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Decalogue of Inconvenient Facts about the Holocaust


I In 1919, commiserating, Martin Glynn, Governor of the State of New York publicized in North America the "holocaust of six million Jews and eight hundred thousand Jewish children" caused by "the tyranny of war and lust for Jewish blood" in Poland and Ukraine, while The New York Times and other Jewish media reported that Jews were burned alive by the thousands in synagogues in Ukraine [while Jews and synagogues survived the war intact]. (Click on image at right to enlarge, or here to read the text). Thus, Roosevelt, Churchill, Eisenhower and Pius XII cognizant of this soon-forgotten-fiction, remained silent about the second, this time capitalized with "H", the six-million-victim Holocaust of WW II, a.k.a. Hubrn in Yiddish and Shoah in Hebrew.

II American, and German high resolution WW II aerial reconnaissance photos of the Nazi "Death Camps and massacre sites" reveal mass graves about one hundred to one thousand times smaller than claimed by survivors, authorities and/or Holocaust historians. For example, at the Babi Yar ravine in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine, the mass graves could contain at most 2,400 corpses (instead of 250,000), while at the Treblinka II camp near Warsaw, Poland, about 4,000 (instead of 900,000 to 3,500,000). Detailed, 1946 forensic archeology of Treblinka II ("for the Jews") disclosed various coins, including a dozen of American pennies, but failed to discover even one, of the expected 50,000 to 100,000, execution bullets.

III After the bullets (about 2,500,000 victims), Diesel exhaust is claimed to be the second killing agent of the WW II Holocaust (well over 2,000,000 victims), but it did not hurt 450 American children at a train, stuck for 90 minutes in the railroad tunnel under the US Capitol building, while US Environmental Protection Agency and forensic pathologists world-wide determined Diesel exhaust as non-toxic, facts publicized by Patrick Buchanan in 1993 as "[Treblinka] mass murder weapon that can't kill."

IV Zyklon B, common fumigant, used worldwide, left thick layer of blue ferrocyanides deposits on the walls of the delousing chambers at Auschwitz, but almost none in the plaster and bricks of the alleged homicidal gas chambers. This refutes gassing of about 500,000 Jews in the two partially extant morgues of the Auschwitz-Birkenau crematories.

V Liberation footage of the German concentration camps taken by the Allies shows 98% of inmates in perfect shape of nutrition (some obese) including Jewish orphans and plump Jewish babies. Thus, the iconic plowing of emaciated corpses (not one showing starvation edema) into a mass grave at the Bergen Belsen camp by the British bulldozer, reflects mortality caused by English medical students treating victims of camp's typhus and dysentery with powdered milk, instead of with sugar cubes, grains of salt and boiled [decontaminated] water, as done by astute Nazi doctors.

VI Liberation Day photos of Dachau taken by the US Signal Corps show hundreds of relaxed inmates, milling around and ignoring 3,000 loafs of military bread delivered by American lorry, but agile and clamoring for American cigarettes dispensed by US Army officers. The Liberation Day photos and film footage prove that there was no starvation at the Nazi concentration camps, and that the low level of extreme emaciation from the diarrheal dehydration was caused by the premeditated bombing of the German power stations and especially water filtration plants. This contrasts with photos of starvation swellings and massive death rate from incredible overcrowding and lack of sanitation at the Union-run POW camps for Confederate soldiers in America (1863-65) [or Eisenhower's Death Camps"after" World War II (1945-1953). Click here for details].

VII As late as in 1956 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, the venerable Rabbi Jacob Marcus, founder of the American Jewish Historical Society and the Dean of the Hebrew Union College, wrote that most of the European Jews were deported by the Nazis in inhuman conditions to work in the East, where many died in the process. However cognizant of the WW I "holocaust" propaganda, Rabbi Marcus ignored the genocidal claims of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunals of 1945-48.

VIII To forestall the mayhem of the Maquis Terror of the Franco-Prussian (1871) and of subsequent wars, the Articles of The Hague (1905) and Geneva (1921) Conventions on the conduct of war, authorized wartime summary executions of ununiformed civilians, caught using or carrying arms, along with scores of civilian "hostages" who, presumably, assisted the resistance fighters. Hence, the heart rending German film footage and photos show such publicly hung and/or shot offenders (including German youths shot [executed] by American MPs in vanquished Germany). Because these Articles were annulled by the Geneva Convention in 1949, thus American military allowed the South Koreans to machine gun their captured enemies by tens of thousands, including civilians and more recently the American government resorted to torture of 'terrorists' as in the photos from the Abu Ghraib prison, Guantanamo Bay and fly them for secret 'rendition' in third countries.

IX In 1979, Howard Stein, a Jewish-American Psychology Professor at the University of Oklahoma described Judaic "Group Fantasies of Martyrdom and Omnipotence" as a method of "Survival through Persecution." In 1991, the most recognized historian of the WW II Holocaust, Prof. Raul Hilberg, publicly dismissed the eyewitness testimony and declared to the Cleveland Jewish News: "I am the document man", while an illustrated essay in January 1, 1994 New York Times acknowledged the Holocaust Survivor Syndrome as the cause of false memories of WW II survivors. By 2009, at least half a dozen of WW II Holocaust memoirs writers were exposed as hoaxters. Thus, by early 2009, there were over 5,000 postings on the Internet, critical of the near-religious beliefs in Holocaustianity and at least half a dozen highly publicized memoirs of survivors were exposed by the authorities as Holocaust hoaxes.

X In 2003, Israeli demographers found that 58 years after the WW II, there were "1,092,000 needy survivors worldwide" awaiting distribution of "$13.2 million annually in humanitarian funds," inferring, that at least two million of Jewish teenagers, children and babies, unfit for forced labor and thus allegedly singled out for immediate liquidation, survived the Holocaust. Assuming the average 70-year lifespan, actuarial tables indicate that 1,100,000 survivors were alive in 2003, had to be part of a cohort of over 15,192,089 Jews alive in 1945, whom Nazis never tried to exterminate. Thus, paradoxically, contemporary Israeli social workers and demographers became the authoritative Holocaust Deniers.

Note: All ten points are supported by non-revisionist sources.

### Two new studies to determine the location of Jewish Holocaust survivors, for use in making future allocations to the most needy, differ widely on the number of survivors worldwide, The Jewish Week has learned. Sergio DellaPergola, a demographer for the Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, found 1,092,000 survivors worldwide. Jacob Ukeles, a policy researcher in Manhattan, found 688,000. The Ukeles survey, an update of one he prepared in 2000 for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, found only minor differences from his previous effort. Lawrence Eagleburger, chairman of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims, commissioned both surveys. Eagleburger had hoped to use the figures in determining how to distribute US$13.2 million annually in humanitarian funds for needy survivors worldwide (The Jewish Week 11-28-2003).

One of the best arguments for the truth of the h-thesis is the question: "Where have all the Jews gone, if they have not been killed?"

Well, obviously they must have been killed, at least they disappeared. However, they did not disappear in 1941 or 1943, or, 1944, or, 1945. Some 4-5 million Jews disappeared between 1950 and 1955!

This defines an until now undescribed holocaust. If it has been executed in Auschwitz or any other former camp in then Poland, it must be the Soviets or the Poles who are the guilty perpetrators. The basis of this discovery is the estimate of the Jewish world population by the World Almanac, published by the "American Jewish Committee, USA".

From 1933 until 1949, each single volume of the yearly edition invariably estimates 15,000,000 to 18,600,000 Jewish persons worldwide. But in 1950 all of a sudden 4 million disappear, to reappear in 1951 and again disappear in 1955. Jewish figures include all Jews whether members of a synagogue or not.

Jewish Authority.........Year.....World Jewish Population
The National Council of Churches,USA......1930...15,000,000
Jewish Encyclopedia, USA...............1933...15,600,000
Daily Express (Jewish newspaper) March 24.....1933...14,000,000
World Almanac, page 419, AJC...........1933...15,316,359
World Almanac, page 748...................1936...15,753,633
AJC Bureau of the Synagogue Council............1939...15,600,000
World Almanac of the AJC, USA.............1939...15,600,000
World Almanac, page 129...................1940...15,319,359
World Almanac, page 510...................1941...15,748,091
World Almanac, (includes Jews by race not religion)....1942...15,192,089
World Almanac of AJC, USA...............1945...15,192,089
World Almanac of AJC, USA...............1946...15,753,638
World Almanac of AJC, USA................1947...15,698,259
World Almanac USA, page 748............1947...15,690,000
World Almanac of AJC, USA................1948...15,500,000
The New York Times, USA.......1948...15,700,000 -18,600,000
World Almanac, page 289.................1949...15,713,638
World Almanac of AJC, USA...............1950...11,500,000
Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA....1951...15,300,000
The National Council of Churches, USA......1951...15,500,000
Encyclopedia Britannica 1955 Book of the Year......1955...11,627,450

"To put it bluntly, Pope Pius XII did not believe then or at any time later in his life that a program of extermination of the Jews ever existed In summary, if 20,000 or more people a day were being killed at Auschwitz, Pius XII, with his contacts there, would have known about it. In other words, if, in addition to the Jewish Ordeal of World War II, the Holocaust actually happened, and he said nothing about it, then he deserves our condemnation. However, if the reverse is true, that is, that there was no Holocaust, as the Allied aerial photography clears indicates, then it is the Holocaust Fundamentalist accusers of the Beloved Pontiff who deserve our scorn."

What proof exists that the Nazis killed six million Jews?

None. All we have is postwar testimony, mostly of individual "survivors." This testimony is contradictory, and very few claim to have actually witnessed any "gassing." There are no contemporaneous documents or hard evidence: no mounds of ashes, no crematories capable of disposing of millions of corpses, no "human soap," no lamp shades made of human skin, and no credible demographic statistics.

What evidence exists that six million Jews were not killed by the Nazis?

Extensive forensic, demographic, analytical and comparative evidence demonstrates the impossibility of such a figure. The widely repeated "six million" figure is an irresponsible exaggeration.

Did Simon Wiesenthal state in writing that "there were no extermination camps on German soil"?

Yes. The famous "Nazi hunter" wrote this in Stars and Stripes, January 24, 1993. He also claimed that "gassings" of Jews took place only in Poland.

If Dachau was in Germany, and even Wiesenthal says that it was not an extermination camp, why do many American veterans say it was an extermination camp?

After the Allies captured Dachau, many GIs and others were led through the camp and shown a room alleged to have been a "gas chamber." The mass media widely, but falsely, continues to assert that Dachau was a "gassing" camp.

What about Auschwitz? Is there any proof that gas chambers were used to kill people there?

No. Auschwitz, captured by the Soviets, was modified after the war, and a room was reconstructed to look like a large "gas chamber." After America's leading expert on gas chamber construction and design, Fred Leuchter, examined this and other alleged Auschwitz gassing facilities, he stated that it was an "absurdity" to claim that they were, or could have been, used for mass executions.

If Auschwitz wasn't a "death camp," what was its true purpose?

It was an internment center and part of a large-scale manufacturing complex. Synthetic fuel was produced there, and its inmates were used as a workforce.

Who set up the first concentration camps?

During the Boer War (1899-1902), the British set up what they called "concentration camps" in South Africa to hold Afrikaner women and children. Approximately 30,000 died in these hell-holes, which were as terrible as German concentration camps of World War II.

How did German concentration camps differ from American "relocation" camps in which Japanese-Americans were interned during WWII?

One significant difference was that whereas the Germans interned persons on the basis of being real or suspected security threats to the war effort, the Roosevelt administration interned persons on the basis of ethnicity alone.

Why did the German government intern Jews in camps?

It considered Jews a threat to national security. (Jews were overwhelmingly represented in Communist subversion.) However, all suspected security risks—not just Jews—were in danger of internment.

What hostile measure did world Jewry undertake against Germany as early as 1933?

In March 1933, international Jewish organizations declared an international boycott of German goods.

Did the Jews "declare war" on Germany?

Yes. Newspapers around the world reported this. A front-page headline in the London Daily Express (March 24, 1933), for example, announced "Judea Declares War on Germany".

Was this before or after the "death camp" stories began?

This was years before the "death camp" stories, which began in 1941-1942.

What nation was first to practice mass civilian bombing?

Britain—on May 11, 1940.

How many "gas chambers" to kill people were there at Auschwitz?


How many Jews were living in the areas that came under German control during the war?

Fewer than six million.

If the Jews of Europe were not exterminated by the Nazis, what happened to them?

After the war millions of Jews were still alive in Europe. Hundreds of thousands (perhaps as many as one and a half million) had died of all causes during the war. Others had emigrated to Palestine, the United States, and other countries. Still more Jews left Europe after the war.

How many Jews fled or were evacuated to deep within the Soviet Union?

More than two million fled or were evacuated by the Soviets in 1941-1942, and thus never came under German control.

How many Jews emigrated from Europe prior to the war, thus putting them outside of German reach?

Perhaps a million (not including those absorbed by the USSR).

If Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, why did the commandant, Rudolf Höss, confess that it was?

He was tortured by British military police, as one of his interrogators later admitted.

Is there any evidence of American, British and Soviet policy to torture German prisoners to exact "confessions" for use at the trials at Nuremberg and elsewhere?

Yes. Torture was used to produce fraudulent "evidence" for the infamous Nuremberg trials, and in other postwar "war crimes" trials.

How does the Holocaust story benefit Jews today?

It helps protect Jews as a group from criticism. As a kind of secular religion, it provides an emotional bond between Jews and their leaders. It is a powerful tool in Jewish money-raising campaigns, and is used to justify US aid to Israel.

How does it benefit the State of Israel?

It justifies the billions of dollars in "reparations" Germany has paid to Israel and many individual "survivors." It is used by the Zionist/Israeli lobby to dictate a pro-Israel American foreign policy in the Middle East, and to force American taxpayer aid to Israel, totaling billions of dollars per year.

How is it used by many Christian clergymen?

The Holocaust story is cited to justify the Old Testament notion of Jews as a holy and eternally persecuted "Chosen People".

How did it benefit the Communists?

It diverted attention from Soviet war mongering and atrocities before, during and after the Second World War.

How does it benefit Britain?

In much the same way it benefited the Soviet Union.

Is there any evidence that Hitler ordered the extermination of Europe's Jews?


What kind of gas was used in German wartime concentration camps?

Hydrocyanic gas from "Zyklon B," a commercial pesticide that was widely used throughout Europe.

For what purpose was "Zyklon B" manufactured?

It was a pesticide used to fumigate clothing and buildings to kill typhus-bearing lice and other pests.

Was this product suitable for mass extermination?

No. If the Nazis had intended to use poison gas to exterminate people, far more efficient products were available. Zyklon is a slow-acting fumigation agent.

How long does it take to ventilate an area after fumigation with Zyklon B?

Normally about 20 hours. The whole procedure is very complicated and dangerous. Gas masks must be used, and only trained personnel are employed.

Auschwitz commandant Höss said that men would enter the "gas chambers" to remove bodies ten minutes after the victims had died. How do you explain this?

It can't be explained because had they done so they would have suffered the same fate as the "gassing" victims.

Höss said in his "confession" that men would smoke cigarettes as they pulled bodies out of gas chambers, ten minutes after gassing. Isn't hydrocyanic gas explosive?

Yes. The Höss confession is obviously false.

What was the exact procedure the Nazis allegedly used to exterminate Jews?

The stories range from dropping gas canisters into a crowded room from holes in the ceiling, to piping gas through shower heads, to "steam chambers," to "electrocution" machinery. Millions are alleged to have been killed in these ways.

How could a mass extermination program have been kept secret from those who were scheduled to be killed?

It couldn't have been kept secret. The extermination stories originated as wartime atrocity propaganda.

If Jews scheduled for execution knew the fate in store for them, why did they go along with the Germans without resisting?

They didn't fight back because they did not believe there was any intention to kill them.

About how many Jews died in the concentration camps?

The International Red Cross audit to January 16, 1984 records a total 282,077 registered deaths of all internees (of whom Jews were very much the minority) in all German Concentration Camps from all causes.

How did they die?

Mainly from recurring typhus epidemics that ravaged war-torn Europe during the war, as well as from starvation and lack of medical attention during the final months of the conflict, when virtually all road and rail transportation had been bombed out by the Allies.

What is typhus?

This disease always appears when many people are jammed together under unsanitary conditions. It is carried by lice that infest hair and clothes. Ironically, if the Germans had used more Zyklon B, more Jews might have survived the camps.

What is the difference if six million or 300,000 Jews died during the Second World War?


Some Jewish "death camp" survivors say they saw bodies being dumped into pits and burned. How much fuel would have been required for this?

A great deal more than the Germans had access to, as there was a substantial fuel shortage during the war.

Can bodies be burned in pits?

No. It is impossible for human bodies to be totally consumed by flames in this manner because of lack of oxygen.

Holocaust historians claim that the Nazis were able to cremate bodies in about ten minutes. How long does it take to incinerate one body, according to professional crematory operators?

About an hour and a half, although the larger bones still remain intact.

Why did the German concentration camps have crematory ovens?

To dispose efficiently and sanitarily of the corpses of those who had died.

Given a 100-percent duty cycle of all the crematories in all the camps in German-controlled territory, what is the maximum number of corpses it would have been possible to incinerate during the entire period such crematories were in operation?

About 430,600.

Can a crematory oven be operated 100 percent of the time?

No. Fifty percent of the time is a generous estimate (12 hours per day). Crematory ovens have to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly when in heavy operation.

How much ash is left from a cremated corpse?

After the bone is all ground down, about a shoe box full.

If six million people had been incinerated by the Nazis, what happened to the ashes?

That remains to be "explained." Six million bodies would have produced many tons of ashes, yet there is no evidence of any large ash depositories.

Do Allied wartime aerial reconnaissance photos of Auschwitz (taken during the period when the "gas chambers" and crematoria were supposedly in full operation) show evidence of extermination?

No. In fact, these photographs do not reveal even a trace of the enormous amount of smoke that supposedly was constantly over the camp, nor do they show evidence of the "open pits" in which bodies were allegedly burned.

What was the main provision of the German "Nuremberg Laws" of 1935?

They forbid marriage and sexual relations between Germans and Jews, similar to laws existing in Israel today.

Were there any American precedents for the Nuremberg Laws?

Years before Hitler's Third Reich, most states in the USA had enacted laws prohibiting marriage between persons of different races.

What did the International Red Cross report with regard to the "Holocaust" question?

An official report on the visit of an IRC delegation to Auschwitz in September 1944 pointed out that internees were permitted to receive packages, and that rumors of gas chambers could not be verified.

What was the role of the Vatican during the time six million Jews were allegedly being exterminated?

If there had been an extermination program, the Vatican would most certainly have been in a position to know about it. But because there was none, the Vatican had no reason to speak out against it, and didn't.

What evidence is there that Hitler knew of an on-going Jewish extermination program?


Did the Nazis and the Zionists collaborate?

As early as 1933, Hitler's government signed an agreement with the Zionists permitting Jews to emigrate from Germany to Palestine, taking large amounts of capital with them.

How did Anne Frank die?

After surviving internment in Auschwitz, she succumbed to typhus in the Bergen-Belsen camp, just a few weeks before the end of the war.

Is the Anne Frank Diary genuine?

Evidence compiled by Dr. Robert Faurisson of France establishes that the famous diary is a literary hoax.

What about the familiar photographs and film footage taken in the liberated German camps showing piles of emaciated corpses? Are these faked?

Photographs can be faked, but it's far easier merely to add a misleading caption to a photo or commentary to a piece of footage. Piles of emaciated corpses do not mean that these people were "gassed" or deliberately starved to death. Actually, these were tragic victims of raging epidemics or of starvation due to a lack of food in the camps toward the end of the war.

Who originated the term "genocide"?

Raphael Lemkin, a Polish Jew, in a book published in 1944.

Are films such as "Schindler's List" or "The Winds of War" documentaries?

No. Such films are fictional dramatizations loosely based on history. Unfortunately, all too many people accept them as accurate historical representations.

How many books have been published that refute aspects of the standard "Holocaust" story?

Dozens. More are in production.

What happened when the Institute for Historical Review offered $50,000 to anyone who could prove that Jews were gassed at Auschwitz?

No proof was submitted as a claim on the reward, but the Institute was sued for $17 million by former Auschwitz inmate Mel Mermelstein, who claimed that the reward offer caused him to lose sleep and his business to suffer, and represented "injurious denial of established fact."

What about the charge that those who question the Holocaust story are merely anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi?

This is a smear designed to draw attention away from facts and honest arguments. Scholars who refute Holocaust story claims are of all persuasions and ethnic-religious backgrounds (including Jewish). There is no correlation between "Holocaust" refutation and anti-Semitism or neo-Nazism. A number of Jewish scholars openly admit the lack of evidence for key Holocaust claims.

What has happened to "revisionist" historians who have challenged the Holocaust story?

They have been subjected to smear campaigns, loss of academic positions, loss of pensions, destruction of their property and physical violence.

Has the Institute for Historical Review suffered as a result of its efforts to uphold the right of freedom of speech and academic freedom?

The IHR had been bombed three times, and was completely destroyed on July 4, 1984, in a criminal arson attack. Numerous death threats by telephone have been received. Media coverage of the IHR has been overwhelmingly hostile.

Why is there so little publicity for the revisionist view?

Because for political reasons the Establishment does not want any critical discussion about the facts surrounding the Holocaust story.

Where can I get more information about the "other side" of the Holocaust story, as well as facts concerning other aspects of World War II historical revisionism?

The Institute for Historical Review, PO Box 2739, Newport Beach, CA 92659, USA, carries a wide variety of books, cassette and video tapes on significant historical subjects.

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