Friday, January 15, 2010

Edie Eger's tale - danced for Mengele, weighed 40 lbs at 17 yrs-old when liberated

As Edie danced for Dr. Mengele, she saw the black smoke from the gas chamber (not the crematorium), which likely contained the ashes of her mother.

Whenever Edie and her sister Magda showered at Auschwitz, "they never knew if they would receive water or gas."

Eventually an emaciated and thought-dead Edie was thrown in a mass grave in the woods behind a camp, but an American GI spotted her hand move and she was pulled from the pile of corpses. A miracle!

Article #1: "Edie's Heroic Story"

Article #2: Edith Eva Eger, Ph.D. - "The Story of My Experience As a Holocaust Survivor: From Victimization to Empowerment"

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  1. So Edie is a Ph.D, and a lecturer in Clinical Psychology. She claims to have been sent to Auschwitz in 1944, aged just 16.

    OK - that would mean that in 2004 when her website was created, she would have been 76.

    I'm afraid the woman we see in the image above is nowhere near that age, and even if she were, would have retired from her profession by then.

    This holohoax is like a virulent illness, which can affect the learned and educated as well as the more academically challenged.

    1. bahaha. really? That's your idea of a logical argument? You're sure you want to stick with that? :] bahahahahahahahahha:]

    2. You sound like a wailing child, Anonymous (July 4)

    3. This is no hoax. I have met Dr. Edie and, yes, she is along in years now. But she chooses to tell her story that it might help others survive even the most horrific of life experiences.

  2. You are sick. If you spent as much energy toward goodness instead of hatred, you would be much happier.

  3. Dear Anonymous (Dec. 18, 2013)

    I'm not sick - I am stating the obvious. The lady that we see in the image above is nowhere near the age of 76. Thus, she could not have been in Auschwitz in 1944, dancing for Doctor Mengele of all people!

    And as for my happiness - well, I've never been so happy in all my life, because for the last 45 years I have had this 6 million / gas chamber yoke placed around my neck, and now, being free from all this nonsense, I am able to laugh uproariously at what I had previously regarded as sacred and serious.

  4. I happen to personally know Edie. She is a friend of my grandparents (my grandfather was a surgeon during WWII). You guys are idiots. Because she looks good for her age or possibly used an older picture that is "proof" that the holocaust didn't exist?! She didn't go to school for her PhD until she was in her forties- after her children were grown. So, yeah, you go through a horrific, life-changing experience, work your butt off in a factory to raise your children and then finally have the opportunity to go to school and pursue your dreams later in life, it's not shocking to think you wouldn't retire right away. My grandma is a speech therapist and 82, and she hasn't retired. My grandfather didn't retire until he was almost 80- and that was from surgery!

    Also, I have seen photos of her when she was younger and a gymnast and dancer. And she very much has physical issues with her back to this day.

    How, exactly, does a woman who dedicates her life to spreading love and acceptance threaten yours in any way? You guys are pathetic.

    1. I consider myself privileged to have heard and spoken personally to Edie. She is truly an inspiration! Her energy level and physical capabilities have no bounds - not to mention her acute mental capacity. So what if the picture doesn't reflect her age! Do you think she's the only person who's chosen, what they thought, was a flattering picture of themselves to 'advertise'? If you are ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to see her, you'll know immediately that her chronological age in no way reflects her physical and mental capability. She is quite a remarkable person!

    2. Edie is an inspiration! If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak, let alone talk to her one-on-one, do it! Her physical and mental acuteness in-no-way reflects her chronological age! Furthermore, do you think she's the only person who's ever chosen what they thought, was a flattering picture of themselves to 'advertise'? Please, how trite and superficial are you?! Spending just a few minutes with her will put your life in perspective. Edie is just an incredible person with an incredible spirit and drive. She strove to educate herself to understand human behavior and personalities, making her able to help others overcome horrendous events in their lives. See the big picture, and don't fixate on things that don't matter.

    3. Dear Sharon Gray

      You say that your Grandma is a speech therapist, aged 82. Well I hope her false teeth don't drop out when she teaches her therapy to the students.

      And your grandfather was a surgeon almost to the age of 80. Wow!, I don't know what his patients thought as they were being wheeled into the operating theatre - "Here I am, about to be operated on by a man who should have retired over 15 years ago. I hope he's still competent, and not suffering from Alzheimer's, or Parkinsons Disease - because he's the guy with the scalpel whose about to cut me open!

  5. Give us a break, ladies, please!

    If Edie is prepared to deceive her clients and customers by lying about her age, then how can we accept her dubious holocaust tales at face value. Maybe some women might tell a little white lie in pretending to be a few years younger than they really are - there's no harm in that. But an almost thirty year discrepancy in age is downright deceitful.

    Having said that, I have not forgotten the big picture here. Edie's stories form just a small part of the huge holohoax scam / industry, but that's not to say her role is an unimportant one. In fact, far from it - her educational and professional qualifications provide legitimacy and respectability to the on-going hoax.

    If we accept that Edie was caught up in the "holocaust", then she would be entitled to receive generous amounts of compensation. And in return, I have no doubt that her paymasters could rely on her ability to create wartime stories that are suitably horrific, exaggerated and inhumane.

    But Edie's repertoire does not end there. She is carrying out a very clever psychological operation on people's emotions. At the same time as emphasising all the horror and degradation, she is also putting forward her own lofty ideals of redemption, love, forgiveness etc. - and she is doing this, not only to place herself upon an elevated moral platform above everyone else, but subtly suggesting that all Jewish people are up there alongside her. Edie wants to constantly remind the world that she, and all the other "survivors", made a huge sacrifice during the "holocaust" - and you goyem better not forget it!

    So it is quite a sophisticated "psy-op" that Edie is performing here on behalf the holohoax industry, and I'm quite certain that her paymasters will be very grateful for her skillfull performances.

    1. All of you denying the holocaust: buy a plane ticket & come visit Germany, visit a concentration camp site. Out of respect evidence of human remains is no longer displayed, although it used to up until the 1980s. However there will be still enough documentation to cure your ignorance. I do not know Dr. Weger, nor whether her story is true or not, but not acknowledging past artrocities will lead to history repeating itself

    2. Yes, I have been to Germany and Poland, and visited Dachau, Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Warsaw Ghetto, Treblinka 1 & 2, Sachsenhausen, and Bergen/Belsen.

      These are indeed harrowing places where hundreds of thousands of people were held, and forced to carry out work during the period of the Third Reich.

      Some of the captives did suffer and die within these camps and ghettos - no one is questioning that at all. And one would be less than human not to acknowledge this.

      But there is simply no credible evidence that any genocide or mass killing took place either inside or outside these camps.

      For us revisionists to accept that there were extermination facilities at Auschwitz-Birkenau, for instance, we would - at the very minimum - require an international, independent team of experts to provide a scientific report, explaining in full technical detail, how these facilities were constructed, operated and maintained. We would also need a similar detailed report as to how the huge numbers of bodies were disposed of by cremation or burial.

      If we don't start to investigate this period of history properly, then we are just going to be left with a lot of fairy-tales and unproven assertions.

  6. I see dear old Edie has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Now, that is no surprise at all. All the famous old holo-frauds finally end up there - Elie Weisel and the Rosenblatts being the most noteworthy.

    I was reading Edie's holohoax tales. And once again we get a "survivor's" account which is not backed up by any corroborating evidence. We are merely required to accept the story at face value; be aghast at the horror: sympathise with the victims plight; be thankful for their survival; and then immerse ourselves in admiration and humility at the feet of this warm and loving individual who has endured so much.

    But I'm afraid this won't do any more! The world deserves better than this - we need proper evidence that has been thoroughly researched and tested for its veracity before we can accept all this stuff.

  7. My great granddad and his future wife were in Auschwitz in 1944, and they also danced for Doctor Mengele. One evening, a dancing competition had been arranged in the camp theatre, and their act immediately followed Edie's performance.

    They had dressed up as Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire, and carried out a spectacular display of tap dancing which brought the entire audience of SS guards to its feet. Afterwards, Doctor Mengele came over to them, beaming in delight, and promised them that in future they would be promoted from their jobs of tending the fires of burning live babies, and transferring them instead to the more aesthetic task of carrying rocks to-and-fro for no reason at all.

    But they were not really happy with their new role, because my great granddad's wife would always bring an apple each day, and toss it over the burning pits to him, so that he would get enough to eat.

    On one occasion, she even brought a bunch of bananas with her, and threw them over the flames one-by-one.

    1. ^ Thank you so much for adding this Hallowed Hoax tale. May future generations never forget.

  8. It saddens me that people would sooner believe the fantasy that the holocaust never occurred, rather than tens of thousands of personal stories, hundreds of pictures and documents spanning the entire length of the war. I might sympathize with these views, if it weren't for the fact that 'counter-evidence' wasn't so knit-picky and scarce, clinging to broad assumptions and flawed reasoning to reach this absurd conclusion about how one of the most publicized and horrendous genocides in history was just slight of hand. Look at the morons above, nearly every example of 'proof' that Edith's story is false revolves around how they personally believe she appears to young, and how there isn't documentation of her experiences. Firstly, yeah she does look her age, anyone who spends time with older individuals can see she looks well for her age, but it's pretty apparent she is over seventy. Secondly, not having exact documentation of her experiences is not proof that it didn't happen. That is backwards logic.

    1. My-oh-my! - aren't we pompous and grand (Anonymous, July 6).

      But if you want to call people who disagree with the holohoax fantasy "morons" - then so be it, but I don't think its going to help your sinking cause very much at all.

      More and more people are waking up to this "6 million/gas chamber" fraud and are beginning to ask themselves "How on earth did we allow ourselves to be bamboozled by all this nonsense".

      But of course, the huge dishonest industry called the "holocaust" has been constructed over several decades, and it has developed into almost a religious cult. And the leaders and proponents of this cult have been powerful and influential enough to impose this belief system on the rest of society.

      Here, I would like to quote the words of the legendary revisionist - Jim Rizoli, who lives in Framingham, just off the Massachusetts Turnpike, near Boston in the USA. He often says;-

      "This holocaust is the biggest scam to come down the 'pike."

      I think that Mr Rizoli is hitting the nail firmly on the head here!

      But turning to Edie Eger, it would appear that you, yourself, don't think its important that she should produce some kind of documented evidence to prove her credentials as a "holocaust" survivor. But I think most people in the real world would disagree with you. There is no excuse for Edie, because she claims that "On May 4th 1945, she was found by a young American soldier, lying barely alive amongst a number of dead bodies. He quickly summoned medical help and brought her back from the brink of death."

      This event - apparently - took place at a labour camp called Gunskirchen, not far from Linz in Austria. The camp - full of refugees at the time - some of whom were in a terrible condition, was liberated by the US 71st Division.

      Well, it wouldn't be too difficult for Edie to contact the National Military Archives in Washington DC, and obtain the medical documentation that would prove that she was in that camp back in 1945.

  9. Our Edie is quite a "gal". Apparently, she foiled an attempt to drag her to the gas chamber by disorientating an SS guard by doing a cartwheel and the splits.

    And every time she danced for Doctor Mengele, he would give her a piece of bread as a reward.

    Edie also took part in "death marches" as well, where she was required to carry ammunition for the German army, and she and her sister were even used as "human shields" on the roof of a train carrying ammunition. But the Allied planes still attacked this train, killing many people - but not of course the intrepid duo themselves.

    On the penultimate day before the American forces liberated Gunskichen labour camp, Edie was so weak that she fell into unconsciousness. The SS guard thought she was dead and so he "tossed" her into a pit behind the camp. But by a miracle, on the very next day, an American GI found her moving slightly and thus saved her life.

    Oh - by the way, Edie also broke her back while in Auschwitz. This in itself is very interesting, because according to the official holohoax narrative she should have been sent straight to the gas chamber as she was no longer fit for work. But it would appear that the evil Nazis treated her injury and nursed her back to full health again. How strange! - but it must be so, because you can't go on death marches with a broken back, nor climb up on to the roof of trains.

  10. Must be a Muslim retard!

    1. It is not clear who you are actually calling "a Muslim retard". Is it the creator of this website?, the contributors to the comments section?, or Edie herself?.

      But I don't think that anyone of the above is "a Muslim retard". Are you feeling alright sir? Do you not think a visit to your local surgery is what you need, in order to get some much stronger medication for yourself?.

  11. I worked with Edie at El Paso YWCA Women's Resource Center in the late 1970s. I, myself, am now 82 years old. I didn't retire from my private psychology practice (suburban Dallas) until the end of 2004 (when I was 72 years old and going strong, but stopped working because of my husband's Parkinson's). I can't believe some of the above comments! Edie was an absolute inspiration; and I was so privileged to have known her and to have worked with her.

    1. Good for you! - it is highly commendable that you worked alongside Edie back in the 1970's. I've no doubt that you found her an absolute inspiration, and were privileged to have known her.

      But that doesn't prove one way or another that Edie was a "holocaust survivor" who danced for Doctor Mengele in Auschwitz. You see, will are still waiting for some kind of proof that her story is true. We need corroborating evidence from other witnesses, or documentary evidence from official sources, to verify her account. And one of the ways of doing this is to publish the WW2 US military and medical records for the Gunskirchen labour camp in Austria.

      So, that's the position we are in at the moment - we cannot accept Edie's holohoax stories without some kind of verification from other sources.

  12. These kinds of anti-Semites think that the physical concentration camps left over from the end of WWII are just Disneyland creations and that the films shot after liberation of all those corpses are make-believe. You can't argue with the insane. Their world is internally consistent. However, we must recognize insanity when it raises its ugly head again and realize that sadism is real. It has been estimated that 5 or 6% of the population are psychopathic, meaning that they enjoy the suffering of others. And, many of those ruthless people become business and political leaders. Holocaust Deniers are an interesting sort of troll: They crave the negative attention of normal people. It is their way of getting recognition and substitute kind of love. The human mind can be very backwards sometimes. But, that's why these kinds of people are said to have a diseased and disordered mind, for which there are diagnoses and medicine.

  13. I think dear old Marcusinsd is pretending to be some kind of grand, portentous, professional psycho-analyst. But I really don't think many people are going to be convinced by the very grave and solemn pronouncements that he utters in the above post.

    He talks about anti-Semites; the insane; and how we must recognize insanity when it raises its ugly head again and realise that sadism is real (Oh my goodness, whenever I hear the word sadism mentioned, I always think of the behaviour of the communist jews in the Soviet Union back during the 1920's and 1930's - I don't know why.)

    Marcusinsd even produces some percentages for us to consider. He estimates that 5 or 6% of the population are psychopathic. Where this figure comes from, we don't know, but certainly there are ruthless psychopaths who unfortunately hold high leadership roles in society, and I for one would like to root them out of their undeserved positions.

    Marcusinsd goes on to say that holocaust deniers are an interesting sort of troll, and offers some psycho-babble to explain why this is so. But he finishes his piece by explaining that the human mind can be very backward sometimes, and these sort of people have a diseased and disordered mind. Oh dear, isn't that just so sad. But not to worry everyone - Marcusinsd is familiar with the correct diagnoses and the right medicine for treatment, and thus you can call in at his surgery anytime for a consultation and a prescription for the appropriate medication.

    All major Credit Cards are accepted, and American Express will do nicely.

  14. Auschwitz has only become a "Disneyland creation" since the end of WW2. It wasn't an entertainment centre back when it functioned as a giant labour camp, transit hub, and hospital establishment during the war itself - although it did have a few orchestras, theatres, and sports facilities for the inmates to enjoy.

    Only afterwards did the fun begin, when the Soviets and Poles started to alter various structures which they gleefully named "gas chambers"; built chimneys and installed crematorium furnaces; and then blew up facilities that had functioned as quite ordinary morgues, crematoriums and workshops. They also turned many of the barracks inside the main Auschwitz camp into a dazzling display of phoney horror - with mounds of crap brought in from God-knows-where; and fairy-tale drawings and paintings of largely make-believe cruelty and brutality.

    But today, we are in a new era, because Ronald S. Lauder and his pals in the World Jewish Congress, want to turn Auschwitz into a spectacular Holy Shrine, Pilgrimage Centre and Hollywood Theme Park. Early signs of what is in store for the world appeared on the 70th Anniversary of Holohoax Day in January 2015. The main gate at Birkenau had been renamed "the Gate of Death", and we all sat down in front of our TV sets to enjoy the colourful jamboree that took place there, with first, second, third (and even fourth) generation "holocaust survivors" taking part in a ceremony under a huge marquee, surrounded by an illuminated-lights display.

    So, yes! - ever since WW2, there certainly has been a "Disneyland" feel to Auschwitz, and there is definitely no sign of it ending anytime soon - especially when there is political and financial gain for those who organise this theatre of the macabre.

  15. It's not the holocaust deniers who are in need of remedial medical treatment - it is the Holohoax believers themselves!

    After all, anyone who believes that a couple of crazy Ukrainian guys at Treblinka - named "Ivan The Terrible" and "Nicholai The 'Orrible" - got hold of an engine from somewhere and were pouring exhaust fumes through a makeshift pipe into several rooms crowded with naked human beings in order to kill over 800,000 of them, is truly in need of psychiatric help as a matter of some urgency.

    1. These terribly deluded Holohoax Believers seem to accept that 700,000 half-rotted, putrid, human corpses were all dug up from huge burial pits at Treblinka, and were placed on a grid of steel rails out in the open air, and were then somehow burnt to ashes!

      They also believe that Treblinka - which they describe as a "death camp" - could be operated and controlled by just two dozen SS guards, plus about 80 Ukrainian renegade soldiers of very dubious loyalty and commitment!

      The Holo-Believers don't seem to have any problem either, with the fact that the Treblinka site is just too small an area for what is alleged to have take place there, and that no one carrying out a genocidal operation would choose such a public location for a deed of this magnitude!

      So I don't think our good friend the psycho-analyst - Doctor Marcusinsd - is going to be treating many holocaust deniers any time soon. But rather, there is a much greater probability that his surgery is going to become overwhelmed by large numbers of mentally deranged Holo-Believers - who are obviously in need of long-term treatment, in-depth therapy, and very strong medication.

      In fact, these poor unfortunates will be queuing right round the block to seek the psychiatric help of Doctor Marcusinsd. But I'm quite certain that he will not be too upset with this situation, and will have had the foresight to establish an additional cash till and a credit card reader at the front desk of his surgery, to enable his patients to pay his extremely eye-watering fees.

  16. I note that the ever-youthful Doctor Edie Eger is a Clinical Psychologist, so she would be able to provide specialist help to Doctor Marcusisnd as he begins his psychiatric treatment of the poor, deluded holocaust believers. In fact, they could set up a joint practise together - ie;- two old psycho-quacks operating in tandem!

    According to some of the contributors above, Edie is a wonderful person - full of inspiration, and bountiful amounts of love. Well, if this be so, then she is the ideal person to be present when these poor people finally recover from their long-term remedial treatment and realise that the "holocaust" never happened.

    These patients are going to be devastated when they find out that they have been fed a lot of falsehoods and half-truths for most of their lives, and there will be an urgent need for great amounts of love, warmth and compassion to assuage their confusion, anguish and tormented souls.

    I was going to suggest that Eva Mozes Kor from the C.A.N.D.L.E.S holyhoax museum be invited round to the psychiatric surgery to give hugs and kisses to all the patients - like she does to former labour camp guards in Germany. But on second thoughts, there might not be enough money or publicity in it for her, so maybe its best to leave her out of it, so that she can concentrate instead on collecting millions of dollars for her fabricated museum.

  17. Dr. Eger was my counselor when I was a teenager. And I remember seeing her years later and telling my mom when I saw her on the Oprah show not knowing of her past. She also lived in my town of El Paso and is close to my moms age who looks just as good.