Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hunter of "Torah scrolls that survived the Holocaust", Rabbi Menachem Youlus, exposed as a fraud- Not a single name, date, document to support claims

Rabbi Menachem Youlus

Rabbi Menachem Youlus, so-called "The Indiana Jones of Torah Scribes," claims he has rescued over 1,000 sacred Torah scrolls that "survived the Holocaust" -- including scrolls he claims he dug up from mass graves in the Ukraine, unearthed at Auschwitz, and even one he stumbled upon while on a tour of Bergen-Belsen when he fell into a hole in the corner of the floorboards of one of the buildings, and felt around with his hands finding a scroll.

The scrolls are always remarkably in good condition despite allegedly being buried in the ground for over 60 years. And the good Rabbi is unable to provide a single name, date, photograph or document to support the claims of the origin of any of his scrolls.

The jews who bought Torah scrolls from Rabbi Youlus have now discovered that he is a fraud, and are pissed they were conned out of thousands of dollars. Jewry wrestled with whether to expose the Rabbi as a con artist, or suppress the truth and "serve the greater good" of supporting the official Holocaust story. They have apparantly figured the case of Rabbi Youlus is too glaring of a hoax, and it would be better to announce through their press that the Rabbi is a fraud, than to suppress it and have their enemies expose the truth.

Article: "Rabbi to the Rescue: Menachem Youlus is called the Indiana Jones of Torah recovery and restoration. But there are doubts about his thrilling tales."

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  1. So the poor old Rabbi was discovered earning a few thousand dollars from faking some ancient scrolls that he "discovered" in some of the holyhoax venues?

    Well, I'm afraid he's just a small time crook in the never-ending holo-scam, because at the upper levels of this fraudulent historical event, the big-time boys in the USA have recently moved in with a much more lucrative shake-down racket !

    This involves the French National Railway company, called the SNCF - who have been accused of deporting tens of thousands of French jews to so-called "death camps" in WW2.

    The BBC (dated 5th December 2014) reports that; - "France has agreed a compensation package of 60 million dollars between the French government, the SNCF and the USA.

    Although this agreement is ostensibly between the two national governments; in reality the US side consists of a consortium of high-powered lawyers and jewish organisations who have conspired to extort money out of the French taxpayer for something that happened over 70 years ago!

    Firstly; there were, of course, no death camps anywhere in Europe - these French jews were sent east to carry out war-work in the German labour camp system. Secondly; the SNCF had no say in the matter back in WW2. The German occupiers completely controlled the French railway system, and thus the rail company and its personnel had to do as they were told.

    Anyway, under this disgusting deal, "holocaust survivors", as well as their spouses or descendants, will receive compensation. There, what do you think of that! - people who were never on board these trains, and who spent not one single moment of their lives inside a Nazi camp, are going to get a bountiful supply of loot pouring into their laps.

    American and Israeli spouses of non-French survivors, and "Estates standing in the shoes of non-French survivors", will each be paid tens of thousands of dollars.

    And very nice too! - there can't be many spouses left alive after all this time, but you can bet your holy Menorah that these greedy, crafty, old jewish lawyers have ensured that the "Estates standing in the shoes of non-French survivors" are now legally in their own hands!

    I would suggest that the "survivors", spouses and descendants will share between them about 10 million dollars of this sum, while the remaining 50 million will be pocketed by the aforementioned greedy, crafty, old American lawyers.

    1. It is very interesting that these Trans-Atlantic sharks and barracudas should choose France, in which to perpetrate their extortion racket. You see, they are in a much stronger position there, because France is one of those countries - like Germany, Austria and Poland - that have strict laws on "holocaust denial" etc.

      Ordinary French people who might otherwise object to this blatant shake-down racket on their national railway company, have to remain silent, and basically accept the situation, otherwise they could find themselves under arrest, followed by heavy fines, loss of livelihood, and even jail time.

      There is no need for the French people to pay any money at all to these international crooks. Because over the last 70 years, all the so-called "holocaust survivors" have had plenty of money thrown at them as compensation for what they allegedly went through - they don't need anymore, thankyou.

      Methinks that the pursuit of financial gain is one of the chief reasons why the holohoaxers - led by the World Jewish Congress's Ronald S. Lauder - are desperate to introduce "anti-Semitic, Hate, and holocaust denial laws in every country around the world. It makes it much easier for the jews to carry out their extortion rackets without interference and opposition from the gentiles.

  2. I just luv the photo of the good old Rabbi above.

    There he is - in his workshop, surrounded by loads of fake ancient scrolls that he has manufactured himself.

    He sits there with the wonderful face and expression of the stereo-typical joo-joo.

    "OK" - he tells his accuser - "I've been found out as a trickster and conman. Who cares, and what are you going to do about it anyway? I'm one of God's Chosen People, and I've recited the Kol Nidre - so that's quite good enough to wash all my sins away".

  3. And now with the new movie and the interview by Terry Gross of NPR these same scrolls have taken on a life of their own as the film makers and Gross talk as if these were historical documents and portray them in the film Son of Saul. Even though they have been shown to be fake for profit lies now they are a resource of what "really" happened. Now we have the opportunity to elect a pro-Zionist president of the United States. Is this a coincidence?