Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carol Sojcher's tale - Survived 5 camps, weighed 45 pounds at 17 years-old when liberated, only member of entire family to survive Shoah

Carol is a Holocaust treasure and the only member of her family who survived the Holocaust.

She went to five different death camps over five years, including Auschwitz.

So how did she survive and was not deathed in the five death camps? A miracle.

She says she weighed 45 pounds at 17 years-old when liberated.

Article: "Remembering the 6 million: April 19 ceremony recalls the Holocaust"

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  1. One of the most powerful images that emanate from the holohoax narrative, is the notion that all female jews had their heads shaved just before they entered the gas chambers.

    But of course, the holohoaxers can't even get this story right; because some "survivors" claim that the head shaving process took place inside the gas chamber itself, and others say it happened in a separate barracks on the pathway leading to the facility. But a third group of "survivors" claim that the head shaving took place outside the chamber, in the open air, immediately after the women were all dead.

    But you see, that's the trouble when something never took place in reality. People are reduced to making up fabricated stories from out of their own minds - and thus you are never going to get an agreed truthful account of what actually happened.

    But there is something else which shows the total BS of this head-shaving nonsense. And that is the total absence from "survivor's" accounts of any male jews having their heads shaved. Now this is very strange, because I have seen many photos and images of jews from eastern Europe arriving at Auschwitz and other camps, who all have long beards, and long hair tied up in pig-tails.

    But if the Germans needed hair for stuffing mattresses - and God-knows what else - why did they not include all this available male hair too ? It seems to me that these jewish "survivors" had some kind of religious, or cultural, inhibition of including male hair in their fabricated stories, but felt much easier as they concentrated solely on the humiliation and degradation of the women-folk. This was of course done to maximise the effect of jewish suffering and torture, while at the same time emphasising the German guards cruelty and inhumanity.

    This "head-shaving" story, therefore, is a pure devilish holohoax trick, aimed at the hearts and minds of both jew and goyim (but especially the latter). It is intentionally designed to emotionally drain and shatter our souls, so that we are unable to think clearly and rationally about the events surrounding the so-called "holocaust".

  2. The three main holohoax memorial-museums in the world - ie;- Yad Vashem; the US Holocaust Memorial; and the museum at Auschwitz, all claim that the head-shaving process took place just AFTER the gassings had taken place at the Auschwitz-Birkenau "death camp". And at the same time, all the gold teeth was extracted from the mouths of the corpses and any jewellery removed.

    But none of them are clear as to where all this took place. Was it done inside the gas chamber; or was it done in the tiny ante-chamber where they claim the bodies were piled on to a very rickety, fragile elevator hoist. Surely it couldn't have been done in the cremation room itself, because we've been told that the poor kapos there were all rushed off their feet trying to dispose of hundreds and hundreds of bodies in just 24 hours!

    But the fact is, there was just no space available for any of this head-shaving nonsense to take place. In addition, the kapos gripping or pulling at the bodies, doing the shaving, or poking around inside the mouths, would all be gassed themselves - because they would all be contaminated by the residues of Zyklon B.

    1. The Auschwitz Memorial-Museum website claims that:- "After they were killed, Sondercommando prisoners dragged the corpses out of the gas chambers. They cut off the women's hair and removed all the metal dental work and jewellery".

      So - this means that the head-shaving activity and the extraction of gold and jewellery etc., must have taken place in the tiny ante-chamber where the elevator hoist was located. They couldn't use the so-called undressing room, because the kapos there would still be removing the clothing and shoes of up to 2,000 people!. But the ante-chamber is simply not large enough to carry out this work. And what kind of state would all these 2000 corpses be in anyway? My goodness, not only would they be covered in all kinds of unpleasant internal bodily fluids, but would all be bruised, gouged and cut-open as the victims struggled for life inside the gas chamber.

      But apparently, the sondercommando kapos do not seem to have any revulsion about the work they were ordered to carry out. But diligently carried out their mission without interruption, until - we are told - that a revolt took place in Krema 4 in the autumn of 1944. (Which, incidentally, is a lie, because Krema 4 was never used as a gas chamber or crematorium - but was in fact a workshop, or weaving mill, where the Germans were making fuses for munitions. This building blew-up as a result of an internal accident - but Auschwitz and the crazy gang of holohoax survivors will never admit this of course ).

      But note what the official narrative is saying here;- that it was WOMENS hair that was removed - not men's hair or their beards. Why should this be so. Did the team of jolly old head-shavers take time off when the menfolk were gassed? I do remember a famous old kapo named Filip Muhler who claimed that he was eating cake and enjoying a cigarette while the gassings were taking place, so maybe he had extra time-off when the men were being dragged out of the gas chamber.

      (Oh my gawd - the stuff that we are expected to believe! And to think that people are fined, imprisoned, barred from travel, hounded out of their professions, jobs, and universities because they challenge these absurd stories.)