Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zev Kedem's sad tale

Yehuda's summary:

Also with a sad tale is Zev Kedem.

The nazis shot all the Jews in the ghetto, but Zev and his family hid in a pigeon coop. The nazis did not notice, Zev, momma, poppa, Zada, and Bubie hiding among the pigeons. So Zev smuggled himself into a concentration camp among the jewels the nazi commander had looted from the ghetto.

Then Zev engaged in grave robbery for a while.

Then Zev was only 8 when the evil nazis decided to gas every Jew under the age of,

An evil nazi was going to shoot 10 year old Zev, but Zev convinced the nazi that he could make brushes faster than anyone else. And the nazis needed 10 year old brush makers.

Then Zev made Shindler's List. But the evil nazis finally found out Zev was under 13, and so they shipped Zev to Auschwitz to be gassed.

The empty Death Train took Zev to Auschwitz. Then the empty death Train took momma and family back to Shindler.

Then Zev was Death marched. Then Zev worked at the Quarry of Death. (the same quarry where they beat the Jews with cow tails, and forced the Jews to jump off the side of the quarry)

Then Zev was rescued by American negroes.

Then Speilberg was on the phone.

Article #1: Judicial-Inc: "How pigeons protected a boy from the Nazis"

Article #2: A 'Schindler's List' Reject

Note: use to find articles if original links no longer work

An Interview With Zev Kedem

Part 2

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