Friday, January 29, 2010

Jews in Romanian town of Targu Mures pray over bars of soap buried in the cemetary allegedly made of "pure jewish fat"

Article: "How a caring Scot came to rescue of Auschwitz survivors"

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  1. I can't see what the problem is with bars of soap made out of Jewish fat. In wartime, there's bound to be shortages of everyday commodities, and the Nazis showed their initiative by looking for alternatives to the manufacture of soap.

    It is certainly no surprise to me, therefore, that they used Jewish fat for making soap - because what other conceivable purpose could Jews be used for ?

  2. It is quite interesting that there is no moderating here on this blog...
    At least there sould be some sort of a restriction like "Humans Only"...

  3. Wow, approval is needed here to see the comments. That is good and means moderating.
    But then I do not see how a Nazi's comment could be published on 11 June.

    1. Oh - poor diddums, you can't take a joke about something so absurd as human soap !

      Why don't you people grow-up, and re-join the human race.

  4. Our Holohoax friends can't seem to abandon the "human soap" nonsense. But maybe that's a good thing - because it helps to show the world how stupid the whole "holocaust" lie really is.

    The following info. comes from a website called ' Camps' ;-

    "Professor Rudolf Spanner was an SS scientist, and owner of a small soap factory located in Gdansk. In 1940 he invented a process to produce soap from human fat. This product was called "Reines Judische Felt" - which means "Pure Jewish Fat". Hundreds of inmates in the Stutthof Concentration Camp were then executed for soap production. At the liberation, the Soviets discovered chambers full of corpses used for the production of soap.

    Wikipedia then goes on to say that a Russian writer, named Alexander Werth, visited Gdansk in 1945, shortly after its liberation, and he saw an experimental factory outside the city for making soap out of human corpses. "It was a nightmarish sight, with its vats full of human heads and torsos pickled in some liquid, and its pails full of a flakey substance - human soap."

    This was confirmed in the year 2006 by researchers from the Gdansk University of Technology.

    Isn't it pathetic ladies and gentlemen? - that so-called prestigious Polish institutions in the modern age are prepared to debase themselves in order to prop-up Soviet communist lies from decades ago.

    This Alexander Werth character was nothing more than a Soviet propaganda stooge. He was a writer, just like Vasily Grossman, and Ilya Ehrenberg. who had been set an agenda by their bosses in Moscow to invent the most horrific and inhuman stories about German behaviour in Poland during WW2.

    Of course, none of it is true, but the holohoaxers have eagerly bought into these bullshit stories, because they fit perfectly into their own agenda of "unique jewish suffering". This of course helps to keep the "holocaust industry" alive and well - so that the compensation racket doesn't dry up!

    Even the name of the soap has proved over the years to be a fabrication; and I've even seen a photo of Doctor Spanner's so-called "factory". My goodness, its only about twice as big as a normal family kitchen - how on earth could he have stored lots of human corpses inside there, and installed all the necessary processing equipment.

    But the most telling piece of information from these websites says;- "After the war, Rudolf Spanner was not arrested and continued his research". Ah!, so there we have the truth - Mr Spanner was not using human fat, but was engaged in some other chemical process in order to make soap.

    I don't think we are talking about "Pure Jewish Fat" here - but pure jewish lies.