Friday, January 29, 2010

Jafa Wallach's tale - Hid from the Germans with 3 other people in a 6x4 ft hole for 22 months

Jafa Wallach with her daughter Rena Bernstein. She is holding her memoir, "Bitter Freedom"

Jafa claims she, her husband Natan and his two brothers hid from the Germans in a 6- by 4-foot hole beneath basement floor boards in a mechanic’s workshop in southwestern Poland...for 22 months, in a space too small for them to stand or walk.

Apparently they never left the hole because she says "its was some time before she could walk again."

This story sounds familiar. Oh, right, Lola Rein Kaufman claims she hid from the Nazis for nine months in a 6x4 ft hole.

Article: "Holocaust Survivor Celebrates 100th Birthday in Brooklyn"

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Jafa's memoirs:


  1. You idiot Holocaust denier...there`s such overwhelming evidence of the are merely advertizing your ignorance and stupidity! Pity this is all you have to show for your miserable life.

  2. You are an Holocaust denier.
    The Germans have documented their murders in the Bud Arolson archives in great detail. Wake up your the`s being digitized on the internet....go to tha Holocaust Museum in Washington. Do something not to stay an ignoramus forever.

  3. Use your brains, 4 adults wouldn't even FIT in a 6x4ft hole. LOL. The only denial going on is the idiots who still believe this BS.

  4. Might have been very samll jews. Only big thing on them are their noses as the air is for free

  5. It's funny how the Shoa hoaxers all use the same tactic...."shaming" the supposed "denier" by claiming there's evidence out the yin-yang...of course this only ends up backfiring when keen young student types compare the hoaxers "evidence" to the 'deniers' facts..then it's all over - yet another Holocaust "denier"! Whatever will we do?

    Get yourselves a decent lawyer, is my advice...