it was perceived by the world to have been a completely over-exaggerated event, then the foundations of the Polish State could very well be undercut, and its regime and institutions could topple as a result.

      You see - Poland annexed large areas of German territory at the end of the war, including the entire ancient German provinces of Pomerania and Silesia, as well as a sizeable portion of Prussia. But not only did it annexe these territories - it forced practically the entire populations of Germans who had lived there to be deported as well.

      Now, the rights and wrongs of mass deportations following wartime victories and defeats can be argued about until the end of time, and that's what modern Poland - quite understandably - wants to avoid. They have no interest in anyone stirring-up a hornet's nest. And thus, from their perspective, its much better for the Polish authorities to keep the holocaust legend alive and well.

      This not only makes themselves look like heroes and saints, as they retain the flaming torch of "6 million Jews sacrificed on Polish soil", but it also keeps any German revival from occurring, which could lead to a revision of the political and territorial settlement established at the end of WW2.

      One can see, therefore, why the Polish government is prepared to come down quite forcefully on anyone who publicly questions the holocaust.

  6. The Zagorow Ghetto provides a good example of how the numbers of jews caught up in the so-called "holocaust" were grossly over-inflated.

    It wasn't just the deliberate falsifications spurted out by fantasists like Abraham Landau. There was another factor at play here - and that was the tendency of Nazi officials to count the same jews over and over again, as they were first rounded up and brought from scattered towns and villages into small ghettos, and then again as they were moved from these into the large city ghettos. The jews were then counted once more as they were transported through the various transit camps; and a final time as they were dispersed from these into the large work camps situated in Eastern Poland and the Occupied Soviet Union.

    Let us take a look at Zagorow as an example. This was a Polish village with a population in 1939 of just 3,000 - of which 630 were jewish. The Germans then moved over 2,000 jews from several neighbouring villages to join them in a specially created ghetto inside Zagorow. That produced a total of around 2,700 jews and this would be recorded by a Nazi official. But then, a little while later, the Germans transported all these 2,700 from Zagorow to one of the larger ghettos - like the one in the city of Lodz - and of course these would be duly documented by the Nazis. The very same jews would then be counted yet again as they were later transported eastwards into the German labour camp system.

    After the war, the Polish and Soviet investigators seized upon these documented numbers, and happily added them all up together to create a massive - but false - overall total !