Friday, January 15, 2010

Cipora Katz's sad tale - hid from Nazis with 7 family members in a cramped potato silo for 22 months

Cipora Katz

The eight of them "slept on top of each other, sharing lice and disease."

It was a miracle.

Article: "A Holocaust Survivor Hands Off Her Story"

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  1. Growing up in America I always assumed the story of the holocaust was true, that the figure 6 million represented a reliable figure; so is it true? I remember we had a Jewish merchant in town who used to sell fireworks, as a child I remember how he so remarkably was able to add the amount in his head as he so quickly picked them up and threw them in the bag. He would then hand them to the children and proclaim the price. I never was able to verify the figure. Today I see many similarities being perpetrated on unsuspecting gentiles by the merchants of Wall Street, like Goldman Sachs, at the Federal Reserve by Bernanke and his predecessor Greenspan; also at the US Treasury by Geithner; other figures and statements by high administration officials like Emanuel, Summers, Orzag, Axelrod, to name a few (not including the Czars) but the worst cases seem to be the media empire which fired a CNN reporter for stating how the Jews ran the media.

  2. A potato silo?

    Come on holoyyyy-caust survivors, let's see who can top that. Maybe you survived by hiding in a bacon silo? Or a beer silo?

    Potato silo. That made me laugh. I suppose she just crossed her fingers and prayed that no one would read her story and point out that there is no such thing as a potato silo.

  3. The holocaust is a crock of shit. Jews are spinning it out so fast the slack will catch them around the ankles.

  4. ^^^This right here, these people's comments, make me sad for the future of our country and our world. It is people like you who will tear us down.

    1. AGREED! people who deny that the holocaust ever happened are a whole 'nuther kind of stupid. makes me sick that some people are so blatantly offensive about such a sensitive topic. ugh..