Saturday, January 9, 2010

Elane Geller's tale - Survived on 400 calories a day, ate toothpaste and drank urine, had rats in hair, fertilizer made from jew bones

Elane Geller speaks to college students

Elane Geller is one of the youngest living Holocaust survivors, having lived in the camps as a child.

She spent the most time in, and was liberated from, Bergen-Belsen.

Elane says the average food intake of the prisoners was 400 calories per day, but that she didn't receive any food at all because she was not a "worker". Therefore, she had to share food with her aunt.

Her 16 year old sister was sent to Auschwitz where, as Elane says, she "fell victim to the oven."

Gellar says that the German economy was failing, but with the opening of the new death camps, it helped "save" the German economy. She says the Germans made fertilizer out of the bones and pillows out of human hair.

Elane says that people near the death camps, such as Auschwitz, could see smoke billowing out similar to that when the twin towers collapsed on 9/11.

While at the camp, she says she had typhoid, typhus, and tuberculosis. But she never went to the camp infirmary. Geller says, “I had lice and rats in my hair. I stole, I ate toothpaste, I drank urine. I did, I did whatever was necessary to fill my belly and stay alive.”

Article: "Holocaust survivor addresses Waldorf College as part of Spring Convocation series"

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  1. what they did to her was in human

    1. i agree completely Anonymous.

    2. Anyone who seriously believes that rubbish needs to have their heads examined.For starters,400 calories per day for an adult.Think about that.The daily calorie intake for a man is approximately 2,000 calories and a woman a little less.
      How does she know that her 16 year old sister died in an oven?
      How did the "death camps" save the German economy?
      How did she know what the people near the "death camps" could and couldn't see if she was in Bergen Belsen?
      How could people see smoke coming out of the crematoria chimneys when that is an impossibility?Just go to Google and research and you will discover that crematoria ovens don't produce smoke.
      How could anyone survive typhoid,typhus and tuberculosis without medical treatment?Being a child who was supposedly extremely undernourished as she claims would mean that her immune system wouldn't be able to cope with even one of those diseases.Typhus of course is the reason so many people died in the camps.
      She most likely did have lice in her hair but rats!
      Who did she steal from?How was she able to survive eating toothpaste?Drinking urine now that really does take the biscuit.Come on people wake up.

    3. "' first they said..'' fire pits '' ,,then they said.. made soap out of them ,or lampshades. ; then. Shrunkenheads...well we all know them to be lies...
      Nothing like schobusiness

  2. You gotta chuckle.

    1. you don't know what she went through ur a low life just stop how would you like it if you were never fed and you were beaten how would you stay not crazy juust stop!

  3. Just heard her being interviewed on the radio...then I found this webpage. I'm a 35yr old, single black woman, no children, living very comfortably in Los Angeles, CA. It's a beautiful Sunday morning, and I'm sitting in my car outside of the grocery store....crying, imagining how horrible and sad, awful, terribly scary and stressful especially for a little child to be put through that!!!!!!!!!!

    1. At least you were outside the grocery store, so you could easily pop inside and purchase half a dozen boxes of Kleenex tissues to dab your sobbing eyes!

      But before you bursted into floods of tears on that beautiful Sunday morning, did you not consider that what Elane Geller was telling you might be heavily exaggerated, or not true at all.

      That's the trouble with the American goyim today - they believe anything and everything they hear on radio and TV.

  4. This wretched Geller woman even has the nerve to combine her holohoax fairy tales with the 9/11 attacks on New York City. She says that the billowing smoke from Auschwitz was similar to that rising out of the Twin Towers - Bah!

    Now listen here, Elane, you old fraud, it was the Jews in the American government - plus those from Israel - who played a big hand in the September 2001 terror attacks.

  5. Anyone who says that the Holocaust is a hoax is so naive it is not even funny. 6 million people died in the Holocaust and if you cannot process this in your brain than you should go back to high school history.

    1. What an ignorant counter, instead providing a basis you just bashing and calling people stupid. You're just a sheep who follow the master, the Jew. Holocaust is hoax, because the number doesn't add up, like your 6 million. So provide a basis and real argument, otherwise GTFO