Friday, January 29, 2010

Holyhoax survivor extraordinaire Thomas Blatt - At Sobibor "250,000 people roasted on huge pyres made from iron rails, and fueled with diesel oil"

"Vhat part of my story don't you believe?" [2]

Thomas Blatt is one of the most famous and most fanatical Holocaust™ propagandists.

He claims he helped lead the famous 1943 revolt at the "extermination camp" of Sobibor which led to 300 prisoners escaping.

Kosher Holocaust™ 'historians' claim that 250,000 jews were murdered at Sobibor.

Blatt was born in Poland in 1927. At the age of 15, he says the Nazis took him and his family to Sobibor.

According to Thomas, within an hour of arrival at the camp his parents and ten-year-old brother were shoved at bayonet point to the gas chambers.

Thomas survived the gas chambers on the whim of the SS commandant, who said to him, "Come, little one", as a selection was made of so-called "work Jews." Thomas was selected to be a shoeshine boy.

He says the Nazis later put him to work as a "fireman", burning the clothes and personal effects of those gassed upon arrival at the camp.

Thomas says the bodies of those murdered at the camp in the gas chambers were then burned on "roasts" -- huge outdoor fires on pyres of iron rails, fueled with diesel oil.

After six months at the camp, Blatt eventually escaped after an inmate uprising at Sobibor, surviving in the forest.

While hiding out in the forest, he claims he survived being shot in the face, and still has a bullet lodged in his jaw.

Blatt has written two books: "Sobibor: The Forgotten Revolt" and "From the Ashes of Sobibor."

Thomas says he tells his story so that "no one forgets the horrors of the Holocaust™."

He tirelessly travels all over the world on the Holocaust™ speaking tour, usually telling his tale to young school children.

Thomas Blatt holds up a newspaper showing himself along with Karl August Frenzel, a member of the Nazi S.S. staff at the Sobibor extermination camp, where Blatt was part of a revolt that led to his escape from the camp in 1943. [1]

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Article #2: Interview with Sobibor Survivor Thomas Blatt

Blatt speaking to students

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Note: use to find articles if original links no longer work has an excellent detailed breakdown of Blatt's fraudulent story here.

Hear Thomas Blatt tell his tale...


  1. Killing Germans with axes and knives....must have been on their day off.

    1. no it was just what they done thats how the second wold war was realy starte a boy aged 12 wasint saw after the escape of sobibor his name was josith he had a brother aged 15 or 16 he got married and had tow boys and onlay 27 still were siving in 1987 god bles them for standing up for there selfs.

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