Friday, January 29, 2010

Joe Diamond's tale - Escaped being deathed in Auschwitz gas chamber by jumping out 20-ft high window and hiding in latrine

Joe was taken on a cattle car to Auschwitz with his family at 15 years old.

He says the German troops were "monsters", and that one soldier picked up a new-born baby off a train and "kicked it into a field."

Diamond was greeted by Dr. Mengele when arriving at Auschwitz. His mother and younger brother were sent to the gas chambers within 3 hours of arrival.

Joe says upon arrival at Auschwitz men who looked like workers went to the right to be used for labor, while women with small children, or that were pregnant, along with senior citizens, and handicapped people, were sent to the left to be gassed.

Joe was put to work hauling bricks and mortar for the construction of new gas chambers. After a few weeks, Joe got weak and was selected to be deathed in the gas chambers, but he escaped by jumping from a 20-foot high window, and then hiding in a latrine filled with human waste for a night.

Eventually Joe was put on a Death March, where he saw a camp decorated with skeletons outside the gates.

He says in the final days of the war, the German soldiers used the prisoners for target practice.

While in Auschwitz, Joe notes that Red Cross officials visited the barracks to take information from the prisoners. Why on earth did the evil Germans allow the Red Cross inside the camp, and let them talk to the inmates? Weren't they worried they would discover their master plan to kill every jew in the world? And why didn't the Red Cross report on any mass murders of inmates at Auschwitz? Chalk it up as another miracle of the Holocaust.

Joe says "gas on the stock market was going up because they were using so much, due to it's effectiveness in killing" and that the German people are all "murderers as guilty as Hitler because they supported and cheered Hitler."

After WWII, Joe came to America and was drafted into the Army during the Korean War. He was stationed in Germany, and was excited to "get even" with the Germans. On a three-day leave, Diamond walked the streets with a bayonet and gun, wondering how someone like him would even go about getting even, but he says he didn't kill anyone because “I’m not a killer”, rather “they [the Germans] were the killers.”

Joe says he tells his story to "fight intolerance."

Article #1: "Holocaust survivor recounts experiences to next generation"

Article #2: The Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo's Bio on Joe Diamond

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  1. After a particularly busy morning in Auschwitz in 1942, Doctor Mengele popped round for a coffee and a chat at the Kommandants office. He'd already performed many experiments in his surgery since breakfast time; - sowing twins necks together; irradiating women's ovaries; and injecting toxic chemicals into prisoners lungs, and he now looked forward to a welcome break from his arduous duties.

    But he found the camp Kommandant - Rudolf Hoess - sitting at his desk with a worried expression on his face. The man was obviously in a distressed condition.

    "What's up Rudy" - asked the sympathetic doctor ?

    Rudolf Hoess replied slowly and sadly - "I've got five train-loads of Jews arriving this lunchtime, and I don't know what to do with them all. My gas chambers simply aren't big enough to accommodate this number of people."

    "Well don't worry Rudy", said the bright-and-breezy Josef Mengele. "Why don't you just send all the females immediately to the gas chambers, separate the men from the boys; and get all the ferocious guard dogs to attack the testicles of the adult males. While the dogs are enjoying their dinner, your SS men can pick up the children, and either bash their heads up against the crematorium walls, or fling them alive into the fiery pits of dead bodies. By the time the dogs have finished their nourishing meals, all the females will have been gassed, and the chambers will be ready to receive the menfolk."

    The Kommandants face started beaming with joy. "You are always full of brilliant ideas, Herr Doctor. Let's set to work immediately. And, afterwards, I'll crack open some bottles of schnapps and champagne to celebrate our success. We can then cavort around the open fires, warming ourselves in the heat generated by the burning Jewish bodies, and baking potatoes and German sausages in the dying embers."

  2. No wonder those sausages have such a delightfully smokey flavor!