Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yitzhak Ganon's hoaxacaust tale - Kidney removed without anaesthetic at Auschwitz, last seen "pulsating in the hand of Dr. Mengele"

Yitzhak Ganon

After Mengele cut out his kidney with no anaesthetic, Yitzhak screamed and begged for death to stop the suffering.

Mengele then sent him back to work without painkillers.

Also, poor Yitzhak had to spend the whole night in a bath of ice-cold water because Mengele wanted to "test" his lung function. Jews are immune to hypothermia.

Altogether, Ganon says he spent six and a half months being nursed back to health in the the Auschwitz "death camp."

He says his mother and five siblings were sent to the gas chambers.

Yitzhak was later slated to go to the gas chambers, but was the 201st man and the gas chamber was full after 200. A miracle!

Article: "Why One Auschwitz Survivor Avoided Doctors for 65 Years"

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  1. Comments from stormfront:

    Posted by Polymath:
    What a crock of Jewish lies!!!

    Actually, Josef Mengele was a DENTIST.

    Also, a kidney in the hand of a real doctor does not pulsate, since it is removed from the blood supply.

    Ganon expects us all to believe that he had a kidney removed while awake. Since kidney transplants did not happen until 1950, Ganon fails to explain why Mengele would bother with removing a kidney at all, and why, if Mengele was this mean ol' Nazi who liked to kill Jews, why Mengele bothered suturing the arteries, veins, lymph ducts, etc. and then closing up the incision to allow Ganon to survive the surgery.

    Posted by zambezi:
    No such thing as pulsating kidneys. They don't pulsate.

    Posted by Nivelles:
    Normally they don't, but you see, those were desperate times. The kidney had to pulsate, because it was trying to tell the world about the Sufferink.

    Here is what the kidney pulsated. It was Morse Code!

    .. .- -- --- -. .-.. -.-- .- -.- .. -.. -. . -.-- --..-- -... ..- - .. -- ..- ... - .--. ..- .-.. ... .- - . - --- .-- .- .-. -. -.-- --- ..- --..-- - .... . -. .- --.. .. ... .- .-. . . ...- .. .-..

    Translation: "I am only a kidney, but I must pulsate to warn you, the nazis are evil!"

    Then it died! The poor, poor, brave little kidney. Oh, the Sufferink!

  2. Ha ha!! Good post, Nivelles! Yes, old Yitzhak Ganon is a liar par excellence! How is it that Ganon was able to go back to work immediately after the operation (according to Ganon's own account) AND without painkillers; was able to survive a freezing cold bath-tub; and most amazing of all - after being sent back to his barracks because the 'gas chambers' were 'full', was simply forgotten about, that is, he was not sent once again to the 'gas chambers'?

    Besides Ganon expecting us to believe that he was Clark Kent in disguise, he expects us to believe that officials simply let inmates 'off the hook' as it were if the 'gas chambers' were full. In his account, he says that the 'gas chambers' were full for that morning. What about the afternoon, or the next morning, or the following day? Why was he not sent once again to the 'gas chambers' to be exterminated, considering that this was supposedly the prime function of the camp?

    His assertions don't correlate with other 'survivors' testimonies, and so-called experts on Auschwitz, who say that the 'gas chambers' could hold up to 500 people at a time, and that they were operated 24 hours a day. Ganon simply managed to easily evade the very organised and efficient German officials and warders. Not only was he Superman, but he would have made Harry Houdini jealous. He was also luckier than the 'Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo'.

    Actually, it was none of the above. Mr. Ganon, besides concocting obvious lies, (like virtually all so-called 'holocaust survivors'), is suffering from a mixture of delusion and an attempt at climbing on the band-wagon of 'survivor sympathy'. Perhaps his ridiculous tale is his last attempt at making a statement and obtaining some glory, as virtually all 'survivors' are keen to do. Add in a dose of old-fashioned dementia, and you have Mr. Ganon's profile down to a T.

    1. Check out Darrio Gabbo's video interview on You Tube.He says that he was a member of the Sonderkommando at Auschwitz and that they were able to pack two thousand people into the gas chamber lol and sometimes three or four corpses into each oven and they were burned within about forty minutes.These people ought to be hauled before a court of law for all the lies they have told.