Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rachel Levy's tale - escaped the Auschwitz gas chamber by hiding behind people carrying soup

Rachel Levy

Rachel Levy is from an Hungarian Orthodox jewish family.

In 1942, she says that she, her mother, father, two brothers, and two sisters were taken by the Nazis to Auschwitz.

Rachel claims that immediately upon arrival at Auschwitz, her mother, sisters and younger brother were taken straight to the gas chambers.

Then one day Mengele payed her a visit and picked her for the gas chamber. But the gas chamber was right next to the kitchen, so Rachel managed to sneak behind some people carrying soup and escape.

The Germans then apparantly just forgot to gas Rachel. She stayed at the camp until it was liberated in 1945.

It was a miracle.

Rachel did not speak of her tale for 50 years. Now she tells her story to youngsters in England.

Article: "The nightmares never go away"

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  1. I was just browsing and remembering an old boyfriend of mine from the late 1950's and his sister and her husband who I met a couple of times. I have often wondered what happened to them and now I know more of their terrible time in the war and what happened to my old friend Chaskel. I feel so angry that he died so young having survived the horror of Buchenwald. Della Carr Nee Tresman

    1. Chaskel, my father, lived life to the fullest Della. He worked so hard to provide for us & was a kind soul to the end. He is dearly missed but his sister Rachel, my mother Olive, my sister & I & the grandchildren he never got to meet. Thank you for remembering him, Love Sarah

  2. Rachel says that she escaped being gassed by hiding behind the people carrying soup. Well, this reminds me of my late Aunt Muriel who was also in Auschwitz as a young girl.

    When Doctor Mengele came to select her for the gas chamber, she hid behind the tea trolley, and after all the teas had been served - along with the delicious scones and sponge-cake - she climbed into the empty tea urn and was wheeled back into the kitchens.

    The kitchen staff decided to keep her hidden from the SS guards by allowing her to stay inside the large food store. And there she remained out of sight until the end of the war.

    Aunt Muriel was very lucky, of course, as she had access to all the food. And while all the other inmates were eating rat soup with human remains, grass and frog casserole, cockroach and caterpillar crunch, and sawdust salami - she was tucking into all the pizzas, puddings, pies pastas, and pastries.

    Unfortunately, Aunt Muriel grew as big as a barrage balloon over the many months of being cooped up in there, so that when the Soviet soldiers arrived to liberate the camp, they couldn't get her through the door. So the Red Army had to call its engineers to bring in power tools to cut a hole through the ceiling and then lift her out with one of their tank retrieval cranes.

    1. ^Oy vey the horror! Thank you for adding your holy tale. May the world never forget!